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One hundred and forty going on twelve by broomstick flyer
Chapter 28 : End of the Dursleys
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Disclaimer Potter belongs to another; though I wish he was mine, all that money… besides if he was mine he would never have ended up with Ginny.

A/Note, some of you may find this a little dull but I wanted to put an end to the Potters’ revenge on the Dursleys.
Sorry about the delay with the update but it was out of my hands as they say.
The rest of the story will be about the growing romance between the two Potters as they grow, I hope you will enjoy and leave a review.

One Hundred and Forty going on twelve

Chapter twenty eight

End of the Dursleys

Watched by Hermione Harry slowly opened the letter from Gringotts; he could not help but wonder why they had sent him a letter addressed to Lord Potter.

‘Lord Potter, Earl of Gryffindor, Keeper of the Sword, Master of Hogwarts

Dear Sir,

Due to the sad demise of Mr Grabble it is with a matter of some urgency that I ask you attend a meeting with Mr Erick, head of vault keepers at your soonest convenience.

Mr Alrick, head of Wizard Affairs.

Gringotts Bank, Diagon Alley, London.’

Harry read the letter and then passed it to Hermione, “So what do you think?” he asked as she looked up at him.

“I don’t know, who is this Mr Grabble, do you know?” Hermione asked looking as puzzled as Harry had looked.

“No Idea, never heard of him, wonder why it’s addressed to Lord Potter, you don’t suppose I could be a lord?” Harry said examining the envelope.

“Well I suppose you had better send them an owl, your Lordship,” Hermione said chuckling at the look on Harry’s face.

“Yeah, I suppose, we could go there tomorrow afternoon if Dobby is free. So how should I answer, I Harry Potter, Lord of the cupboard under the stairs do hereby grant you an audience tomorrow afternoon at three-o-clock,” Harry said laughing.

Hermione with a huge grin on her face gently slapped Harry on the shoulder before rolling her eyes at him, she then walked over to the writing desk and wrote a reply to Gringotts informing them that Harry would be visiting the bank around three-o-clock the next day and if it was convenient they could meet with Mr Erick at that time, two minutes later her owl Godric left the house on his way to the wizarding bank.

At one the next afternoon Harry and Hermione walked hand in hand around Diagon Alley, casually they did some window shopping, reaching Madam Malkin’s shop Hermione stopped to admire some wedding robes.

“Do you regret not having a proper wedding?” Harry asked as he watched her smiling at something.

Hermione looked thoughtful for a while before she answered, “No, not really, I mean all this, you and me being married was like a game, just some fun to begin with, like a fairy tale or something, but that has all changed, I mean we were so young, I didn’t even know you, now I do know you, and I have fallen in love with you, I mean proper love, real ever lasting love, so no I don’t regret anything at all, I have a wonderful husband I love with all my heart, we have a beautiful home and some great friends, all we need now are some children and…”

Harry interrupted “I think we are still a little young for children, though I do want a big family one day.”

“Harry, I didn’t mean we should have children now, we have to finish school, find a career that sort of thing before we have a family,” Hermione said blushing.

Harry smiled, he was happy just to know that Hermione had fallen in love with him, “Well Mrs Potter just so you know, I love you more than life it self.”

At three that afternoon Harry and Hermione entered the banks foyer where they were met by one of the Goblin guards, with a slight bow the guard asked them to follow him, he then led the way through the bank into the offices, having been ushered into a rather plush office, filled with the finest office furniture either of them had seen, the two young Potters took a seat and waited for Mr Erick.

They were not kept waiting long, a really old Goblin shuffled into the office and without a word he took the seat at the desk opposite to where Harry and Hermione sat watching.

‘Must be Mr Erick’ Harry offered as he watched the Goblin make him self comfortable.

“Mr and Mrs Potter, my name is Erick, I am the senior vault keeper here at Gringotts, now down to business, your account keeper Grabble has succumbed to the final fate of us all, and so it is my job to find a replacement account keeper, I have here a short list of the three available account keepers along with a little about each of them,” Mr Erick said handing Harry a piece of parchment.

Harry took a quick glance at the names of the unknown Goblins on the parchment, then handing the parchment back to Mr Erick he politely announced that he would like Mr Griphook to take charge of the account.

Mr Erick froze as he took the parchment from Harry; with his eyes wide he said “I beg your pardon?”

“Griphook, that is who I would like for my account keeper,” Harry repeated remembering how well he and Griphook had got on together in his other life, Griphook had become his account keeper just before his twentieth birthday and he had made a really good job of it.

“You do know that as the richest account holder in Britain that appointing some one as junior as Mr Griphook is a large risk to take,” Mr Erick said as he pressed a button on the desk, “send Griphook up to my office.”

Mr Erick sat rummaging through his drawers while they waited for Griphook to arrive began to speak,

“It will take Griphook at least a week to prepare before he can take over your account, meanwhile Lord Potter we have a small problem, your grandfather appointed a Muggle by the name of Dursley as general manager of one of the companies you own, due to some sort of domestic and legal problems Mr Dursley has not been seen in the office for some days.
I must admit looking at the files it seems that Grunnings has not actually made any profit or loss since he took over. I should also say that up until this week Grunnings shares have remained rather consistent, they have neither risen or fallen more than a knut or two, however something has happened in the past few days and the value of the shares has dropped dramatically. Usually with a wizard of your age these problems would be sorted out by your account keeper, but as you have no keeper yet, I am afraid I must ask you as majority share holder if you wish to sell off the shares at a loss as they are now, or would you prefer to wait to see if by some miracle they rally.”

“What happens to Grunnings if I sell my shares?” Harry asked warily.

