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A Year of Change by Erudessa94
Chapter 1 : Train Ride
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              “GINNY! GET DOWN HERE! YOUR GONNA MISS THE TRAIN!” Miss Weasleys voice rang through the burrow. They had planned on meeting Harry at the train station, and from the rate they were going it didn’t seem likely. 

             “I’m COMING!” Ginny yelled back. She did one last check of her room, making sure she hadn’t left anything behind. She didn’t see anything, so she started to pull her trunk downstairs. As she finally made it to the bottom her whole family was waiting for her.

              “What took you so long? Harry’s gonna think we forgot about him.” Ron roared, as Arthur took Ginny’s trunk and everyone made it to the car, except Ron and Ginny, who started one of their famous quarrels.   

              “Had anyone gone up and asked if I needed help, like mum asked you to, then I wouldn’t have taken so long.” Ginny spat back. “You’re always in my business trying to talk to me and ‘help’ out as you call it, when I don’t want you to be, but when I actually need you, your not. You’re a really great brother.” Ron looked taken back but Ginny didn’t care, she had had enough. This year was going to be different. She wasn’t going to let Ron take up all of her time. She was going to be free. 

               They got to the station just in time. They said good-bye and left to find a compartment. As much as Ginny didn’t want to be in the same one as her brother, she had no other choice. But as soon as she saw Luna and Colin roaming the hall, she left. 

                 “Luna! Colin!” She yelled, as she ran to greet her friends. She gave them both a hug and followed them to their compartment. 

                “So, what’d you do this summer?” Colin asked.

                “Stayed locked up in my house. My mum wouldn’t let me go anywhere’s. Said it was too unsafe.” Ginny answered glumly. “You?” 

               “Me and my father went on vacation to look for fizzlebys. You know their feathers can heal almost anything. We didn’t find any but we did encounter a very friendly nibble fly.” Luna answered and Colin and Ginny exchanged looks.

                “I just stayed home and took pictures of everything. But mum wouldn’t let me wander either, too dangerous...” Colin answered. “Did you hear about the surprise?” Ginny and Luna shook their heads. “Well Seamus said that there’s a big surprise. Something about the house’s. Probably something to get us to participate in inter-house relations or something. Can’t they get it in there heads that we don’t want to be friends with Slytherin’s?” 

                 “Not all Slytherin’s are bad. I mean there was a very nice girl in my potions last year who I was quiet find of, and she was a Slytherin. I think they’re just afraid to go against the Slytherin’s that hate us, Gryffindor’s.” Ginny said, doing what she always did; defend the people even she didn’t like, though she really was friends with the Slytherin girl from her potions. 

                “Well, we’ll just have to see what the surprise is when we get there.” Luna said and Ginny and Colin just nodded. 

                “Ron, what’s wrong?” Hermione asked.

                “It’s Ginny.” Hermione barely stopped herself from rolling her eyes. 

                “It’s always Ginny. What’d you do now?” Ron looked taken back. 

               “Me? Why do you think I did something? I mean she’s the one who thinks I’m a terrible brother.” Hermione sighed heavily. 

              “Ron, we all know you’re just looking out for her but you’re just too much sometimes. She’s in her forth year, she can take care of herself.” 

            “She does take care of herself.” Harry gave a snort at his answer. 

            “You have got to be kidding me mate. You’re always on her back. And you are especially nosy when it involves a boy. I mean let the girl date for god sake.” Ron looked at Harry in disbelief. 

            “You’re just mad that she doesn’t like you anymore, and she’s dating someone else, and you’re taking it out on me!” Hermione gasped and Harry looked like he was just slapped. 

             “You know damn right that that’s not true! You’re just jealous she can get a boyfriend and you can’t get a girlfriend!” That was it. Ron snapped. 

              “You think I can’t get a girlfriend, watch this!” Without warning he jumped off the seat towards Hermione. He pulled her off the couch and kissed her. She froze, but after a few seconds was back to reality, and kissed him back. It was at that precise moment that the compartment door opened. 

                  “I’ll be right back. I gotta get my robes from the other compartment. I’ll meet you in the great hall actually; I need to speak with my brother.” Ginny said to her friends, as she got up to leave. They both said good-bye, promising to meet up before they had to separate. 

              Ginny walked towards the compartment that held her brother. As she opened the door she was met by a very confusing site. Ron and Hermione were kissing. She quickly apologized and shut the door. She smiled in disbelief. It had finally happened. Now he probably wouldn’t be on her back so much. But she also felt bad for Harry. He had wanted her but she had already gotten over him, now he had no one, speaking of relationships, of course he had friends. 

               As Ginny felt guilty for Harry she didn’t notice that the compartment door was sliding open. 

              “Ginny? Aren’t you supposed to be sitting with Colin and Luna?” Ron brought her back from her reverie. 

              “Oh. Umm…Yeah. But I needed my robes.” She said almost awkwardly. 

              “Oh. Okay” Ron said while moving aside, so she could get in. 

              “Hey Gin.” Harry and Hermione greeted her when she walked in. 

               “Hey. Sorry to intrude.” Harry smiled but Hermione blushed. 

               “It’s ok. We weren’t doing anything too interesting.” Harry said with a smile, which Ginny shared but Ron elbowed him and Hermione blushed deeper. 

               “Is it ok if I have a word with my brother?” Ginny asked awkwardly, afraid they wouldn’t want to leave. 

              “That’s fine” Harry answered and led Hermione out of the compartment. 

              “What do you need to talk about?” Ron asked as they both sat down, facing each other. 

               “Well, first I wanna say congrats. I’m guessing you and Hermione are an item now?” she asked with a grin, which he returned. 

               “Yea I guess. I mean I didn’t really ask her or anything. I just kinda kissed her.” Ginny looked at her brother in disbelief. 

                “You what!? You just kissed her out of no where? Are you crazy? You don’t just go around kissing girls!” Ron looked taken back.

                “It’s not like that. I was trying to prove a point.” Ginny gasped.
                “You used her to prove a point? That’s terrible!” 

                “No. I kissed her because Harry said I was jealous of you because you could get a boyfriend and I couldn’t get a girlfriend.” He said rather quickly and looked down, embarrassed. 

               “Oh. So you kissed Hermione because Harry said that you couldn’t get a girlfriend. Well, however it happened I’m happy that it’s finally happened.” She said with a smile. 

               “Thanks…I think. Well you said there was something else, didn’t you?” Ginny nodded. This was going to be hard.

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A Year of Change: Train Ride


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