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Sirius and Shannon: The Beginning of Fun by Shannona
Chapter 1 : Visits from Friends
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the original plot or characters used to create this work of fiction. Shannona XxX



The summer had been hot and dry, hosepipe bans had been enforced across the country and many elderly people had ended in hospitals with heat stroke. Most teenagers could be found on the beach or at the local pool, the girls tanning themselves and the boys splashing about in the cool water. One girl could not be found in either of these places.

Shannon Robson was currently sitting in her living room staring anxiously at the clock. She was waiting for her old friends to arrive at her beloved home, so they could all spend the last few days together before term started. You see, she wasn’t an ordinary girl, and it wasn’t an ordinary school. Shannon was a witch and was about to start her sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She would miss her home, she always did. Its cool passages and luxurious painting hung up on the wall. It could get lonely but, then again, she did like to be alone some of the time.


Shannon looked up at the family portrait that hung over the fireplace and a sad smile swiped over her face. Shannon was alone in the house, always was now, all her relatives had been killed fighting for what was right. She hadn’t really known her parents; she only had small faded memories of them. They had been killed, when Shannon was two, by Lord Voldemort. She had then gone to live with her Aunt, leaving Robson Manor abandoned, until last summer when her Aunt died of cancer and left her alone in the world. Although, never entirely alone.


As she stood up the doorbell went and she ran to the front door to answer it. She smiled as she opened the door to see all her friends before her. She ushered them all inside and hugged each one of them. They stared at her as if shocked; she had changed a little over the summer in looks, but not too much. If anything, she decided to take care of herself. They were all lined up in front of her, like some sort of inspection and she laughed as she looked at each one of them in turn.


James Potter was as arrogant looking as ever. He had grown a few more inches since she last saw him and he looked very smart in his apparel, however his hair hadn’t changed and was as unruly as ever. Remus Lupin stood next to him, her best friend; he looked older, a little more worn. He was a werewolf, had been since he was very little, they had all learnt to adjust to his mood swings and haggard look, although he did look more haggard than ever.


Emily Parker hadn’t changed; she seemed to be the constant in Shannon life, as well as Becca Terry. They both had long brownish hair and friendly eyes. Shannon was always surprised that Becca was friends with them as she was in Slytherin house, the house that hates everybody, but she was different.


And at the end of the line stood a forlorn figure of around 6 foot, messy black hair and warm brown eyes. Sirius Black! How to explain Sirius Black was always a mystery to Shannon because he was enigma. Born to the Black family and destined for an evil path, was sorted into Gryffindor and likes to snog (and probably more) every girl with legs and an arse to speak of. She may have sounded jealous....but she definitely wasn’t.

‘What took you so long?’ she asked Sirius.


'Sorry Shan, you know what James is like about his hair!’ he laughed.

‘Oi!’ James exclaimed ‘I think you are mistaking me for you mate!’ he punched Sirius on the arm.


‘Alright boys, calm down!’ she laughed. ‘Go and take your stuff upstairs and choose a each!’ she said.


She watched them as they all ran up the stairs and she walked to the kitchen to put the kettle on. She may have been magic, but she wasn’t 17 yet and so had to do everything the muggle way. Remus was the first back down.


‘You’re looking good Shan!’ he stated.


'Complimenting the host does not get you more bathroom privileges!’ I joked.


‘I mean it,’ he said. ‘You’ve changed Shan. I dare say it is to impress a certain boy we both know.’ Shannon blushed.


‘I don’t know what you are talking about Remus. All that wolfsbane must have finally gone to your head!’ She laughed.


'Oh so this sudden beautiful transformation you have made is not for a Mister Black then?’


'Shhh,’ she reprimanded him. ‘Will you be quiet please, he is upstairs.’ Remus laughed.

'I knew it!’


'Of course you knew it; I was just trying to be blasé about the whole thing.’ She said as everyone else walked in.


'What's all this then?’ Emily asked.


'Nothing’ said Shannon and Remus together, probably looking too guilty for their own good.

'Right and I am Voldemort’s cousin’ laughed Becca.


'You shouldn’t say that you know,’ warned James ‘You’re a dirty slytherin, the chances are that it’s true!’ he laughed along with everybody else.

