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Secrets...... by Raahim
Chapter 3 : Meeting the Family
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Chap 3

Meeting the family


*At the Palace*

Katie’s POV

Mom! Yelled William

You can’t stop me from telling Harry.

He should know and you stopping him from having a real and complete family.

You are just scared of having to face dad again, aren’t you?




William Turner Black. You will not yell like that. You will not inform Harry until I decide

And how dare you accuse me of not wanting to face your father. I yelled back all in one 


But its true isn’t it Kates. Said a soft recognizable voice in the back.

 knew that voice well and only one person  called me that; I had fought to hear that

voice for 16 years.

I turned and there he was. He looked better than the pictures of him in the papers, of 

when he escaped.

His now again toned quiddtich body, smooth and long black hair, and those warm


eyes that drew me in.


Yeah Kates I came to see you. It’s been 16 years, a long time.

But you haven’t changed a bit. The same temper as James the same brown hair, 

the same hazel eyes.

And you’re still shorter than me. He said laughing.

And who’s this he asked looking at will.

Will replied before I could.”im William turner black” but you can call me will.”

Black? Sirius asked.

Um yea about that can I talk to you in private. I asked.

ok Kates he said. He didn’t sound angry.


Sirius POV**


I followed Katie up 2 flights of stairs and into a huge room that I took to be her 

It had lavender walls on the top and a white middle and lighter lavender on the 


in the middle of the room there was a California king size 4 poster bed, with lavender 

curtains and deep purple bed spread and printed pillows. she had bookshelf’s willed 

to the brim on wall and a little sitting area on the other. Then she had a walk-in closet 

and bathroom on the last wall.



Sirius she started.

this is really hard for me. but you have to know.

the day you went to find peter I discovered that will was to be born. I wanted to tell you

But you already left. I didn’t see you after that. I knew it was never you but no one 


believe me. Will knows everything, about you Harry, everything.

He’s in gyrffindoor but I told him to stay away from Harry until I told Harry the truth. She 

finally stopped.


But why you never told me, I asked.

Because you probably would have told Harry. And I was scared that you wouldn’t 

accept me again.


Kates how could you think that, infact the day I left, when I came back I was going to do 


I kneeled and pulled out a box.

And “Katie Marie Potter, will you finally marry me”.

Katie’s POV**


Oh my god, he’s proposing!!!

Yes, I replied.



I jumped up and kissed him so hard that he almost fell.

His toung licked my lips and I allowed him entrance.

His hands were on my back roaming, and the other inside my shirt.

I moaned.

And there was a knock on the door.

 Mom? Dad?

It was will. We both jumped apart and I started fixing my shirt.


Come in, I said weakly.


He entered and looked around suspiciously and said, “Should I be worried?”

I said No

“Will this is your father, Sirius black, Sirius, Will.

Instead of saying something Sirius went over and hugged him.

I told them both to get acquainted, while I called for dinner.

Just 1 question though Sirius, aren’t you mad?

I was but I can never stay mad at you, he replied cheekily.

I laughed and went out.


With Harry and Hermione!!

Harry POV


They leaned closer together, and their lips brushed together.


I am sorry Hermione; I didn’t mean to do that, I am so sorry. I ranted on.

I’m not, Hermione replied.

You’re not, I was confused.

I though you like Ron.

Harry are you really as daft as Ron, or did you not notice.

I looked to the ground.


Well…I said.


Well anyway Hermione if your not sorry you wouldn’t mind this.

I kissed her again

Gentle at first but then I asked for entry.

She allowed it.


We stopped, and I asked her

“Hermione will you go out with me?”


I thought you would never ask!

Of course I will!

we kissed again but only lightly.

We flew back down to the quiddtich pitch and waited for ron.


how did you like it???

you though harry was going to meet Katie huh???

well youll have to be patiet for that!!

and I plan to keep the story 12-14 chapters long

unless aanother idea occurs oryou guys demand it!

sop yea send a review I would appreciate it!

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Secrets......: Meeting the Family


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