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David Weasley and the Challenge of a Lifetime by ladybobcat54
Chapter 13 : Epilogue
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Alyssa suddenly felt all of the pain leave her body. She got up, and ran down to the Great Hall with the feeling that something was wrong. When she got there she saw exactly what it was.

David was lying on the floor in the Great Hall, and he was no longer moving.

Alyssa felt the tears burn her eyes as she ran towards her friend, but as she did so Bill picked up David’s body. Bill, Victoire, and Teddy walked out of the hall together. Alyssa felt the tears fall hot and fast down her cheeks. She made no effort to stop them however.

Alyssa had no idea how she would ever go on

~~~Epilogue, 12 Years Later~~~

“And that’s how it all happened.” Alyssa said to Kelly as she finished telling the story of David Weasley.

Kelly looked awestruck at all that her sister had been through, and she was just fourteen years old, the same age Kelly was now. There was a knock on the door, and when Alyssa answered the door she saw that her mother was there to pick up Kelly and Keaton, who had been staying there sister while Lorena was out of town. But now she was back and ready to take them home. When they were gone, Alyssa sat down on the couch and reflected on all that she had been though since David’s death.

Up until her seventh year she didn’t date anyone else, because it felt too much like replacing David. She remembered the exact day she’d finally gotten a boyfriend in her seventh year.

Alyssa walked into the common room, and saw Fred sitting by the fireplace studying for his N.E.W.T.’s. She walked over and sat next to her friend. Fred looked up and smiled at her, before going back to work. Alyssa got her books out and began to study with him. Before long Alyssa fell asleep.

She awoke to find her head in Fred’s lap. He was reading a book, but it wasn’t one he would use to study. Alyssa shifted her head a little, and Fred looked down at her. She sat up quickly.

“I’m sorry.” Alyssa said.

“It’s okay,” Fred said putting his book down, but not taking off his glasses, “Don’t be sorry.”

“Alright,” Alyssa said growing aware of the fact that they were leaning in closer to each other.

Before she knew it her lips had met his. Alyssa had felt so guilty about this right afterwards. It just felt kind of wrong at first that she had been in love with David, and then when he died she kissed his cousin. But then she realized it wasn’t such a bad thing. She was happier than she had been since the battle when she had Fred.

She got up and walked to the kitchen where she began to make dinner for herself and her husband, who would be home soon. Within the next ten minutes Alyssa heard the front door open and close.

“Alyssa,” He called out, “Where are you?”

“I’m in the kitchen.” She yelled back, and a minute later her husband came in.

Fred Weasley walked in the room and pecked his wife on the cheek, and she smiled at him. He sat down in a chair at the island counter and watched his wife make dinner.

“I could help” Fred said half-heartedly.

“When centaurs fly.” Alyssa said sternly, “Remember last time?”

“It was one small kitchen fire.” Fred said defensively.

“You were making grilled cheese!”

Later that night after they ate dinner Fred and Alyssa were sitting in the living room.

“Hey, this weekend, do you have any plans?” Fred asked.

“No, why?” Alyssa asked.

“Because, my mother invited us over for dinner on Saturday.” Fred explained.

Alyssa agreed to this, and soon after they went to bed. The next morning when Alyssa woke up Fred was gone. He was the manager of one of the shops his father owned, and he would one day inherit the whole chain.

Alyssa sat alone in the house as usual. She didn’t mind being alone, even though she liked being with Fred even more. Today she did something she hadn’t done in a long time. Alyssa decided to look through her old Hogwarts albums.

She got them out and blew the dust off of the cover, before opening the book. The very first picture was one of David and Alyssa getting off the train in there first year. She flipped to the next page to see that it was a picture from the sorting ceremony. One of them was of Alyssa with the sorting hat falling over her eyes. Another was of David, and the next of Fred.

The rest of this album was of their first and second year. The next was of the third and fourth. Alyssa flipped through the pages admiring everything from the start of term feast in the third year to Dynamite getting cut off to Dynamite’s hair incident. She turned to the next page and saw a picture of herself and Fred sitting next to an unconscious David in the hospital wing.

She turned the next few pages and her heart sank when she saw the pictures from when David had left for Christmas trying to yell something to her that she hadn’t heard. Alyssa turned the to the next page and saw some pictures from David’s funeral. She saw one of her and Fred standing next to the casket and felt tears run down her cheeks as they were on the picture.

She went through the one of the fifth and sixth years much faster as there wasn’t anything that really stuck out in her memory. Finally she reached the album dedicated to her seventh year.

Alyssa opened the album, and saw the first picture was of her and Fred getting off the Hogwarts Express. The next few pages were all a blur, but she slowed down when she saw the picture of what had really made that year special.

She saw the picture of her and Fred during their first kiss. Fred was wearing his reading glasses, but Alyssa never minded when he did. As she looked through the next few pages she saw many pictures of her and Fred together. When she got down to the last few pages she was looking at graduation pictures.

