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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Vampire's Tale by alicia and anne
Chapter 4 : have you seen what she’s doing to my younger brother?
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Lucida and Ron jumped practically out of their skin before seeing Fred run out of the room, Ron quickly swore as he flattened down his hair and pulled his jumper back on.



Ron cried running out of the room,

Fred was theatrically sobbing on his twin’s shoulder

“my dear young man what has happened” George said pushing Fred away to arm’s length, Fred took a shuddery intake of breath

“there was…..TOUCHING!” he cried bursting into even louder joking sobs, George gasped in horror and clutched at his brother, stroking his head and soothing him.

“there wasn’t touching!” Ron cried

“but there was KISSING!” Fred howled again

“don’t antagonise him …you…piece of…. filth!” George cried in a terribly posh accent, “this man needs serious psychological help now after this traumatic experience!”

“Fred, George what is going on up there?”

“guys…” Ron said in panic as Fred began to sob even louder then before

At this point Lucida came out of the room, looking a little embarrassed herself.

“look nothing happened, I took my jumper off because I was warm I still had my t-shirt on!”

“you were hot eh?” George said still in his phoney accent

”is that what she said to try and get you to take all your clothes off!”

Ron began to make choking noises just before…

“what is all this noise?” Molly asked walking into the hallway and quick as a flash Fred and George broke away from each other…perfectly serene

“well?...” Mrs Weasley prompted

Fred and George turned to look at each other had shrugged

“we weren’t doing anything” they said in unison

“hmmmm” said molly

“Ron dear?” she turned to her youngest who didn’t take his eyes off his twin brothers as behind their mother they threw themselves at each other and mimed tears of upset

“um” he managed

His mother sighed irritably

“by now I thought you would have all grown out of tormenting each other” she huffed shaking her head at the twins

“honestly mother don’t you believe in us anymore” George gasped shaking his head slowly as Fred tutted at  her and turned away folding his arms

“you two downstairs!” Molly said quickly pointing down the staircase resisting the urge to smile.

“fine, we know when we’re not wanted…” Fred sniffed leading the way downstairs

“besides…” George said

“Ron and Lucida were doing the dirty…!” and with a triumphant laugh he ran full pelt down the stairs followed by Ron yelling obscenities at him as his mother tried to keep them under control.

leaving Lucida and Fred alone upstairs

“….well…it wasn’t that dirty” she said sighing and walking back to the bedroom

“not from what I saw!” Fred called after her as the door closed behind him.


"Ronald!" Lucida heard Molly yell,

"go and make yourself useful and play outside"

"I'm not a child mum!"

"well stop acting like one! AND YOU TWO! you can get out of my sight as well!"

Lucida grinned as she imagined the twins laughing at their younger brother

"well fine!" she heard Fred say

"but if we go...!"

"we're taking Lucida with us!"

"oh no!..." Lucida said with a panicked look on her face

'i've got to hide' she thought

"you leave her alone!" she heard Ron yell

"run run as fast as you can!" George cried as they hurtled at the stairs

"you can't catch me i'm the magical man!" Fred finished, Lucida heard a loud crack

"Lucida!" Ron yelled


and at that moment Lucida realised that she was trapped ...

"hide hide hide" she began muttering

"the wardrobe!" she thought looking frantically around the room, but as she opened the door, she was in for a suprise

"BOO!" there stood George

Lucida gasped and turned to run out of the room, she ran down the corridor skidding as she turned quickly to run the other way, but as she neared the stairs Fred jumped out of a room causing her to scream and duck under his outstretched arm.


"i'm on it!" Lucida heard George call, as she made her way to the stairs, just as she got to the top George apparated in front of her causing her to skid as she tried to stop running, George seeing Lucida not being able to slow down shouted "crap!" before stepping out of harms way, which left the stairs open and Lucida to go flying down them with a loud scream.

but before she could hit the bottom of the stairs a pair of strong arms caught her.

"you can tell i'm the talented twin" Fred said wiggling his eyebrows and suddenly grabbing hold of Lucida and throwing over his shoulder

"George!" he called

"it's ok!"

"no it's not!" and turning around Fred saw his twin being led into the hallway by Molly who had hold of his ear

"what have i told you! you never apparate near mum!" Fred sighed

"you two OUT NOW!" shouted their mother who pushed George to Fred and stormed back into the other room

just then Ron and Harry came out of the kitchen

"you could have killed her"! Ron protested reaching out to take hold of Lucida

"uh uh little brother we had it under control!" and Fred pushed past him with Lucida still flung over his shoulder as he went outside.

Ron, Harry and George followed him outside

"i have ..." Fred was saying as he went through the back door

"...the grace of a ballerina, the strength of a hippogriff and the balance of a....AARGH!"

