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For Every Single Reason by BlacksBaby07
Chapter 8 : Empty Corridors and Mutual Understandings
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Disclaimer: I own nothing
Beta:Slytherin Princess

Never in her life had Rose remembered running so fast.  Her mind was spinning out of control. Her legs didn’t seem to be attached to her body anymore; they felt like they were owned by someone else.  Nevertheless they were carrying her; her heart seemed to be beating at the same pace as her feet. 


Albus’ words…Scorpius’ words, all of them were swooping through her ears and her mind was grasping on to each and every syllable. 


Was it truly her fault that her parents never mentioned that minor detail?  Did this give Scorpius the right to be such a twit?  Her father’s words whispered through her mind.


“Don’t get too friendly with him, Rosie.”


Rose had listened and obeyed her father; they were miles away from the point of calling each other friends.


A friend was some one you could trust; a friend was some one that you did not have to compete with, or try to be better than.  A friend was like Serena, Hailey, and Christopher.  Christopher never had to prove anything to her; he knew just what to do to make her smile, not how to get under her skin like Scorpius did. Yes, just like her father had asked, she wasn’t friendly with Scorpius. 


Yet, could guilt play a factor in all of this?  Guilt had taken over Rose for the past four days. For the first time in her life she had wished Scorpius had said something to her, anything.  It was unbearable to feel his eyes always upon her in class like he wanted her to feel horrible, like he wanted her to pay for her lack of knowledge.


That git, Rose thought.


Was she planning on running into Scorpius? Maybe.  Was she planning to say she was sorry to Scorpius for being an idiotic prat? Yes, no, maybe.  It was the only way this twisting feeling of hers would go away, but it did not mean it would change anything. Rose wasn’t willing to make a new friend, especially if that new friend was Scorpius.


His grandmother had done something kind for her uncle but that didn’t make Scorpius a saint.  Although now, the name “Malfoy” didn’t look quite as tarnished as it once had to her. Maybe there was some kind of hope, maybe the bad guys were really good guys in disguise. 


After all, Albus was Scorpius’ best mate. Scorpius was polite to Hailey and Serena, nice to Hugo and Lily, and as kind as he could be to James.  Though she regretted to admit it, he had always put up with her and she hated him for it. It made her regret being so…cruel to him.  The thoughts flew through her mind before she fully understood them; yet once she realized she had been cruel, the sick feeling in her stomach seemed to sink away slightly. 


 Her heart was still pounding as she turned down another corridor. She wasn’t paying any attention to where she was going until a tall figure crashed in to her or more like she crashed into it.


They both fell backwards with great force and when Rose looked up to see who it was, everything froze; she wasn’t as prepared as she thought she would be after all. Scorpius was standing there with a shocked expression that matched hers.






“Sorry!” they both said in unison, both staring at each other. His silvery eyes burned into her brown ones.


Nothing was said for a long time. In the back of Rose’s mind she knew she had to be the one to say something but when she tried only a few words came out.


“I was just going for a…”


“Jog?” Scorpius asked. His face was cold and expressionless Rose almost didn’t recognize him.


“No,” Rose said flatly, “I just needed to, I just wanted to-“


“Well, whatever it is, forget it, I don’t want to hear it.”


Her cheeks burned with frustration, why did he have to be so god damn stubborn?


“Well, fine then, just forget it,” Rose snapped back at him and turned around to head down the corridor. She only took a few steps before Scorpius called after her.


“Weasley, wait.”


Rose could not see his face but his voice was calm, too calm for Rose’s liking.  She turned around to face him once again. The light was only glowing on a small part of his face; it had a haunting look on it.  His glare made her feel like a small child waiting to be scolded at.


She could almost see his mind working, thinking of the right things to say, she wondered if the right words were caught up in his throat like they were in hers.


He opened his mouth then quickly closed it, Rose saw his hands ball up into fists his jaw was clenched. She had never noticed how defined his jaw line really was. He drew in a sigh and finally spoke in a low voice, “What are you doing here first of all?”


Rose was at a loss for words. Her mind suddenly turned blank. She had been expecting him to go off on her, yell at her, tell her how much he hated her but instead he was asking her a question she couldn’t even answer.


“I was… you know, just trying to, I thought that maybe.” She let out a sigh of frustration, “I felt like I had to see you, I don’t know, I guess I just needed to talk to you.”


