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Married By Mistake by TrevorTheFrog
Chapter 26 : We Are Family
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Chapter 26: We Are Family

Seven months and two weeks later. Mid- August.
The sun creeped out of the blinds. It was a violet pinkish glow that fell across Hermione’s face as she slept. Her brown curls rested all around her head on the pillow, making it look like a halo. Draco propped his head on his hand and observed. The sheets were off on this warm August morning. She was dressed in a gauzy white nightdress. He put his hand on her belly and thought she looked like a goddess carrying his child.

He smiled as he felt the little one kick and saw his wife stir as a result. She woke up with a smile on her face. They were expecting a new addition to their family any day now and it was driving Draco insane with worry.

He had not been there through Jo’s pregnancy and was acting like a typical new-dad-to-be.

“Do you ever sleep?” she asked, smiling at her husband. His blonde hair fell boyishly over his forehead. The night’s stubble was sexily present on his cheeks and chin. His earrings glinted in the sunlight.

“What on earth are you prattling about?”

“Every time I open my eyes you’re staring at me,” she said, running her hand over his rumpled hair.

“I was just contemplating how beautiful you are,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“You know, no one has ever called me beautiful before you,” she mused aloud.

“Well then, they must have either been dumb or blind. You are smart, funny in your annoying way, and absolutely beautiful. And you’re all mine,” he said. He looked at her with a smile before getting up and pulling on a robe. “Now you get some rest today. You want me to take you to the couch outside?”

“I’d like to go outside, but I think I can manage walking on my own,” she said. They brushed their teeth in the two sink bathroom before heading outside.

“Noel told me to wake her up early for a new episode of Dora,” Hermione said. “I hate to wake her from her slumber.”

“God. There is nothing worse than Dora the Explorer first thing in the morning…” he groaned before heading off to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Hermione opened the door and was struck partially blind with all the pink in the room, like always. She rolled her eyes at the position she was sleeping in, exactly like her father, rolled up in a fetal position.

“Noel,” she poked her gently at first. She was forced to roll her eyes again as Noel turned her back towards Hermione and continued her snoring. Just like her father. “Baby… get up.” After Noel continued to ignore her, Hermione decided it was time for some desperate measures. “Honey. New episode of Dora’s on!”

The child’s eyes opened immediately and she shot up in bed and looked around excitedly. “Good morning, Mommy,” she said brightly. Hermione wasn’t surprised at her distant attitude; after all it was Sunday morning. AKA: ‘Cartoon marathon day’.

After making sure Noel was brushing her teeth, she went back into the kitchen. She stood upright when she felt a sharp throb in her lower abdomen. It went away as quickly as it had come, migrating to her lower back. She mentally pushed it aside and padded into the kitchen.

“Mentioning Dora is better than an alarm clock with that kid,” Hermione said, going on her tiptoes to kiss Draco. The kiss went from a small peck into a passionate one as he put his arm around her waist and dug his fingers through her hair. Hermione gasped for air when they pulled apart. She had a dazed look on her face, but the look turned quickly into a grimace of pain.

“Hermione?” Draco asked. “Oh, God. Ohhh, God. Hermione? Can you hear me?”

“I can hear you just fine you, idiot. It’s just hurting a little.”

“How long has this been happening?” he demanded.

“Just an hour or two,” she said. She would have looked at her feet, but in her current state, couldn’t see if she was wearing two different shoes.

“You’ve been in pain for two hours, and you decide to tell me now?” he said, more scared himself. He dashed into the bedroom and picked up the case they had prepared weeks ago for a situation like this. It contained extra clothes, slippers, a towel, etc. He shoved his legs into a pair of jeans he found on the floor and slipped on a sweatshirt.

“Draco… Calm down…I’m sure it’s just nothing,” she consoled. This wasn’t as bad as what other women described.

“Baby, you’re in the first stages of labor. Now you either start walking or I pick you up and carry you to that damn car. Noel!” he yelled for his daughter. “Get some clothes on, pumpkin. Quick.”

“Oh!” her mouth rounded. “Are we going to the hospital, Daddy?”

“Yes. Now hurry,” Draco said.

Hermione winced again and Draco felt his heart beat accelerate.

“We’re going to be okay,” he said over and over again.