"a pirate?!"

"the balance of Ron" Harry sniggered causing Ron to slap him on the arm before going to Lucida's rescue

"Lucida i never knew you cared!" Fred said as he had managed to roll Lucida on top of him before he fell, he quickly managed to grab her wrists as she tried to whack him.

"oi oi Ron you've got a fiesty one here!"

"how about you leave Ron and give me a chance..." Fred said

"i see i bring out the animal in you"

he laughed

"smooth" George slowly nodded, folding his arms and nodding

"what what did he say?" Ron asked

"we we're the last people to get the Weasley charm sorry Ron that is classified information"

"ow!" they looked back at Fred who was now curled up into a ball in the snow, crying "man down man down!" with Lucida casually getting up from the ground and walking over to the others

Harry and George took a step back, George was covering his manhood

"i'm not related to Fred! i look nothing like him!" he yelled in defence

"you ok Fred?" Harry asked not knowing whether to wince or laugh

"i'm ok!" Fred croaked

"as long as Lucida's here to rub it better!"

the others burst out laughing as Lucida stormed over to him and kicked him in the side

"OW! ahh double whammy!" Fred groaned

"how about i throw you down the stairs next time!" Lucida snapped as she tried to storm back inside but Molly was blocking the door

"oh no you don't!" she said thrusting all off their coats, scarves and gloves into Lucida's arms

"you lot have caused enough trouble as it is, you're staying out here until I say!"

"hey what have i done!" Harry cried

but Molly merely tutted and slammed the door in their faces

"I’m your favourite!" Harry cried

suddenly a snowball hit Harry in the back of the head

Harry turned around

"kiss arse!" Fred said, quickly gathering up more ammo

"well" George said taking his coat from Lucida

"whilst we're out here we'd better make the most of it ... SNOWBALL FIGHT!"

After a hour the snowball fight had died down and Lucida laughed loudly as Ron grabbed hold of her hands and twirled her around, he was laughing boisterously as he threatened to let go of her.

“no don’t!” Lucida shrieked holding onto his hands tighter, but she could feel herself slipping from his grasp, but Ron continued to spin around laughing.

Before any of them knew what was happening Lucida had let go and fell to the ground below her, Ron too toppled from sight, lifting her head up Lucida noticed that Ron had disappeared over a mound of snow Harry had been building, Merlin knows why.

“Ron you ok?” Lucida asked, collapsing in giggles when Ron lifted his head and had snow over his hair and in his face.

"i'm fine, i'm fine"

"my mounds not fine!" Harry huffed as Ron stood back up and brushed himself down.

and before anyone else could say another word a loud cry was heard from behind them


Ron didn't turn around in time to see his two twin brothers running towards him scarfs wraped around their heads and snowballs in their hands, jumping on top of him they pushed him back down to the floor, rubbing snow in his face and hair

"hey people people!" Harry cried waving his arms

"my mound is getting squished here!"

George slid up to him in the snow and quickly shoved him down on top of the mound

"oh sorry Harry!" he said sweetly "did i ruin your mound?"

meanwhile Fred had turned to Lucida

"don't even think about it!" Lucida said holding up her hands

"ah...on second thoughts..." Fred said remembering before... and covering up vital parts of his anantomy "i'll leave you alone"

"good!" Lucida said helping Ron up from the floor and brushing him down

"it feels good when she touches you doesn't it?" George said seductively

Lucida reached forward to hit George but he moved causing her to hit Fred, who grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him

"Lucida i know you want me" Fred said "lets not play these games anymore!" he stated loudly to the others in the garden

"what?!" Lucida spluttered

"you can't keep your hands off of me!"

just then the back door opened

"boys! your mother has calmed down now i think it's safe to come back into the house" Arthur called

George looked at his watch

"three hours! that's quick for mum!"

"And Fred!" Arthur warned

"let go of your brothers girlfriend!"

Ron was then subjected to many catcalls from the others in the garden as he went a brilliant red, but he shrugged them off and grabbed for Lucida's hand pulling her into the kitchen.

"Lucida!" Fred called after them, falling to his knees

"i thought you loved me!" Harry burst out laughing as George patted his twin on the shoulder

"it's ok Fred"

"once she gets her eyes checked she'll see the error of her ways and come crawling back"

"Fred, George!" they heard molly call

"shh... she can smell fun from a mile off" George whispered to Harry


"yes mummykins!" the twins called in unison and they quickly ran back into the house with Harry following.

A/N: we love the twins :-) this is one of our favourite chapters it makes us laugh everytime we read it. let us know what you think and whether or not you enjoy the twins escapades

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