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How to Change a Diaper by sectumsempress101
Chapter 2 : Of Mushed Peaches and a lot of Poop
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"Ron, wake up!  If you don't get up now I will cast an Aguamenti spell over your lazy butt!" Hermione threatened.

 "Why the hurry, 'mione?"

 "Today's the day of the bet, you buffoon!"

 "Then why don't you go meet Ginny for your shopping date?"

 "I have to make sure that you're awake before I can go!"

 "I'm coming!  Don't cast an Aguamenti spell!"


 "Okay, Ron, now that you're up, we can go over the list of things to do around the house," Hermione declared.

 "Hey!  I thought I only had to take care of Rose!" Ron complained.

 "Well, you don't have to do it.  I just want you to take care of Rose, but if you'll do housework, too, I might buy you tickets for the Quidditch World Cup, and for all of the matches."

 "I guess we have a deal!"

 "Okay, what you need to do other than take care of Rose is just do the dishes, put them away, change the sheets on our bed and in Rose's crib, clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchen, and if you'll be so kind, will you water my garden?" Hermione said.

 "If it means going to the World Cup, then sure!"

 "I knew you'd do it!"


 "Ron, it's time for me to go, now.  When I come home, I'm bringing takeout from the Leaky Cauldron.  You'll need to feed Rose breakfast at 9:00 a.m., and lunch at precisely 11:42a.m.  She can have a snack around 3:00, I have some gram crackers in the pantry.  By the way, Rose can only have juice at lunch, and Rose takes a nap just after her snack," Hermione said.

 "That sure is a lot to remember!"

 "Do you want to end the unbreakable vow?"

 "No!  I'll die if I do!  But I thought it was a bet!"

 "There the same thing, and take care of Rose!"


 "Goodbye, then!"


 "Where the crap is Harry?  He said he'd be here!  I think I'll floo over to his place right now!" Ron said as he got Rose from her crib, and flooed over to Harry and Ginny's house, the Pit Stop.  It was named since Harry and Ginny had 6 kids: James, Albus, Lily, the twins, Olivia and Julia, and little Molly, their youngest daughter.  Since it was so hectic with thier oldest being only 8 years old, the name the Pit Stop suited the cottage perfectly.

 "Harry, wher are you?" Ron said as he walked in the door.

 "I'm in the family room!" was his reply.

 "Explain why you didn't come over!"

 "I have my own kids to tend to!  Lily has a cold, Olivia has a fever, and Julia has a sore throat!"

 "Well, you can bring them over to the Burrow!  Albus loves little Rosie!"

 "Is Rosie here?" Albus asked, as he speeded into the room because of Rosie's mentioned name.

 "Yes she is.  You can go play with her," Ron said, handing Rose to Albus.

 "Sorry, but I can't!  Ginny said to stay here."

 "Fine!  Goodbye!" Ron said as he flooed back to his and Hermione's flat.


 "Okay, first up is to feed Rose breakfast," Ron said.

 "Let's see...We have mushed pears, mushed bananas, mushed apples, and mushed peaches.  Rosie, which do you like best?" Ron asked.

 "Gaa," Rose said.

 "I think we'll go with the peaches," Ron said.

 "Openio!" Ron said, and the can of peaches opened.

 "Here comes the train!  Chew chew! Eeww!" Ron said, as chewed up mushed peaches flew on his shirt.

 "How am I going to survive today? Peeyew!  What's that smell? Oh no!  Not the poopies!"


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How to Change a Diaper: Of Mushed Peaches and a lot of Poop


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