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Me and My Boys by I_Love_Sirius_Black
Chapter 6 : An Offer He Can’t Refuse
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Chapter Six:  An Offer He Can’t Refuse

“That’s odd.” I told myself. “I could’ve sworn I was sleeping.”

I looked at the clock.

“3:34, God Damn it!”

Why am I awake? Why can’t I just sleep and dream; dream about Rhett Butler. Oh well, might as well go do something productive.

“Come on Sonny,” I told him. “Let’s see if we can find you some leftovers”

We went downstairs to the kitchen. I opened up the fridge and saw some steak from the other night.

“You want steak?” I asked him.

He meowed in approval. I cut up some steak and put it on a dish for him.

“Now,” I said to him. “What can Addie eat?”

I rummaged through the kitchen. I don’t want cereal, or a sandwich, or…….what is that? Whatever it is, I definitely don’t want it.

“Aha!” I exclaimed while opening the freezer.

Double chocolate chunk ice cream. My favorite. I grabbed a spoon and entered chocolaty heaven. Just then, I heard something:

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.

I knew that voice. So, Sonny, my ice cream, now that doesn’t sound right, you need a name. Hmmmmmmm, how about Oswald? Okay, so Sonny, Oswald, and I went to the family room to investigate, and sure enough, there was Sirius watching The Godfather. It is one of our favorite movies.

He looked up at me and smiled.

“Are you going up or coming down?” he asked me. Normally I would just be getting to bed.

“Coming down,” I told him. “I couldn’t sleep.”

He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the couch. I repositioned myself so that I was comfortable, lying next to him with my head on his chest and his arms wrapped around me. Sonny, feeling left out seeing as Sirius, Oswald, and I were livin’ it up on the couch, jumped up on top of us. I offered Sirius some of Oswald, oh now that sounds horrible. Oh well, so I offered him some and he stole my spoon in response. I watched as he started devouring my frozen friend.

“I said you could have some, don’t eat him all!” I said with a laugh.


“Yes, his name is Oswald. And give me back my spoon.”

“Sorry, maybe if you got me my own spoon, we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“Go get your own spoon. You’re lucky I’m even letting you share my delicious Oswald, let alone use my bloody spoon.”

“Well, I am way too lazy to go all the way to the bloody kitchen and back, just to get a bloody spoon. AND you are on top of me, preventing me from getting up anyway. I think that you should either give me your bloody spoon, or get me another one. I mean, I am letting you share my bloody couch. I’m being so bloody considerate right now; the least you could do is get me a bloody spoon.”

“As bloody moving as that speech was, I feel it is bloody necessary to state my rebuttal. I am not bloody preventing you from getting up, and you SHOULD get up off your lazy bloody ass and get your own bloody spoon. After all of Oswald you’ve just eaten, you need the bloody exercise. And I am in no bloody way in your debt. This bloody couch was MINE before you even met the Potters, so you are not being bloody considerate, whatso-bloody-ever. Go get your own damn spoon!”

“I think that was the most times the word ‘bloody’ was ever used in a conversation.”

“And spoon.”

After a moment of silence, and me enjoying Oswald, Sirius made an announcement.

“I have a solution!”

“Oh, do tell.”

“We will share the bloody spoon!” he exclaimed.

“Why, what a wonderful idea!”

 “I know, I’m a genius. But it’s my turn now, so hand over the bloody spoon.”

“Wait! The bloody spoon needs a name, too.” How ‘bout Jerry?”

“Fine, just hand over bloody Jerry.” He laughed.

We stayed like that for a while, watching the movie, eating ice cream, and enjoying each other’s company. The last thing I remember was Sonny (The guy in the movie, not my cat. That is where I got his name, though) going to go kick Carlo’s ass, then I fell asleep.


I was very happy when I woke up, which is rather rare for me. The one thing I couldn’t understand was why my pillow was pulsing. I sat up and looked down to see I was lying on my dear friend, Sirius Black. Confused, I tried to remember how I ended up in my current situation. Let’s see, there was the girls’ night, Gone With the Wind, the gossiping, and then I went to bed, in my own bed.  Ah, yes, I remember now: couldn’t sleep, came downstairs, stayed with Sirius, fought over Jerry, yes I remember, but since when did I have a blanket? Oh, well. I lied back down. He was comfortable and I was still tired, it seemed like the logical thing to do.

I awoke again a little while later. Everyone was downstairs already attempting to make breakfast. Those fools, they know they can’t cook. MuaHaHaHa! I laughed manically…….. to myself, of course. When I say things like that out loud, it causes people to look at me funnily. I don’t know why. I mean so what if, out of nowhere, a seemingly harmless girl starts to laugh maniacally? Oh, what’s this, someone’s playing with my curls?  I looked up to see Sirius smiling down at me.

