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In Those Nineteen Years by xxbelliexx
Chapter 3 : Special Love
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Harry and Ginny were first to arrive back at the burrow, due to the fact they did not have to walk to Hogsmede to apparate. Ginny put the kettle on to boil, and soon afterwards, everyone arrived home. Ten minutes later, everyone had a hot drink in their hand, and were sitting in the on the lounge, where a fire as just starting up.

“Well then you three,” Bill said, “what really happened?”

Hermione sighed, and then started the story, carefully leaving out any “love affairs” and “feelings”. ”As for those books.” She finished. “Huh!” she pulled out the Horcrux books and tossed them onto the now roaring fire.

“Wow.” Said Charlie, watching the flames wrap around the books.

“Quite a story.” Percy raised his eyebrows.

“Well then. I think we better get some beds made and some dinner.” Mrs Weasley said blowing her nose.

“We’ll make the beds mum.” Ginny said.

“Oh alright. We’ll have Harry and Ron together, Hermione and Ginny, Percy and Charlie can go in with George, and bill and fleur can have Percy’s room.”

Harry, Ron Hermione and Ginny went upstairs to get some sheets.

“It’s really all over. Isn’t it?” Ginny said as she and Harry put a sheet on her bed.

“yes.” Harry thought for a moment. “It really is.”

The four of them finished making the beds, helpfully noticing that the ghoul had gone, and walked down to the kitchen where there was a lovely smell of cottage pie.

The next week passed strangely. No one knew whether to be happy or sad, but generally people were on the happy side. All of them had made a trip to Diagon alley to buy some knew clothes and household items, and all of them were wandering about what to do.

“What are you planning to do Hermione?” asked fleur at dinner.

“I’m hoping to go into the department of the regulation and control of magical creatures.” She replied.

“No guessing why!” harry muttered, and Ginny smirked.

“I want to help the welfare of elves.”
Ginny couldn’t help herself. She laughed. Harry barely suppressed his snigger.

“What are you two sniggering at?” Ron asked a little defensively.

“Come on mate.” Said harry. “We all know Hermione snogged you because you said that we should save the house elves.” Harry laughed as well.

Hermione blushed, but Ron’s ears went scarlet, and he said; “well you two can talk!” he nodded towards harry and Ginny.

This shut them up, and Ron smiled.

“What do you mean?” asked a confused looking Mrs. Weasley.

“Well they’re not exactly very private about it are they?” Ron snorted.

Mrs Weasley narrowed her eyes at harry and Ginny, who both had a guilty look on their face. “No one tells me anything around here!” she blew some hair out of her face. “Is this a surprise to anyone else?”

Everyone looked guilty, and over towards George, who was still eating a sausage. “What?!” he said as he looked up to see everyone looking at him.

“Arthur! Did you know anything about this?” Mrs. Weasley asked her husband.

“Well, yes.” He cocked his head sideways. “I did hear something about it from George.” He looked immensely guilty.

“cheers.” Harry grinned at George.

“No problem.” George raised his eyebrows.

“How long has this been going on for then?” Charlie asked.

“About a year.” Harry said matter of factly.

“What do you mean not very private Ron? We never heard anything.” Fleur frowned.

“When they first got together, they snogged each other in front of the whole of Gryffindor house.” It was Ron and Hermione’s turn to laugh now.

“Why the whole of Gryffindor house?” Bill asked.

“They just won the Quidditch cup.” Supplied Hermione.


Soon afterwards, the party broke up, and harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione went out into the garden. Harry sat down in front of a tree, and Ginny sat in between his legs, whilst Ron and Hermione lay sprawled out on the ground opposite them.

“So has anyone else got any plans for the future, besides Hermione?” Ron asked.

“Well I, “harry said sliding his hands round Ginny’s waist, “would like to be an Auror, and be with the people I love.” He kissed the back of Ginny’s neck, and she sank even deeper into his arms.

“Don’t start that again.” Said Ron rolling his eyes.

“Sorry. What are your plans then Ron?”

“I dunno. I’ll probably help George with the shop for a while, and then I have no-idea what.” Ron replied.

The four of them sat in thought for a minute or so, before Ginny said; “I’d quite like to play for the Holyhead harpies, but I don’t really know.”

“That would be great!” Hermione said.

“yeah.” Said Ginny dreamily, “but I’ve still got one more year at Hogwarts to do though.”

“Don’t make it sound like a bad thing. I’d give anything to go back again.” Harry said.

“Yeah, but you aren’t going to be there.”

“Sorry. Not much I can do.”

“At least you’ll get a quiet year.” Ron pointed out.

“I suppose.”

“You’ll be fine Ginny. Luna will still be there,” Hermione said, “and you can come home in the holidays.

This cheered her up a little.

It grew dark fairly quickly after that, and an hour later, harry and Ron were still talking, Ginny and Hermione having fallen asleep on them. Eventually they decided to go to bed, so they carried the girls back into the house.

The next morning, everyone split off in their different directions to rebuild the wizarding world, and harry, Ginny, Hermione, George and Ron took the floo network to Hogwarts.
When they arrived in the great hall, they found a babble of talk, and many of their school friends were there. 5 minutes later, professor McGonagall stood up at the front, and said; “good morning everyone. I hope you are all feeling better and well rested. We shall do things in houses I think. Gryffindor and ravenclaw shall be repairing the castle itself, and Ravenclaw and Slytherin shall do the grounds, seeing as we do not have all that many Slytherins here. Your head of house shall tell you what part of the castle or grounds you are to do. Now then, would ravenclaw and Slytherin please go to Hagrid’s hut, where professor Flitwick and professor Slughorn are waiting for you, everyone else, stay in here. Gryffindor to me, and Hufflepuff to professor sprout.” She indicated professor sprout in the far corner.

Harry and the rest of the Gryffindors went over to professor McGonagall, and were soon set to work on the seventh floor, along with George, Angelina, Ginny, Seamus, Neville, Katie, Leanne, and a few second years.

For the next few days, everyone was working hard, and by Friday, most of the major damage had been fixed. Next week, harry, Neville, Ginny and George decided they would try to repair the room of requirement, and then finally went home.

* * * *

A tall slender witch entered the headmasters office and slumped herself in the chair. She sighed, and turned to the portrait behind her.

“How is everything going Minerva?” asked the portrait of Albus Dumbledore.

“Very well actually.” Professor McGonagall replied.

“Jolly good. How is Mr. Potter?”

“As happy as he ever was I think. He and Miss Weasley are practically inseparable.”

“I thought as much.”

“You did?”

“yes.” He spoke very slowly and deliberately. “Those two… do not have ordinary love. It is by far stronger than any other.”

“Whatever do you mean?”

“I mean, that their love for each other is much stronger than for any other two lovers. They are bonded, by the deepest magic possible. Be sure not to misunderstand me. They may be only sixteen and seventeen, yet I think they have a special link with each other.”

“Well of course they do if they are in love”
“They have the deepest love it is possible to have. I will not be surprised if they do get married and have children.”

“But they are only seventeen!”

”yes. I don’t really know how to describe it. They are like two matching pieces of a jigsaw, which fit together as no–one else does.”

“But surely if they are married…”

“Yes. I told you it was difficult to describe. Even I myself cannot explain. That couple I know for certain are special.”

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In Those Nineteen Years: Special Love


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