 ‘You know I shouldn’t be there James!’ she huffed. ‘I hate it down there, it’s cold and dark and Snape is there.’


‘You know, Severus isn’t all that bad. Maybe you guys just give him a hard time,’ Emily said.

 ‘Snivellus is a weasel Emily and you know it. Remember what he did to Lily?’ said James.


‘Oh here we go.’ sighed Sirius.


Lily Evans was another girl in their year in Gryffindor. She was a lovely girl with long red hair and bright green eyes. She was smart and loving but unfortunately for her James had been declaring his love for her since second year. At first it just seemed like a possession thing because she was such good friends with Snape, but the older he got the weirder his obsession got. Shannon often felt sorry for her having to deal with his weekly declarations of love, although they had seemed to lessen last year, to the happiness of everyone involved.

 The incident James was referring to was an awful summer’s day after an OWL exam last year. The boys had been messing around and picking on Snape, something both Emily and Shannon disapproved of highly. When Lily had told James to stop and helped Snape up, he got angry and called her the dreaded ‘M’ word. Mudblood! Since then they hadn’t spoken and James had held it against Snape ever since. To be fair to him though, he had been provoked and James and Sirius had not helped the situation.


A little later and they were all sitting lazily on the porch as the sun set below Robson Manor. They had eaten a considerable amount of Chinese takeaway, something Sirius and Remus were partial to, and were now drinking an entire case of fire whisky between them, procured by Becca who had turned 17 last week. The fireflies were buzzing over their heads as they laughed and joked in the hot summer weather. Emily and Becca were singing ‘A Cauldron Full of Hot Strong Love’ loudly in the corner, while Remus stared at Emily and laughed. James and Sirius were arm wrestling, Sirius had taken his shirt off and Shannon could see all his muscles.

 ‘I’m off to bed you guys,’ she sighed as she stood up, Becca looked at her shocked.


‘Already?’ she slurred, ‘It’s only 2 in the morning!’


'Exactly, ‘Shannon laughed. ‘Don’t stay up too late you guys and try not to wake me up as you stumble to your rooms. And no orgies!’ she laughed pointing at Sirius and James.


‘Awww dam it!’ laughed Sirius.


As she walked to her room she felt a sense of belonging. Her friends were the only ones who made her feel sane anymore, especially with the rising threat of Voldemort’s. She loved her friends, maybe some more than others, and thought to herself that there was nothing she wouldn’t do for them. She walked into her room and put on the bedside lamp, changing into her pyjamas. She would probably die for all of them, especially Sirius.

 She didn’t know when this thing for him started; she couldn’t even remember starting to like him, or ever not liking him. She just always seemed to. Maybe it began in fourth year when he began dating and sneaking out to see girls late at night. The jealousy of it had driven her mad. Maybe it was last summer when she saw him topless for the first time, well she had seen him topless, but this had been different. This had been muscles and sweat and manly, something she had never seen in him before. She pulled back the covers and felt the cool duvet against her bare legs; she only wore little shorts to bed in the summer. She heard the door open and so looked over expecting to see Emily but instead saw Sirius stumble in.

 'Oh sorry!’ he smiled cheekily looking her over. She saw him linger over her legs, ‘Wrong room, thought it was mine!’


'No chance Sirius!’ she laughed her heart thumping. ‘Your room is in the east wing, always has been, now go!’


‘Alright ma’am!’ he laughed giving her one last sweeping look as he left.


She curled up under her covers and turned the lamp of ready to sleep, but her mind was whirling. Sirius had stayed here plenty of times before, he knew where his room was. Had he done it on purpose or was he just too drunk to remember anything? But most importantly...had he been checking her out?


N/B So here is the first chapter re-rewrite. I know its a little different from before but I plan to to revamp the entire story and, now I have the time I can hopefully write the full 5 book Sirius and Shannon series that I originally intended to. I am sorry I deleted all the other chapters but they wouldnt't make sense now. Plus the writing is 5 times better than before, I hope! :P

To any new comers, welcome to Sirius and Shannon: The Beginning of Fun. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter and I really hope you return for more exciting chapters. Please read and review everyone, I want this to be a biggen.

Thanks Shannona XxX

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