“Good morning.” He greeted as he stretched his arms over his head.

“Morning.” I yawned back and nuzzled my head into his neck, trying to keep the light out. “You know, you just interrupted a very important conversation I was having with myself about random outbursts of maniacal laughter. But how long have you been up?”

He wrapped his arms around me again.

“I’ve been awake for a while now. And what do you mean ‘random outbursts of maniacal laughter’?”

“Oh, never you mind. And if you’ve been up, then why didn’t you wake me up or move me, or something?”

“Well to be perfectly honest, I was afraid. I know what you’re like in the mornings, and it is much more enjoyable to rest then to be hexed.”

“I guess you’re right. Say, where’d this blanket come from?”

“As you can see, you fell asleep when we were watching the movie. I didn’t realize until I felt you shivering, so I conjured up a blanket. I was way too tired to walk up the steps, let alone carry you to your room, so I slept here, too.”

“That was awfully kind of you.” I said, closing my eyes again.

“Are you planning on getting up anytime soon?” he laughed.

“No,” I told him.”It’s early, I’m tired, and you’re comfortable. Besides, it’s raining. There’s nothing to do except lie around and watch movies all day.”

“Speaking of which….” He said as he flicked his wand towards the television.

We started watching The Godfather again, and this time we were going to finish it.

By the way, I’m sure some of you are wondering why we do so many muggle things, like watch movies. Well, I’m very close with my mom’s side of the family, who happen to be muggles, and they’ve influenced me quite a lot. I, in turn, have passed on my knowledge to my friends. So where was I? Oh yes, the movie.

Goddamn FBI don't respect nothin'.

After a while, James, Alex, and Ellie joined us, the girls giving me a ‘we told you so’ look. My mature side took control and I stuck my tongue out at them. We all sat there in silence, just watching the movie. Alex was the first one to speak.

“This is sooooooooooooooooo boring!” She complained. “I hate the rain.”

“Don’t worry Alex,” James reasoned. “It’s only nature’s way of washing off hippies.”

Everyone laughed, but I wasn’t paying attention. I was half asleep, lying on my best friend (who has great taste in cologne, might I add), and watching one of my favorite movies. I was happy, and then all of a sudden, an owl pecked at the window. James let it in, and after biting his thumb, the owl dropped a letter on my head.

“Look at my boy,” James said holding up his injured thumb and giving us his best Godfather impression. “Look at how he massacred my boy.”

I opened up my letter, though I already knew who sent it judging by the temperamental owl.


Dear Adrianne Maureen Weller,

I haven’t seen you since we left Hogwarts, what’s the deal? Do you, like, hate me or something? Nah, that’s impossible. I’m just too charming. Anyway, what are you and the girls doing this week? We should hang out one of these days. That is, if you can get away from the “Marauders.” Why do you spend so much time with them? Guess you’re too good for Marty, huh? Write back with a date and a place. Peace Out

Yours Truly,
Martin Michael McDoughna


“Well?” James asked.

“Oh, it’s just Marty. He wants to know when we should go out.”

At this last statement, Alex smiled like an idiot and Sirius’ body became tense.

“What do you mean ‘go out’?” he asked me.

“Well, seeing as we haven’t seen him in months, the girls and I are going to meet up with him somewhere. What do you think it meant?” I said with a laugh.

He seemed to relax a bit more, but I could still see he was annoyed. I sat up.

“Godric, Sirius, I know you don’t like him, but you don’t have to get all defensive. He’s still my friend, and I am going to go write to him now.”

I got up off the couch and started for the hallway. Alex immediately got up to follow me, but Ellie was still in a daze on the floor.

“Ellie!” I heard her hiss, followed by a remark from James:

“Nice going Padfoot.”


The Godfather is not mine. It was written by Mario Puzo, and then turned into a movie and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. I strongly recommend it, if you haven’t already seen it.

Preview of Next Chapter:

“¡Es Noche Mexicana!” I yelled. “¡FIESTA!”

With a flick of my wand the entire kitchen was transformed into a huge………colorful………thing. I don’t quite know how to explain it. It had streamers, and enchanted piñatas, and confetti, and mariachi music. I even transfigured our clothes to go along with the theme. Sirius was dressed like a matador with a big black sombrero, and I was wearing a long red flamenco dress.

“¿Dónde está el queso?” I asked him.

Hmmmmm, where did I put the cheese? Ah, here it is. Now back to work.

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