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A Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion by HurtfulEyes
Chapter 19 : Meeting the father...
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Sorry for the long wait, here's the next chapter!

“No Alli! You have to move your wand like this!” Draco said before demonstrating how to properly transfigure a champagne bottle into a rat. It had been a week since they came back, and he was trying his hardest to avoid Hermione. He and Alli were already into second year transfiguration and Alli was finding it difficult to concentrate.

“Sorry!” Alli said with a slight sarcastic edge in her voice, “I can’t be bothered today! Can’t we take one day off? My head’s all over the place!”

“We’ll take a break.” Draco said, conjuring her a bottle of water before putting down his wand and sitting on a desk. “So, what’s on your mind?”

“Well, Tom is meeting his father right about… now” Alli said looking at her watch, “and we have this stupid dinner with all the Weasleys. I don’t get why I have to go, I mean, if Ron’s not my dad than I’m not a part of their family.” Alli whined.

“Are you kidding? The Weasleys are Hermione’s family, or the closest thing she has now aside from you and your brother. They’ve been there for her for years now. And if you’re Hermione’s family than your theirs. Now stop whining, their nice people.” Draco said, trying to make it seem like he really knew them. The truth was that, even though he had been on the good side for over ten years now, he and the Weasleys had never seen eye to eye, sure they acknowledged each other in public places, but he never really had had a real conversation with any of them.

“I don’t mean it, I’m just to tired to deal with all this. I mean in the past, what two weeks? I’ve crammed like two years of schooling into my skull.” Alli said, laying back onto a desk with her legs hanging off the side.

“Yeah, I guess your right. We’ll slow down from now on. It’s about two weeks till school finishes and than about a month and a half of summer holiday. So we have two months for you to learn year three four and five work. It’ll be easier in the summer, we won't have to jump from spare class to class during my free periods.” Draco said, smiling sympathetically at Alli.

“Good.” Alli said, sitting back up “so are you going to show me again or are you just going to sit there all day?” She joked.


“Tom are you ready?” Hermione asked in their living room, getting ready to floo to the Leaky Cauldron, where they’d walk to Fred and George’s shop and meet Ron. Nate came back for a couple of days after Hermione came back, but had to go for business again.

“As I’ll ever be.” Tom said, shoving his slightly shaking hands into his pockets. He had dreamed of this moment many times before and now that it was coming, he was very nervous.

“Ok, I’ll go first. Remember, throw it in and than shout “The Leaky Cauldron” Hermione said, passing Tom some floo powder. She than threw hers in and stepped in the fireplace, within a couple of seconds she was standing in a rundown restaurant, wiping off the soot on her clothing. She waited for about thirty seconds before Tom fell out with a loud crash on the floor.

“Sorry, forgot that it’s not that fun for first timers.” Hermione said, stifling her laughter.

“Thanks for mentioning that mom.” Tom said sarcastically before getting up.

“Ok, this is the Leaky Cauldron, follow me and we’ll walk to Fred and Georges shop. I think you’d like it. It’s a magical joke shop, so there’s things like door handles that’ll bite you if you touch them and pens that’ll mess every word that the person is writing. Nothing dangerous though.” Hermione explained as they walked out the back and into Diagon Alley.

“Ok… and Fred and George are my uncles?” Tom asked.

“Yes.” Hermione said, smiling at Toms face as they pasted about three Goblins that were fighting about something. They slowly walked through Diagon alley. As they neared, Hermione could clearly see the nervousness on Toms face and if she was honest to herself, she’d admit that she was scared shitless.

“Hey Hermione! Is this the famous Tom I’ve heard lots about?” George said as they entered the shop, “Fred! Get your ginger ass out here and meet your nephew!”

“Ginger? Look In the mirror! At least I don’t wear an eyepatch all the time! You look like a bloody priate.” Fred shouted back as he walked out of the storage room with a couple of boxes in his hands and put them on the counter.

“I’m testing out the new merchandise!” George retorted before he looked at Hermione and Tom’s questioning looks, “It’s this eye patch that, when you put it on, everyone that fancies you has a yellow glow around them. It still has a few kinks.”

“Nice to meet you Tom, I’m your uncle Fred and the pirate is George.” Fred said, shaking Toms hand.