Scorpius raised an eyebrow and his upper lip twitched a bit, “You needed to talk to me?”


“Yes, is there a problem with that?” snapped Rose.


“No, Weasley, no problem at all,” Scorpius replied and, as Rose expected, a smile crept over his face.








“Are we just going to come up with synonyms for good or is there really something you need to tell me?” Scorpius asked mockingly.


“Yes, I was getting to that but you just had to-,”


Scorpius cleared his throat and Rose bit back her bitter retort, “Right, well I just wanted to tell you,” she forced the words to come out of her, “I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry, you know for being rude to you.”


The sick feeling had left her as soon as she said the words. At first she did not look at Scorpius, she knew he was probably smiling like crazy and waiting to rub it in her face. But she forced her self to look up at him. His face had no taunting smile, his expression was serious, but Rose could still see the usual glint in his eye.


As before, they stared at each other for a while taking each other in. For the first time Rose noticed Scorpius’ height, he was a good five inches taller than her. It made her even more intimidated, which she couldn’t stand.


She could not give in to Scorpius Malfoy, she just couldn’t.  No matter how powerful his affect was on her. She couldn’t stand his stupidly beautiful eyes; his frustratingly gorgeous, blonde hair; that annoying, cocky grin that made her want to murder him. She knew it was his way of having his control over her and she couldn’t take it, it was simply too much to handle. He was too good looking for his own good. That thought made her even angrier.


Yet, she gave in to him, almost every time. He knew exactly what to say and exactly how to phrase things to her aggravate her. He knew she had to fight back. Rose had too much pride not too fight with him and  Scorpius had too much pride to be civil with her.


Damn him, he wasn’t going to win this time no matter how sorry she was.


“Well aren’t you going to say something?” Rose exclaimed breaking out of her own thoughts.


Scorpius looked at Rose in surprise, “Well, Rosie, for once I must admit, I don’t know what to say.”


Rose rolled her eyes, “First off, here I am apologizing to you and then you have to call me that, which I’ve told you a billion times not to. Secondly, what the hell do you mean you don’t know what to say?”


A group of Slytherin fourth years passed them looking at both Rose and Scorpius with strange looks on their faces.


Oh come on haven’t they ever seen two people fighting in random corridors before? Rose thought as she eyed them slightly annoyed.


Scorpius waited until the girls were out of sight before he turned back to Rose, “What I mean is… I’m surprised that your even saying you’re sorry to me. A Bludger didn’t hit you or anything? Then again I don’t remember ever seeing you playing Quidditch.”


Rose was in shock. So he didn’t expect her to apologize? He actually thought she was never going to admit she was wrong?


“You…knew I was an idiot, but you honestly thought I would never say anything?”


Scorpius shook his head, “Oh, I knew you would cave eventually, I actually didn’t expect it for another week or so, but I never thought you would admit you were wrong. And I’ve never thought you were an idiot.”


Rose’s cheeks flushed, “Oh, well thanks I guess.” Damn it, he’s winning.


“But how? How did you know all those things? You don’t even know me.”


Scorpius let out a loud laugh, “Well, you don’t exactly know me either.” His voice became quieter, “But I see things, I see you Weasley.”


Rose shot him a confused look, “That’s not at all the least bit creepy,” she replied sarcastically. “And how do you see me, Malfoy?”


He studied her for a moment, the sparkle was back in his eye, “I don’t know, how do you see yourself?”


Rose, who was never asked a question like that, looked at him in complete mystification, “How am I supposed to answer that question? I am me, I know I am me, of course I know myself.” Rose wasn’t being quite honest with her self though. She brushed her hand through her hair, realizing what she just said sounded absurd. Why did he have to do this to her?


“I always thought you were the smart one, Weasley,” he said leaning back against the wall. The light cast a full glow on his face but the rest of his body remained in shadow. She had to force her eyes to staring at his face. She sighed greatly and opened her mouth once more then closed it. Nothing right could be said.


He moved closer to her, Rose did not back away but stood her ground trying to hide the confusion on her face.


“Look, we can stand here and argue about this all night,” he said, he was so close she could see the stitches of his robes. He smelled like peppermint, “but that will get us no where and we’d be fools to think it would.”


