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Second time love. by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 11 : Chapter eleven
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None of the Harry Potter characters belong to me; I have only borrowed them for this tale.

A/Note, Well here we are back on line, new hard drive fitted and most of the lost work has been rescued. Thanks for the patience you have shown while waiting for this chapter.
The dear Lady wife asked me to tell her readers that she will be writing the next part of her story as soon as I have posted this chapter so there should only be a short wait for her next update, again our apologies to our readers, I hope you enjoy this next chapter and I hope you will excuse its rather shorter than normal length. So on with the story…

Second time Love

Chapter Eleven.

Dark demise

Once every one was in place, Harry checked that they were well concealed as they waited to see if Voldemort had received the message he had tried to send, and if he would indeed show up himself, or just send some of his minions.
Hermione conjured a small glass ball complete with swirling mist that looked amazingly like one of the original prophecy containers; several times as they waited she had to ask Harry to stop juggling with it as they both paced past each other in the dark corridor that led from the room that all the prophecies were stored in.

Twenty minutes later just as Harry was thinking their plan had failed he suddenly felt the now familiar feeling of someone trying to look into his mind, without the pain that usually accompanied Voldemort’s invasion of his head Harry wasn’t quite sure at first that it was indeed the dark lord, seconds later though he knew who it was, Voldemort was trying to see if Harry had yet looked at the prophecy.

With a quick nod to Kingsley Harry and Hermione began to discuss the best place to look at the prophecy and find out what the future held, they were still talking when the death eaters entered the far end of the corridor, there were at least ten of them but Voldemort himself was no where to be seen.
Harry grabbed Hermione by the hand and together they began to run back along the corridor and toward the room of love.

The waiting order members were well positioned and stayed under cover until the death eaters chasing Harry and Hermione had passed them, within thirty seconds of the last death eater passing them, Kingsley Shacklebolt and the other order members had left their cover and after only the briefest of spell and curse exchanges all the death eaters lay unconscious on the corridor floor.

Harry waited while the order members once again hid them selves before surveying the bodies of Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix LeStrange, at the same time he concentrated on sending the image to Voldemort.

Hermione could almost feel the hatred coming from Voldemort as he yelled out what he was going to do to the two teenagers that had dared to attack his best servants; Both Harry and Hermione could both hear and feel Voldemort getting closer.

Voldemort stood looking at Harry with his evil face contorted into the closest that it could come to being a smile, the two Potters’ were standing with their back to the wall in the large circular room that was full of doors.

Harry watched as behind Voldemort slithered Nagini, the huge snake quietly hissed as it stopped to watch its master rid the world of the Potters’.
Outside in the corridor a bright flash of fire erupted next to the order members, Fawkes landed gently on Arthur Weasleys shoulder the sword of Gryffindor held firmly in his beak, Arthur needed no words to know what he was to do, taking the sword he drew his courage together then on tip toe silently entered the room, it was time for his revenge on the snake that had nearly killed him.
It took Arthur just one swift swing of the sword to sever the head from the huge snake.

Ignoring the thump of something hitting the floor behind him, because he knew it was his faithful pet guarding the door, protecting his back, Voldemort advanced on Harry and Hermione certain that he had at last trapped Potter and was about to end his life.

“Harry, be good boy and give me the prophecy,” Voldemort said in his hissing evil voice.

Harry stuck out his chest a little before answering “Why don’t you try to take it Tom?” taking Hermione’s hand in his Harry grinned at the dark lord “or maybe you are afraid of ending up like Malfoy.”

Voldemort looked around the room, the leer on his face became a snarl, “There’s no body here to die for you today Harry, just you and your mudblood so give me the prophecy and I might just kill her quickly.”

Hermione let out a strained laugh “And what makes you think I would let you kill me Riddle?”

Voldemort angered by Hermione stepped closer, each step placing him closer to the door to the room of love.

“You dare to speak to me girl,” he yelled his red eyes becoming wide at her words.

“Why should I be afraid of some little upstart that denies his parentage?” Hermione said further angering Voldemort.

“Hermione love would you allow me to handle this little pipsqueak?” Harry asked politely.

Voldemort screamed at them in a raging fury caused by the two teens, he cast several spells at them, all of which were deflected easily.

“You need to do better than that Tom,” Harry said in a quiet threatening voice.