“Just relax, Draco. Calm. Breathe,” she said, since he was evidently in more pain than she.


Six hours later:

Noel was in the day care center of the hospital. Draco was clutching his wife’s hand. They were almost there, the doctor insisted.

And right when Hermione was done swearing any and all accusations at Draco, there was a cry that broke the tension in the room. Hermione broke into tears.

“You have a beautiful baby boy, Mr. Malfoy. Congratulations!” The doctor said, the nurse cleaned up the baby and handed him to Draco. Tears of joy escaped his eyes silently.

And when Draco grabbed Hermione in a kiss, the doctor said something to shock both of them. “Here come the next one…”

“W-What?” Draco said, alarmed. “What other one?”

Hermione’s face broke out into a grin that was replaced with a grimace. 

Another cry broke the room, battling with the cries of the other. “Congratulations again. You have another baby boy!”

Draco’s mouth opened and refused to shut.

“Honey, close your mouth, people are looking,” she said, touching his arm ever so gently. The nurse placed the other boy in Hermione’s arms. “Welcome, my precious.”

“Twins?” Draco said in disbelief. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wanted to surprise you,” she said.

“Hermione… thank you so much,” he said, as another tear leaked from his eye. “Oh, God… I love you so much… Two baby boys… We are going to be run over, my love, with three kids in the house.”

“The doctor said they aren’t identical. Fraternal twins. See…” she gestured to the bundle in Draco’s arms. “He has lighter hair. So at least we can tell the difference.” She chuckled.

“Indeed… W-What are we going to name them?”

“Oh. I hadn’t even thought of names yet…”

He looked down at the bundle in his arms. Soft blonde hair was brushed over the tiny pink head, his face was beginning to take its actual color. “Julian Malfoy," he said after awhile. "Got a nice ring to it.”

“I like it. And… Maximillian Malfoy. We can call him Max,” Hermione said with an adoring look at the tiny life in her arms. His hair was slightly darker than his brother’s.

“Maximillian and Julian Malfoy. I like it,” he said.

“Where’s Noel?” Hermione asked suddenly. “I want her to see her new brothers… You didn’t leave her alone did you?” Her eyes round with concern.

“She’s in the daycare. She got bored waiting, I’ll send someone to get her…”

“Mr. Malfoy, I think it’s best if you go get her. Meanwhile we can get these babies fed!” A motherly nurse said to him.

He looked longingly at the little guy in his arms and reluctantly gave Julian over to the nurse. He ran his hand over Max’s head and kissed him on the nose. “I’ll be right back.”

A few minutes later he was back with an eager Noel who was delighted to have TWO babies to play with. According to her, that was way better than Tony’s one little baby.

Hermione was feeding Julian when Noel stuck her head out of the door. She smiled shyly at the nurses and then shifted her eyes to where Hermione was. She was shocked to see Hermione wearing a white hospital gown with a needle in her arm. She looked weak and pale.

“Hey, Noel,” Hermione said gently, sure she made quite a picture sitting there with her hair a mess. “Come see your little brothers, honey.”

Noel walked timidly toward the bed after a push from Draco. She looked at the tiny little people in awe. “They’re so small… like dolls… Which one’s Julian?”

“The one with the lighter hair… he has a little mark near his eyebrow…” Hermione said.

Noel squeezed her Dad’s hands. “Can I hold one?”

“Of course. Here. You sit in the rocking chair and I’ll bring Max to you. He’s done eating…” Draco explained.

“What do they eat?”

“They drink milk. They don’t have teeth yet,” he said, gently putting Max in her arms.

“He’s so cute. When will he open his eyes?” she asked.

“He just doesn’t like the light that much. They have blue eyes,” Draco said. “I saw.”

“Just like mine?” she asked, her eyes bright with suppressed excitement.

“Just like yours.”

He went to pick up Julian. Hermione was fast asleep. He brushed the hair from her face and kissed her lips gently. “I love you.”


A/n: I’m sorry to those to whom I said I would post yesterday. It totally left my mind as to what date it was. Plus, we have different time zones! But that’s no excuse I’m sure.

I hope you liked this chapter. So far it’s the second last chapter. Just an epilogue to follow.



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Married By Mistake: We Are Family


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