One of them was just of all the graduates during the ceremony. Another was of Alyssa when her name was called. One was of Fred and Alyssa right after the ceremony, so they were still wearing their graduation robes. The next page had the couple and six year old Kelly and Keaton, who were wearing Fred and Alyssa’s graduation caps. As she closed the album and looked at the coffee table she realized that she’d accidentally brought the wedding album down with her.

As she picked this up and opened it she smiled at the first picture she saw of herself and Fred. She turned to the next page and saw one of the two and the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Fred and Alyssa were standing in the middle and the brides maids to one side and the grooms men to the other.

Alyssa didn’t know how long she sat there staring at the album, but when she looked at the clock she realized that she’d promised to take Kelly shopping in Diagon Ally fifteen minutes ago. She got up, and changed quickly and flooed to her mothers house. When she got there Kelly was waiting impatiently for her. The two left, and got back around ten that night. Alyssa didn’t leave her mother’s house until eleven, though.

When she flooed into her living room she found Fred asleep on the couch and a book lying opened on his chest and his reading glasses crooked on his nose. Alyssa sat down on the edge of the couch, and gently prodded him awake. When he finally awoke he smiled at the sight of Alyssa, and sat up.

“Hard day?” she asked, as Fred took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

“Very,” He said wearily, “Some kid set off some fireworks in the shop.”

“I take it clean up was hard.” Alyssa said.

“Yep,” Fred explained, “All of the shelves were knocked down, and the products on them were found, well, everywhere.”

“Well, at least Tim was there to help you,” Alyssa said trying to stay positive.

“No, he wasn’t,” Fred said with a little anger, “He was off work today,” He sighed and added, “I love the shop and everything, but sometimes it gets so overwhelming!”

“It probably wouldn’t be so bad if some of those parents kept better track of their kids!” She said rolling her eyes.

“In a perfect world.” He said leaning to the side beginning to fall asleep again.

Alyssa poked his arm a few times and he sat up again. She stood up and pulled Fred to his feet. They went upstairs and went to bed, and Fred was asleep within minutes.

A few days later Alyssa woke up, and Fred was, as usual, gone already. What wasn’t normal was that the first thing she did when she awoke was run to the bathroom and vomit several times. She went into the kitchen to get something to eat to see if it helped, even though she didn’t have much of an appetite. When she opened the cupboard and the smell of food greeted her nostrils, she quickly closed the door, and gagged.

Alyssa went to St. Mungo’s to confirm what she suspected, and that night when Fred was home from work, she knew she had to tell him before he found out on his own. She sat down next to him around nine, while he was in the living room drinking coffee and reading a book.

“Fred,” Alyssa started cautiously.


“What do you think of the idea of having a family?” Alyssa asked nervously.

“It depends,” Fred said anxiously.

“Depends on what?” She asked.

“When,” He said simply.

“Nine moths from now,” She said, and Fred dropped his cup of coffee.

“What are you saying?” He asked, having a rare slow moment, although she thought he already knew where this was going.

“What do you think I’m saying?” She asked, just to double check he had some clue of what she meant.

“I think you’re saying you’re…” Fred said, but his voice trailed off.

“Pregnant,” Alyssa finished, and Fred looked shocked at the sound of it.

“Oh, sweet Merlin.” He finally said.

“I really, really hope you mean that in a good way.” She said, now scared. Fred looked at her and smiled.

“Of coarse I do.” He said, before he kissed her tenderly.

“Great,” She whispered against his lips, “I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired. I’m going to bed.” And Alyssa left the room.

“Be up in a few minutes.” Fred said not moving from his position on the couch.

He couldn’t be more thrilled about becoming a father, but on the other hand, he’d never felt so scared in his life. After what felt like hours Fred got up, and went to their bedroom where Alyssa was already sound asleep.

He walked straight past her and over to the shelf where Alyssa kept all lot of pictures. Most of them were of David and Fred when they were growing up, and Fred felt tears burn his eyes. There wasn’t a day that passed where he didn’t think about his cousin, and how Alyssa had loved him first, possibly more. Fred walked over to her dresser and picked up a picture in a gold frame.

The picture was of David. He was wearing his Gryffindor Quiditch robes, and holding his broom. Fred remembered the exact day this picture had been taken. The last Quiditch match before they went on break in their fourth year. David was laughing and waving to the camera. The boy in this picture was so unaware that this would be the last time he ever felt that rush of playing the game that he loved.

“I’m going to be a father, Davey.” Fred whispered to the waving picture of his cousin.

A/N: There you have it! David Weasley and the Challenge of a Lifetime is done. I’m crying! I can’t believe it, now I’m officially done writing about David! I’m going to miss him and this story so much!

Now, if you haven’t read it already, read the parallel, Love and War. That one was written before this one, and for those of you who’ll miss him as much as I will it should help a little. That one, however, is a Teddy/Victoire, and is mostly about them, but if you liked this you’ll like that.

Like I said, I’m going to miss this story so much! But, do you know what will ease the pain? Reviews!

I love you all! (Just to be clear, that’s not in a romantic way. That’d be weird.)

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