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Dark Clouds by AC_rules
Chapter 1 : Dark Clouds
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“I’ll see you later,” he said and walked out of her room.

She sat down on her bed after she heard the soft thud of her door closing. Unwanted tears crept up to her eyes. 

Well that went well... She thought bitterly.

She had done her hair and make-up, spent hours deciding what to wear, tidied her room and it had all gone perfectly. Until they were interrupted; then he left her, alone, rejected and embarrassed. She sat on her pillow and pulled her duvet around her. He always was going to leave her. For her own protection; she didn’t need it, she was capable of looking after herself. It was his entire fault; Harry-stupid-Potter, her life was great before he came along, and ruined everything and made her so unbelievably happy.  The clouds had been white as she flew among them. She had soared across the sky in his arms, safe, warm and cosy. That’s where she belonged - With him.

But now the soft white clouds had disappeared into the distance, replaced by the rain, darkness and a layer of grey clouds.

She walked to the window.  “Nice view” was one of the few feeble attempts he had made to talk when he was in here moments before. She had never thought about the view before, but now she was concentrating on it hard. The orchard was on one side and if she stuck her whole head out of the window, she could just about see the yard.

She stretched her neck out as far as she could and look around at the garden.

In doing this she noticed three people; she immediately recognised Ron’s distinctive walk and Hermione’s bushy hair. The third figure she knew was her Harry Potter.

Harry was walking fast to keep up with Ron, Hermione running behind them to keep up with the two boys.  Ron was obviously angry with Harry, probably about what he had just interrupted. Well, no was asking you to stick your big nose in were they? Ginny thought, as she watched them make their way across the yard.

Her brothers also seemed to think that she needed protection. Well she didn’t, she was better than anyone in this family at a number of curses, she was strong; she never cried, never showed her feelings. The reason why the treated her so differently? She was the baby and the only girl.    

Well, I have a right to know what's going on! she decided. She fumbled under her bead and pulled out her extendable ears and slid it out the window.

“I’m not messing her around” she heard Harry’s voice say. It was true, it really wasn’t his fault. 

“Ron-“Hermione said, her voice out of breath, she had only just caught up. It was quite strange to hear the voices so clear and get only see a tiny figures.

“She was really cut up when you ended it-” Ron said. She made a mental note to kill him; she didn’t need him to know that, it would only make her appear desperate.

“So was I.  You know why I stopped it, and it wasn’t because I wanted to” Ginny sighed, her heart jumped a little in her chest.

“Yeah, but you go snogging her now and she’s just going to get her hopes up again-” thanks again Ron she thought bitterly to herself.

“She’s not an idiot,” at least he was defending her “she knows it can’t happen, she’s not expecting us to- to end up married, or-“

He was right, she’d never really thought about it, but now her head was swimming with images of beautiful white dresses and delicious feasts.

“If you keep groping her every chance you get-” the words brought her back from her thoughts unpleasantly.

“It won’t happen again,” Harry said.

 The cloudless sky seemed to darken. She ripped the extendable ear from her own and returned to the comfort of her pillow. So he regretted it. He didn’t want to find her again and repeat the experience. He wished it had never happened. He wished that they had never happened.

She pulled her hair out of clip and threw it to the floor violently; she upturned the bin, flung books of her shelves. Then she took one of the face wipes from its packet and removed all her makeup; aggressively rubbing at her face, turning it redder and blotchier. Then she collapsed onto her bed sobbing.

She hated Harry Potter. She hated him. Really, she did - ish.  

After her bitter anger had subsided she lay on her bed motionless. She thought back to all that he said; not much really. “Yeah... thanks” “nice view” “you didn’t have to get me anything” “I think dating opportunities are going to be pretty thin on the ground, to be honest.” nothing encouraging  most of the time he hadn’t even looked at her, why had she continued her plan? 

Because she really wanted to kiss him again.

He seemed happy enough while it was going on; it was only when Ron came in that he seemed to remember why he had ended it. The spark in his eye dulled and he stepped backwards. That’s when she had turned away, realising that it was all a mistake, and not being able to watch him walk away. Again. She could not bear it, he loved her. Why could he not forget the rest? Because he was Harry Potter and that was why she loved him. Tears began to form in her eyes again.

“Why did I have to fall in love with him?” she asked the silence of her bedroom.

She thought of everyone else she had dated; it was all fun, no heart break, and no pain. But none of them quite added up to a Harry Potter. Harry Potter was determined, brave, proud and completely un-sensitive. The emotional range of a teaspoon- just like Hermione had said.

Hermione. Another cloud in her dark sky. She knew they where drifting apart, before she would have come up to see her by now; instead she was off with Ron and Harry. They where leaving her; alone. She always thought that Hermione would stay as close as a sister to her, but now she was merely her brother’s friend, her ex-boyfriend’s friend. Not hers. As Hermione grew more attracted to Ron- though she wouldn’t admit it- she became more detached from her. It was invertible, unstoppable, and uncontrollable.   

She could accept this (even though it hurt),what worried her was when Hermione and Ron where together, Harry would be alone. She’d be at Hogwarts alone. He needed her, why couldn’t he see he was making a stupid  mistake. She needed to change his mind. She had to.

She went over to her mirror. She re-did her hair and make-up but left the room a mess; she would not seek another meeting with him because he would come to her. She covered her red cheeks with foundation, applied mascara onto her wet eyelashes and glossed her lips.

As she looked into the mirror another wave of despair greeted her.  Deep down in her heart she knew he wouldn’t come back to her until voldermort was gone, but by then he could be gone too.

She battled with her thoughts and untill she knew in her heart he would live. 

He has too.

“If nothing bad ever happens how you can appreciate it when it gets better?” her mirror asked her.

Ginny nodded.

“The clouds may all be black, it may rain, and there may be storms. But then the sun comes out and the sky is fluffy and white.  The rain helps the plants grow,  they need it to make food,  but they also need sunlight. It can’t just be sunny, or just be stormy. You need a mixture to grow. Even if we hate the rain.” She said a shadow of a smile creeping on to her face.

“Why are you talking about plants?” Hermione asked her voice muffled from behind the door.  “Can I come in?”

Ginny looked at herself in the mirror again, she smiled, and then quickly put her box of make-up away.

“Yes, come in” Ginny said forcing a smile onto her face.

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