Rose swallowed, she could not believe what she was about to say, “Maybe we could…, I don’t know, maybe we could… see how things go, I’m not going to make any promises but we should at least try… I suppose”


Scorpius stared at her in disbelief, “Can I get that in writing?”


Rose, for the first time, laughed, “Shut up, I could take back what I just said.”


Scorpius smiled back down at her, she could feel her ears turn pink, stupid Weasley trait.


“What ever you say, Weasley, but I doubt you could ever take back your word.” She could have sworn he blushed when he said that.


“We shall see about that.” Rose smirked and then looked at her watch. “I should get going to dinner. Hailey and Serena might be wondering where I am.”


“Yeah,” Scorpius replied breathlessly, “well, I should get going too.”


Rose turned around to leave but then quickly turned back, “Bye, Scorpius.”


Scorpius looked at her, he resembled a puppy dog, and she couldn’t help blushing even more.


“See ya, Rose.”



“Are you sure you’re ok?”


“You didn’t hit your head too hard when you ran into him did you?”


“Did he Confund you?”


“Would you both stop making such a big deal of this?” Rose growled, glaring at Serena and Hailey.


The three of them were outside lying on the grass. It was a cool day and the sun was out. And the fact that apparently Rose and Scorpius were now friends had spread around to everybody she knew. When did she ever agree they would be friends? Rose couldn’t recall. She thought she only agreed to be civil…


“So when’s the wedding?” asked a voice that sounded way too familiar, a voice that clearly had not matured yet.


“Hugo, my dear little brother, do you mind?”  Rose asked, glaring at Hugo who shook his carrot coloured hair with laughter.


“No, my lovely overbearing sister, I don’t,” Hugo replied as he plopped onto the grass in between Serena and Hailey.


He smiled at the girls in his most charming (well at least what he thought was charming) smile; they both giggled and rolled their eyes.


“But no, really, when am I getting a Malfoy as a brother-in-law? Boy, I can’t wait till Mum and Dad hear about this one, and I thought Christopher was bad.”


“Hugo, I’m not marrying Scorpius, nor will I ever,” she stated. Hugo smirked at her and got up to go back into the castle.


Rose groaned. She never had, and probably never would, understand why people had such a disliking to Christopher. It was like almost her disliking of Scorpius. Everyone said he was so great but she never saw it because she never really knew him. Rose groaned again, she could not believe that she was thinking such things. She didn’t know him, and he hadn’t proved his greatness, yet.


“Rosie, you ok?” asked Serena, pulling Rose out of her trance.


“I’m fine,” she replied, watching Hailey who was looking over her shoulder. Rose looked over Hailey’s shoulder and saw Albus and Scorpius not too far away from them, sitting with a bunch of their friends. She wondered why Hailey was looking over there but then remembered what Albus said the night before.


“He likes someone, ” Rose said slowly, staring at her cousin who looked at them and then quickly looked away. When Serena gave her a puzzled look, she added, “Albus does.”


Hailey turned her head so fast Rose wasn’t surprised that Hailey’s head didn’t snap off her shoulders.


“Really?” she asked tucking her hair back behind her ear, “Did he say who?”


“No,” Rose shrugged and smoothed down her robes, “I swear though, the way he was talking about her, you would have thought she was half Veela.’


Hailey swallowed hard, and looked back at him, “She must be pretty lucky then.”


Rose laughed, “She doesn’t know.”


Then she noticed Serena giving her a look that meant end the subject now. Rose shot her a confused look but Hailey was the one to talk, “We should get going, our next class will be soon.”


The three of them got up; Serena whispered into Rose’s ear, “I’ll talk to you later,” nodding towards Hailey who was a few paces in front of them.


Rose nodded but was still confused; she looked back at the other group who was getting ready to leave too. Her eyes connected with Scorpius’ and her stomach took an unusual dive. His eyes were so intense. He gave her a curt nod and a small half smile which she returned.


It seemed impossible that all these strange things had happen in the course of only a few days. But Rose hoped that for what ever reason it had all happened, it was somehow worth it, that Scorpius was worth it. She was going to give him one chance, one chance to prove her wrong. She turned around to walk back into Hogwarts still feeling his presence by her.

=] I hope you guys liked this chapter, I was thinking you guys might of been getting bored with Rose and Scorp fighting but getting nothing resolved so I thought this would be the perfect time to well resolve it. sort of. were not at that part yet >;P


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