“Yeah, you too.” Tom said, smiling.

“Hey Tom, since we missed all those birthdays, you can have anything for free, just pick something and it’s yours.” George said before putting on a bright pink eye patch over his left eye.

“Maybe after, we’re going to go see Ron.” Hermione said, watching as Fred and George exchanged glances.

“Old Ronniekins eh? Well Tom, it was nice to meet you and come over anytime, we have a bunch of stories about your mom that you’d love.” Fred said, smirking.

“Did you know that in the fourth year she-“ George started before Hermione cut in.

“Enough of that you two.” Hermione said, giving them warning glares, “we’ll see you later.”

Hermione lead Tom to the back of the store and up some steps to Ron’s front door. “You ready?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Tom said, with a new look of determination, that faltered slightly as Hermione knocked on the door.

After a couple of minutes, a clean shaven Ron opened the door.

“Hello Ron” Hermione said smiling through the awkwardness, “ This is Tom, your son.”

“Hi Tom, it’s great to finally meet you.” Ron said, smiling slightly.

“Same here” Tom said shyly while shaking his hand.

“Come on in, I’ll get you both a drink” Ron said, gesturing them to sit down in the living room while he walked into the kitchen.

“See? This isn’t awkward.” Hermione said, receiving a slight glare from Tom.

“So what do you guys want? I have water, tea, Pepsi, butterbeer or milk.” Ron said from the kitchen.

“Butterbeer please” Tom said, ever since he had tried butterbeer with Charleigh the week before, he had been addicted.

“I’ll have tea please.” Hermione said, “since when do you have Pepsi anyway?”

“Ever since I got back, I’ve been trying new muggle foods. It was all kind of in memory of you, and I’ve got to say, I love Pepsi.” Ron said, chuckling as be brought the drinks out. After he passed them out, he sat down, bringing an awkward silence to the room.

“So…uh… Tom/ What do you like to do for fun?” Ron asked, trying to break the silence.

“I really love sailing, there’s something about setting out, only seeing blue in front of me that I just love.” Tom said, taking a sip of his bottle.

“That sounds like what I’d say about Quidditch.” Ron said, smiling.

“Quidditch?” Tom asked with a confused look on his face. It sounded familiar to him but he just couldn’t put his finger where he had heard it before.

“You don’t know what Quidditch is?” Ron asked, stricken, “it’s just the best game in all the wizarding world! Hermione, don’t tell me you didn’t tell him about Quidditch?!”

“Well I did, but I’m not surprised that he doesn’t remember. When you were just a baby I used to tell you bedtime stories about Hogwarts, Quidditch and Ron as a bed time story.” Hermione said, smiling.

“I was wondering why it sounded so familiar.” Tom said smiling as it clicked, “A magical game where people fly on brooms and try to get a ball into the other teams hoop!”

“Exactly! I love that game, about five years ago, I had an offer to play professionally. I’ll have to teach you to play. Under my tutorage, you’ll be able to be in your houses team by next year.” Ron said, smiling.

“For sure.” Tom said, beaming.

“Your mother hates fling, I remember once a couple of years after Hogwarts, she finally agreed on flying lessons after I nagged her for months. For the whole ten minutes she was in the air, she screamed at me. “ Ron said, making Hermione glare at him.

“The only reason I was screaming was because a bird shit on me and you thought I was lying so you refused to let me down.” Hermione muttered, making Rom laugh.

“Well you pulled that trick before, how’d I know that you weren’t lying that time?”

“So what do you do now?” Tom asked, changing the subject. He had millions of questions in his head that he was afraid he was about to explode. He, Tom Granger, was finally talking to his dad!

“I’m an Auror. I basically look for bad guys and arrest them. So I’m like a police officer except I get to use magic.”

“That’s pretty cool, you must have a really interesting life. Do you have a wife?” Tom asked.

“Tom! That’s not very appropriate.” Hermione quickly whispered.

“Haha no problem ‘Mione, nope no wife. I do however sort of have a daughter.” Ron said, smiling.

“What do you mean sort of?” Hermione asked, the curiosity getting the better of her.