Voldemort was in an absolute fury as he stepped closer, Harry cast a very weak stunner spell which Voldemort laughed at as he almost nonchalantly deflected it, several more rather weak stunners were cast by Harry and while Voldemort was distracted by them Hermione cast a charm that opened the door behind him.

As soon as the door was open Harry gave Hermione’s hand a quick squeeze, together they silently conjured a powerful shield that had a golden glow, then they began to move forward, Voldemort cast several killing curses at the advancing Potters, each of which was dodged, the pain Voldemort felt when the shield reached him took him totally by surprise, he had never come across anything like it before, there was a power behind the shield that over whelmed him and forced him back, slowly Harry and Hermione pushed forward, each time Voldemort was able to cast a spell at them they dodged out of the way, their golden shield never wavered.

Had Tom Riddle ever known love he would have known that the shield that glistened with a golden hue was not a protective shield, as it was he was finding it difficult to think clearly, almost impossible to concentrate enough to cast a curse, there was a power surrounding him that he did not understand, a power that was more painful to him than anything he could ever remember encountering.

Trying to get away from the golden glow he stepped back into the room behind him, Voldemort tried to think of a curse, a spell, or even a charm that he could cast against the Potters but his mind was consumed by the pain that seemed to invade his every nerve, slowly he backed away from the two advancing teenagers, but as he did so he could see their power growing, getting stronger, their shield growing in size.

The last thing Tom Riddle saw as he entered the circle in the middle of the room was two young people who were full to over flowing with a power he did not know.

Harry and Hermione began to back away as soon as Voldemort entered the centre circle, they watched from the door way as Riddle screamed in agony for several seconds before the final piece of his soul was wrenched away from him and destroyed, the body of the once evil dark lord fell silently to the floor, still in the centre circle of the room of love.

Harry managed to close the door behind Hermione before together they both leaned against the wall then slowly sank down to sit on the floor, the amount of love that they had both used and been refilled with during the fight with Riddle amazed them both, they were both still glowing with a golden hue when the order members began to enter the room.

Kingsley asked about Voldemort, Hermione called on Fawkes who entered the room of love and emerged with the now dead dark lord held firmly in his talons, dropping the body Fawkes began to sing, the phoenix song filled all within hearing of it with a feeling of joy.

After a short rest the Potters rose back to their feet, with the body of Voldemort levitated between them Harry and Hermione led the order members and their death eater prisoners up through the ministry, reaching the atrium they found their way blocked by a huge crowd, all with their wands drawn, Voldemort’s use of an unforgivable curse had trigger every alarm in the building.

Minister Fudge forced his way through the crowds of witches and wizards who had flocked into the ministry foyer and filled the atrium as soon as all the alarms indicating the use of unforgivable curses inside the ministry went off, finally making it through the crowd he and his entourage came face to face with Harry and Hermione Potter, levitated between them was the body of Voldemort.

Blustering Fudge demanded an explanation, at his side Delores Umbridge stood leering at Hermione.

“Well answer the minister,” Umbridge yelled out at them.

Instead of answering Hermione turned to Kingsley Shacklebolt, “Kingsley you are a senior law officer, am I correct?” she asked in a tone of voice that made everyone pay attention.

“Yes, Mrs Potter, I am,” Kingsley answered coming forward a little.

“Harry hold out your right hand,” she said still in the same tone of voice. “Take a look at the back of my husbands’ hand.”

Kingsley did as Hermione asked then he gasped in disbelief, “How did you get these scars Harry?”

Hermione answered before Harry said a word “Kingsley I want Umbridge arrested for the use of an illegal blood quill, I also want both her and the minister arrested for the attempted murder of Harry Potter and his cousin Dudley Dursley, it was they who authorised two dementors to attack in Little Whinging, if you need any evidence you will find the memories of five Hogwarts pupils who were held at wand point while Umbridge admitted it, she was also about to use the cruciatus curse on a pupil until she was distracted.”

Harry gave a nod to Kingsley who then called some of the aurors who had stood listening, he did not have to give the order as the other law officers placed both the minister and Umbridge under arrest and led them away.

Fudge glanced at the body of Voldemort and he knew beyond any doubt that he was about to spend a long time in Azkaban. Umbridge how ever was still shouting out stupid orders to her former colleagues.

The great celebration began within an hour of Voldemort’s body being taken through the ministry and on to St Mungo’s where they certified that he was well and truly dead.

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Second time love.: Chapter eleven


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