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In Those Nineteen Years by xxbelliexx
Chapter 2 : The Memorial
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It was the next morning, and the common room was scattered with a few survivors; Katie bell, Angelina Johnson, lee Jordan, George, and a few others. Hermione was listening to the WWN, and Ron was asleep with his head in Hermione’s lap. Ginny was cuddled up close to harry, and he knew she was pondering on the memory he had shown her. He stroked her hair gently, and as he did so, he heard George’s voice say quietly, “Lee…” Lee looked at George. “How long have harry and Ginny been together?”

“You what?” Lee asked.

“Harry and Ginny.” George nodded in their direction.

“There not together are they?” lee looked towards them as well. “Well if you say so, but I don’t know.”

Harry ignored them, and carried on stoking Ginny’s hair. “What’s the time Hermione? Don’t we need to get going down to the great hall?” he asked.

Hermione looked at her watch and said “yes, Kinsley said it was at 10.” She poked the sleeping Ron, and he grunted. “Ron wake up!” she poked him a bit harder.

“What? Oh, sorry.”

The four of them climbed out of the portrait hole, closely followed by George and lee Jordan. “So then,” George said “how long has my little sister been going out with the boy who lived then?!”

Harry laughed, and Ginny said “about a year.” She glanced at harry but he just squeezed her hand.

“You two never said anything!”

“Why would they?” Lee snorted.

Ron sighed.

“Cheer up Ron, Fred…Fred and I promised each other that if one of us… on of us died... then we would make sure everyone was happy…I promised.” He looked at his feet.

There was an awkward silence as the six of them plodded towards the great hall, and sat down on the house tables. It was now a blaze of life, and all of the bodies had been put in a chamber off the hall, and were being prepared for their burials. 10 minutes later, Kinsley Shacklebolt stood up at the front and put his wand to his neck. The hall went silent. “Good morning all. This is just a quick update on what is going on. The ministry have decided that we should bury all of our dead in the Hogwarts grounds. As a memorial to them.” His voice quivered. “Tomorrow, we shall hold the ceremony. Each person who died for our world shall be buried near Albus Dumbledore. If you wish to give your dead a nice statue or headstone, the ministry will pay for them. We shall also put a memorial to each of them in the place in which they died. Their order of Merlin first class shall hang by their memorial.”

There was some clapping at this news, but Kinsley continued. “As for lord Voldemort’s body, the ministry shall have it burned and destroyed, and the ashes thrown into the sea.” There was more clapping and whooping. “At 4 O’clock tomorrow, we shall hold the service. And after that we have a plan to clear up the mess Voldemort has left us in. if you all help, it can be done more quickly. There will be reminders on the WWN and in the daily prophet, but now I shall tell you the plan.”

The whole hall listened intently.

“Anyone who is of Hogwarts age, that is to say age 11 to 18, and anyone who has recently left Hogwarts recently, so if you’re under about 22, and the professors of Hogwarts School, shall stay here in the castle, to repair the damage to it, and to erect the memorials.”

Many people nodded in agreement.

“All of our older wizards and witches will be divided up. Ministry workers shall be rectifying the ministry of magic, and seeing as half of them were death eaters, anyone who has ever been a ministry worker shall also be repairing the ministry. All of the workers in the south of England shall be repairing Diagon alley, and anyone who is left, shall be rectifying Hogsmede, and anywhere in the country that needs help. If you have small children, we shall have some healers here at Hogwarts to look after them, up in the hospital wing. Any Aurors I need to see now. Thank you.”

Many people nodded in agreement and a few Aurors made their way to the front.

“Could have been worse.” Said harry.

“I think it’s very good.” Said Hermione. “We don’t want everyone in the same place all at one time.”

“I suppose so.” Ginny nodded.

“I think we should all go for a walk. I’m dying for some fresh air.” Ron stood up and dragged Hermione towards the door. Harry and Ginny walked closely behind. “When did you two get together? You never said.” Ginny asked when the four of them got out into the grounds.

Ron’s ears went scarlet, and Hermione blushed.

“Well that’s an odd story.” Harry told her.

“I bet it was!”

“It was in the middle of the battle.”

Ron coughed.

Harry grinned. “Ron told us that we should tell the house elves to escape and you know what Hermione is like about them. She just flung herself on him and snogged him! Did you not see that bit in the penseive?”

“No.” Ginny chuckled.

“Well then, I’ll have to show you one day. All three of you!”

The three of them had reached the large beech tree, and sat there laughing until Ron declared he was hungry, and they went to get some lunch.

* * * * * * *

The Weasleys harry and Hermione took their seats by the lake, as the small tufty man who had been at the wedding stood up on a raised plat form. Harry held Ginny’s hand, and she put her head on his shoulder.

The wizard began. “We are here today, to say goodbye to those we love. They died fighting to save us. And we are truly thankful.” He then gave a small speech about loved ones and leaving them, then the procession began. “First, Fred Weasley, beloved son, brother, friend and twin.” Fred’s coffin, draped in Gryffindor colours, came down the isle, levitated by two wizards. “Next, Remus Lupin. Beloved wife, father, son in law, and friend.” Each individual fighter came floating down the isle, and was placed next to their graves. Last of all, was Snape. Harry had made sure that he had been put here to rest. When the final coffin had been placed, the families or friends of the dead said a few words to everyone. Harry had decided he would go up for Snape.

“I know, that many of you think that Snape was a death eater, and are wondering why he is here with our loved ones.” Harry started, and explained about what Snape had done. Finally, he finished; “Severus Snape, was the bravest soul, I ever knew.”

“You were great.” Said Ginny when harry returned to his seat and took her hand. The dead were then lowered into their graves, and their headstones secured. Mrs Weasley was sobbing uncontrollably on Mr. Weasley’s shoulder, and George was crying onto Angelina Johnson.

When the crowd had moved back into the great hall, Mrs. Weasley pulled herself together, and said “I think we should all be getting back to the burrow.” She performed a quick head count, found that she had all 11 of them, and told them all they must go to the burrow immediately. All of them but harry and Ginny headed off to the grounds to apparate. “Oi, you two, are you coming?” bill shouted.

“We can’t apparate bill; we’ll use the floo network.”

And with that, they were gone.

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In Those Nineteen Years: The Memorial


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