“Well, she’s actually Luna Lovegood’s daughter but Luna died about three years ago by a stray Deatheater and I adopted her. She’s gone through a lot but she’s pretty good at covering it up.” Ron said, taking a picture from the coffee table and showing them.

“That’s Charlie!” Tom said, shocked.

“You know her?” Ron asked, dumbfounded.

”Yeah, Tom and Charlie have become pretty good friends recently.” Hermione said, smiling.

“Oh. Small world. Well, she’s the one with all the awards for the piano. She was some what of a child genius or something but she hasn’t been into it as much as she used to be.” Ron said, smiling at the picture before putting it down.

“Wow that’s great Ron.” Hermione said, suddenly her phone rang. She quickly excused herself and walked into the hallway. As she stood in the hallway, she heard Tom and Ron talking about school and Tom’s tutoring, which he’d be receiving from McGonagall once school let out.

“Hey Laura, thanks for calling.” Hermione said, answering the phone.

” No problem, there’s nothing I like more than to get someone out of an awkward conversation.” Laura said on the other line.

“Actually, it’s not that awkward. They’re currently talking about school.” Hermione said, peeking around the corner to see Ron pointing to something in a photo album to Tom and they both laughed.

“How do you think the get together will be tonight?” Laura asked.

Hermione sighed and leaned her back against the wall while picking at her nails. “ I don’t know, I mean I love the Weasleys but sometimes they’re just to much, especially if you’re meeting them all for the first time tonight. At least it’s just the adults and the children that aren’t in Hogwarts.”

“You guys will be fine, just prep them before you go. Does the Weasley’s know about Alli?” Laura asked.

“They think that I adopted her and that Alli doesn’t know.” Hermione said, before hearing a roar of laughter from the living room, “Look I gotta go, I think Ron’s telling Tom embarrassing stories about me. Love ya. Bye.”

“Love you, and take care of yourself.” Laura said before hanging up.

Hermione walked back into the living room to find Ron dramatically telling Tom the story of how she slipped on ice in the third year and slid all the way down a hill.

“What is it with everyone telling embarrassing stories about me today?” She mumbled to herself before sitting back down.


“You guys ready?” Hermione asked her children as they stood outside the burrow.

“Yeah.” Alli said, straightening out her purple top for the fifth time in five minutes.

“Ok.” Hermione said, she was about to knock when Mrs.Weasley opened the door and let out a shout of delight, she quickly hugged Hermione and than rounded on Tom and Alli and gave them each a hug and a kiss. By the time she was done, she had tears in her eyes. She quickly ushered them into the kitchen and brought them into the living room, where there were about 15 people waiting. Alli and Tom were quickly passed around, receiving hugs and kisses from everyone, by the end of it, both Alli and Tom felt both intimidated and loved at the same time.

They all sat around, passing around stories of Hermione’s Hogwarts days and what they all missed, Hermione sat on the couch with Bill’s four year old son Jacques on her lap, who had immediately taken a liking to her. Flur, his mother, had died with Luna three years ago. A couple of hours later, after dinner Hermione decided it was time to go and had to practically drag Alli away from Harry and Ginny’s son Sirius and Tom away from Ron, Fred and George, who were all sitting in a corner whispering to each other.

As they walked through the Hallways of Hogwarts, Hermione smiled as Tom and Alli talked about how much they enjoyed their evening and about plans for the future. They walked into their common room and Hermione gave both her children a kiss on the foreheads before walking to her room and falling asleep on her bed. 

Jeeze, I'm sooo sorry for the long wait! Here are my excuses:
-I kept getting grounded (adolesence is a bitch)
-I'm working on my other story at the same time
- sheer laziness
-I'm a horrible person ( =[ )
-I got all 4 seasons of the OC and I've watched them all in under a month
-after I finished with the OC I got the first two seasons of Desperate Housewives haha
Haha so I hope you'll forgive me!! I'll start the next chappie reeallllllly soon :)
Xoxoxoxoxoxo LOVE YOU!!! HurtfulEyes
ps. Sorry if the ending seems a little rushed, I really wanted to get it posted today. and also, i kinda forgot that Voldemorts first name is Tom, so lets just say that Hermione ALWAYS wanted to name her son Thomas hehe

Please review ^-^

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