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Into Dust by Insomnias Worst Nightmare
Chapter 2 : Paradise
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Ok, heres chapter 2. Its a lot shorter than chapter 1, but i hope you like it. The song in the summary is 'Paradise' by Vanessa Carlton, and i think this verse of it shows how Isabella is feeling, the same with the song in the previous chapter. Anyways, enjoy! 
And remember to read and review!

Disclaimer: I own nothing except Isabella and her family. JK Rowling owns the world of Harry Potter, and the song belongs to Vanessa Carlton.

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When the feast had finished I followed the Gryffindors up to their common room. I knew that I had to stay with a large group in order to remain out of my brothers grasp. How long could I keep that up for? A day, perhaps 2? Was that enough time for them to calm down, and for me to think up some lame excuse as to why I shouldn’t be punished for something that I was unable to control.

I highly doubted it. I'd just have to face whatever i had coming to me. 
It was quite simple. In theory.

As I entered the Gryffindor common room through a portrait of a rather plump woman, I found myself pleasantly surprised by it. It was quite large, with a magnificent fireplace surrounded by comfy chairs, and numerous other sofas and areas for people to sit. There were 2 sets of stairs; one for the girls and one for the boys. It was… cosy. That’s the thing about Beauxbatons, it was not a cosy place, it was never a place that I could call home. The Gryffindor common room came across to me as a place that people like me could call home. If I was lucky.

As I was surveying the room a girl around my age came over. Her bright red hair was pulled back in a neat, conservative ponytail and her green almond-shaped eyes sparkled. She was petite, and quite pretty. “I’m Lily Evans.” She said.
“Isabella.” I said, shaking her outstretched hand with my gloved one.

“Do you need me to show you to the 6th year girls dormitory?” She asked.

I nodded cautiously. She was nice. Nice people tend to worry me slightly. I always have the feeling that they want something.

She led me up the stairs, and into one of the dormitories. There were 6 four-poster beds, with wardrobes next to them. I saw my trunk at the foot of one of them and moved over to it.

“So… you went to Beauxbatons?” She asked, sitting down on the bed next to mine.

“Yes.” I answered, kneeling down beside my trunk.

“Is it nice?” She asked.

“Nice isn’t exactly the word I’d use to describe Beauxbatons.” I said dryly.

“Oh, well, I‘m sure you‘ll like it here.” She said, and then an uncomfortable, stifling silence overcame the conversation until she added, “Em… well… if you need any help over the next few weeks I’m here to help. I can show you around and stuff…”

“Thank you Lily.” I said, looking over at her and trying to give a kind smile.

I can be nice. I just chose not to be in my usual company.

“Well… I’ll let you unpack and whatnot… I’ll be downstairs if you need anything.” She smiled welcomingly, and then turned and left the dormitory.

I sighed, and then started unpacking.

Lily Evans seemed like a nice enough girl, perhaps a bit naïve, but I knew she was the kind of person who liked to help people. A thoroughly pleasant person. Not many of those kind of people exist anymore.

My head shot up when I heard a tapping at the small window on the wall. I frowned, stood up and went over to the window. I pushed it open and a large owl flew in. I recognised said owl as Hermes, my brothers majestic owl. The owl dropped a letter on my bed and then just flew out again. I stood staring at the letter for a few seconds, and then picked it up, my hand shaking slightly and my heart drumming in my chest.

'Dungeons now'

I stared at the piece of paper. How 2 words could hold such a deep seeded threat I didn’t know. It must be a gift specifically reserved for my brother.

I’ve always feared my brother somewhat, he’s too much like my father. 

Choices, choices. To go, or not to go.

Perhaps facing his wrath head on now would be a good idea, nipping it in the bud so to speak. However, ‘nipping it (aka me) in the bud’ could also be his notion.

Or, perhaps, I could let him calm down. His anger could dissipate slightly, and he may realise that none of this is my fault. 

Oh, who am I kidding? His anger would only increase if I didn’t go. It would simmer and fester into something much worse. But going down to the dungeons? That would just be utterly idiotic. Its like entering the belly of the beast, its completely suicidal. We should meet somewhere public, preferably with a teacher in the vicinity.

I sat down on my bed and stared dejectedly at the small piece of paper in my hand for a few moments before coming to my decision.

I was going to face my fears. Face my brother.

Perhaps I’m just being pessimistic, perhaps it won’t be as bad as I think it will be. Maybe Quentin will feel some kind of brotherly love, show some kind of sympathetic kindness…

I very nearly laughed out loud at these thoughts. These futile attempts to soothe my mind were failing miserably. It was ridiculously foolish of me to even contemplate Quentin being anywhere near brotherly, or sympathetic towards me. For him everything was black or white, pureblood, or mudblood- or in my case, blood traitor- there was no in-between.

Still, I was going. I had to.

I sighed loudly, releasing the breath i hadn't realised i'd been holding. I folded the note as i stood up and slipped it into my skirt pocket. 

As i walked downstairs and into the common room area i found it filled with qutie a few people, from 1st years to 7th year, each in their own little cliques. 

I used to get jealous, in my first couple of years at Beauxbatons, when i saw girls with close friends. I was bitterly envious of the relationship people had with one another. But i soon realised as the years went by that i didn't need friends. I realised that having friends would cause only hardship. Whatever friends i may have made would have to have been approved of by my family. Even if they had met the standards my parents would probably have still looked at them with contempt. 

I saw Lily sitting in a corner with a thick book resting in her lap, as my eyes trailed across the room. She chewed her lip acsent-mindly in concentration, as a frown appeared across her features.

My eyes came to the fireplace and stopped. Sirius was looking at me, no, he was glaring at me. I clenched my fists, angered by his... angered by him in general. I was trying to protect myself, and him, from my family. 

I glared right back, ignoring the strange looks his friends were sending my way, and then swiftly turned and headed towards the door. 

If i didn't go now I'd either come to my senses and regain some IQ points, or i'd lose my nerve...

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