“The business will most likely be bought and split up,” Erick answered.

“And the workers?” Harry continued “what about them?”

“No doubt they will lose their jobs,” Erick said as a knock at the door interrupted them.

“Enter,” Mr Erick said gruffly.

A face Harry knew well looked around the door, “You sent for me sir,” Griphook said politely.

“Yes Griphook, Lord Potter has just appointed you as his account keeper, you will move into Grabbles’ office and bring yourself up to date on Lord Potters’ account,” Erick said rather stiffly.

Griphook with a rather shocked look on his face nodded then with a quick yes sir he left closing the door behind him.

“I think I will take a day or two to think about the problem of Grunnings,” Harry said “Oh and why is it you keep calling me Lord Potter?”

“Lord Potter is the title given to the head of the Potter house,” Erick answered replacing the parchments he had on his desk back into his desk drawer.

Harry stood and taking Hermione’s hand he said “Thank you Mr Erick, may your business be profitable,” he then lead Hermione out of the office and along the corridor toward the main banking area.

Five minutes later Hermione was staring at the huge piles of gold that filled the Potter vaults, she had never seen inside a vault before and was amazed that Harry could have so much wealth, while Hermione stared at the large room full of gold, Harry filled his money pouch with galleons, then he filled one of his pockets.

Up stairs Harry exchanged some galleons for Muggle money then hand in hand he and Hermione made their way out into the street outside the Leaky Cauldron, boarding one of the taxi’s that always seemed to be waiting there Harry asked to be taken to Grunnings.

At the reception desk in Grunnings office building Harry waited patiently while the receptionist ignored him and Hermione as she chatted busily on the phone.

After waiting and watching the woman ignoring them for a full five minutes, Hermione began to lose her temper.

“Excuse me, do you like working here?” Hermione asked loudly.

The receptionist looked up briefly then turned back to her chatting, Hermione walked around the desk and placed her hand on the phone receiver cradle,

“You should ring the head of personnel and inform them that Lord and Lady Potter are here,” Hermione said in her professor McGonagall like voice.

The receptionist looked daggers at Hermione “Just who the hell do you think you are?” she seethed.

“The people that own this place, that’s who,” Hermione seethed back “and when you have finished that call you should be grateful you are not calling the employment exchange about finding a new job.”

Harry watched the exchange then listened as the receptionist pressed a number on the board in front of her and moaned about them to who ever had answered the phone, two minutes later they were joined by a security officer who insisted that they leave the premises.
Harry had had enough, with a quick surreptitious wave of his hand the security officer was petrified.

“You can start to look for another job, and don’t use that phone, I’ll see you get paid up to the time we arrived,” he said coldly to the receptionist.

The receptionist looked at him as though he were crazy until she saw something in his eyes that told her he was not joking; she knew from that quick look that she had indeed just lost her job.

Harry walked behind the desk and picked up the phone, then he pressed the button marked personnel to connect him to the personnel office, the ex receptionist listened as he announced his name; he had barely replaced the phone when the head of personnel rushed in to the reception area.

“Lord and Lady Potter, am so pleased to meet you, I received the message from your account keeper just a few minutes ago, welcome to Grunnings,” the woman said as she held out her hand to Hermione.

“I just fired this one,” Harry said nodding in the direction of the receptionist, he then once again carefully waved his hand and the security officer was freed, not wanting to lose his job and confused not knowing what had happened to him the security man turned and left without a word.

“You fired the receptionist?” the personnel officer asked.

“Yes she was ignorant and rude to my wife, she ignored us while she chatted to some one on the phone, so yes I fired her, and I recommend she be refused a what do you call it,” Harry answered

“You mean a reference dear,” Hermione offered.

“Yes that’s exactly what I mean love,” Harry said smiling at Hermione.

By the time Harry had reached the personnel office he had changed his mind about firing the receptionist, he did not want to be like a Malfoy.

“That receptionist, I changed my mind, I want our complaint dealt with in what ever might be the normal way for Grunnings,” he commented as they took a seat in the personnel office.

Looking at the name plate on the desk Harry began to ask a few questions “So Mrs Watling, I am informed that Mr Dursley has not been in to work for several days, do you know why?”

Mrs Watling nodded and quickly pulled a news paper from a desk drawer, leaning forward she offered the paper to Harry. He knew at first glance what was keeping his uncle from work, “Oh that,” he said chuckling as he handed the paper to Hermione.

“I don’t think this captures aunt Petunia at her best,” Hermione said as she too began to chuckle.

Neither of them needed to read the article that had a picture of Vernon and Petunia walking down a street on their return from London.

Leaving the office thirty minutes later Harry was smiling, He had dismissed uncle Vernon and he had promoted a young man that Vernon had taken a dislike to, a young man who had been purposely over looked for a promotion several times because Harry had learned, Vernon was worried that the young man would take his job from him. (The following years would show that Harry had made a good choice that day, as Grunnings grew and expanded).

When Harry and Hermione left through the reception area they received a full apology from one rather red faced receptionist.
As the office building door closed behind them Harry grinned, the Dursleys were now left with nothing but a bad reputation, a house that was heavily mortgaged and a fat son who had been expelled from Smelting school.

Leaving the gates of Grunnings Harry had an Idea, taking hold of Hermione around her waist he looked around to see if anyone was watching then without a word he apparated them to the street just out side Hermione’s parents house.

Hermione looked around in surprise, then when she realised where they were her eyes lit up and she wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck “I love you so much,” she said as she gave him a quick kiss.

“I thought we might visit your mum and dad,” he said as he gave Hermione a quick kiss in return.

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