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Nobody said anything about love by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 9 : forgiven
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Hermione entered her Astronomy class with a stitch in her side as she had just run from Hagrids all the way up the Astronomy tower.

“Miss Granger, so glad that you could join us, now would you be so kind as to sit down and stop disturbing the class.”

“Sorry Professor Venitta, I wasn’t feeling very well.”

The Professor nodded and pointed to Hermione’s seat.

Hermione quickly rushed over to her seat and pulled out her books.

Harry looked over his shoulders to where Hermione was sitting; noticing that her eyes were very red.

Hermione must have been crying, but why?

He caught her eye and she just shook her head and looked down at her book.

Shrugging he turned back round; he would catch up with her later.

When the class had finished, Hermione quickly pushed her books into school bag and rushed out the door; she had to get out.

She entered the heads common room, changed and went out again.

She wanted to be alone and that meant away from her friends AND

Taking hidden passageway into Hogsmeade, Hermione wandered to the end of the small village and sat down underneath her favorite tree.

She sat their reading her favorite novel when a shadow blocked out the sunlight.

Looking up she saw Ginny looking down at her.

“Oh, erm hi Gin.”

Ginny stood twiddling her thumbs before answering.

“Hi Hermione.”

Hermione patted the grass beside her and, hesitating for a while, Ginny sat down.

“I need to speak to you.”

Hermione looked at Ginny with cold piercing eyes.

“I thought that you never wanted to speak to me again?”

Ginny winced as if she had just been slapped and Hermione suddenly felt guilty.

If Ginny was to here to so say sorry then Hermione had probably just made it ten times worse.

“I’m sorry Ginny, I didn’t mean...”

Ginny just shook her head.

“You have every right to be mad, I should have never said those things as I wasn’t telling the truth...I was just mad that was all.”

She looked down at her hands; silent tears streaming down her face which only made Hermione even more guilty.

How could she have been so stupid; hadn’t she known that Ginny had a huge crush on Draco.

She reached over and hugged Ginny ; rocking her until she regained control of her emotions.

“I’m sorry Hermione, I really am and I never meant to hurt you.”

“I no, and I’m sorry too, I knew that you had a crush on him and I never intended to actually fall in love with...”


Hermione went silent.

Did she really love him? She always missed him when he wasn’t there and whenever he was her heart beat always got faster.

“Hermione? Do you really love him?”

Hermione turned towards Ginny, her face smiling with realization.

“Yes I think I do.”

Ginny screamed in delight and hugged Hermione.

The girls sat under the tree for a long time discussing things about the future when a certain green eyes boy came to see them.

“Oh hey Harry.”

“Hey Hermione, are you alright now, you seemed upset earlier?”

“I’m fine don’t worry, me and Ginny just had a little argument thats all.”

Harry turned to Ginny and suddenly blushed but smiled all the same.

“Hi...hi Ginny.”

Ginny blushed as well.

“Hi Harry.”

Hermione smiled to herself; there might be a spark between them after all.

Sorry its a bit short didn't really know what to put in this chapter I promise that the next one will be better.

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Nobody said anything about love: forgiven


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