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Ron and Hermione:It was never going to be easy by Littowitch
Chapter 7 : Girl Talk.
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Ever since Rose’s birth, Hermione had kept in touch with Aurora Malfoy. Ron however did not know this and Hermione made sure of this.

Even after 10 years Ron still hadn’t forgiven Malfoy for seven years of hell. Hermione would wait until Ron had left for work on Saturday and head over to Malfoy Manor with Rose.

Every time she stepped through the thick oak doors, she remembered that in the hall beyond the entrance hall was were she was tortured and almost killed, Aurora was very understanding and refused to let Hermione even go to that part of the house. Instead they sat in the gardens when the weather was good but that wasn’t very often so they would sit in the conservatory.

Hermione apparated to the manor, clutching tightly onto Rose. As she pushed open the Iron Gate and she thought a lot about last weeks events. Angelina thought she was being ridiculous when she mentioned that she thought that Ron might be having an affair. She thought herself even more ridiculous when Bill and Fleur had decided to name their daughter Chanelle Weasley, and the first thought that had popped into Hermione’s mind was not how wonderful another girl in the family but…Chanelle Weasley, that’s what she is going to end up becoming.

Hermione shook her head and muttered she was being stupid. Rose walked behind her mother stopping every few steps to admire the peacocks, which were stunningly white and flawless.

“Hermione!” cried Aurora, running down the steps and hugging Hermione, “How come you haven’t been round for a few weeks?”

“Ron has been off work lately and you know I couldn’t really come round without him being suspicious”

“Its fine babes, come in” said Aurora, gesturing inside. Hermione picked Rose and carried her into Malfoy grand entrance hall; it put hers and Ron’s tiny hallway to shame. A huge chandelier hung from the ceiling directly between two curved stairways and paintings so rich in colour and beauty that they almost put the real people to shame. Directly next to the conservatory, was one of Draco, Aurora, Lucius, Narcissa and Scorpius. Both the Malfoy men stood behind their wives, sneering. Narcissa smiled gently almost as if it was the first time she had been genuinely happy in years. Aurora shone the most out of the picture, she was laughing. Her long brown curls framed her face while she bounced a gorgeous Scorpius on her knee, him sporting a head of blonde curls.

Hermione pulled her attention away from the painting and followed Aurora into the conservatory. Scorpius sat at his nana’s feet playing with shoes. Narcissa looked up at Hermione. She didn’t attempt to say anything friendly but she smiled quickly before returning her gaze to her adorable grandson.
Aurora sat down and invited Hermione to sit next to her.

“Okay so you owled me yesterday and said you needed talk…What is it?”

“I’ve already told Angelina this, but I thought it would be better to have someone from outside the family”

“Yeah, of course. Listen babe I am always here for you” said Aurora smiling.

“I think Ron is cheating on me”

As Hermione told Aurora the same thing she had told Angelina a few days before, Rose and Scorpius both began playing with Narcissa’s shoes. Narcissa still had her pureblood principles and so she picked up Scorpius, gently shook Rose off her shoe.

“Aurora, Scorpius is looking a little pale I’m going to take him outside”

“Can you take Rose too please Narcissa?” asked Aurora

Narcissa frowned, “How am I to carry two toddlers outside down the steep stairs in these heels?”

“Well I don’t want you taking my son down those stairs in your heels” said Aurora getting angrier

Narcissa rolled her eyes, pursed her lips, “You may be the next Lady of the Manor Aurora but while my heart still beats. I am and I will take my grandson outside if I wish and not the half-blood”

Narcissa stomped out of the conservatory. Her Italian heels clicking on the marble floor.

“Hermione I’m so sorry for her. She’s been in a bad mood ever since my sister had to move in a few weeks ago”

“Your sister? Which one?”

“The youngest, she is only twenty but her flat roof is leaking so I said she could stay here until it’s fixed properly. Only I didn’t know I had to ask Narcissa and Lucius first, so they are both kind of pissed with me.”

“Why? Is it not Draco’s house now? Since the court ruled them guilty they had to pass ownership to him”

“Yeah but Draco gave them it back. He loves his parents to much I think. It is kind of weird competing for your husband’s attention with his parents. Anyway you didn’t come out here to hear my problems. How are you?”

Hermione patted her stomach at almost eight months, she was huge.
“It’s been hard. Ever since I began thinking Ron cheated on me, I have eaten much more than usual, it will take me ages to shift it”

“Hermione, who says you need to shift it all your baby weight straight after you have it?”

Hermione stared at Aurora. She thought easy for you. You snapped straight back into shape and your boobs haven’t sagged from breastfeeding.

“Well if he is cheating on me, I want to look better than his mistress, although the girl I think he has been with is gorgeous”

“What! You’ve met her?” said Aurora obviously very shocked

“Yeah, I didn’t tell you about when she came round to ours for dinner a few weeks ago”

“Well what does she look like?”

“As I said gorgeous. She has long platinum blonde hair and huge green eyes. She is really good shape plus she is funny and charming”

Aurora leaned back into the couch, “You know the way you described her, she reminds me of someone but I can’t think of who it is”

Clicking noises came from the hall.

“Who’s that?” asked Hermione

“It’ll be Narcissa or my sister. Hopefully its not Lucius or Draco”

The two women laughed as the conservatory door pushed open.

“Hermione, this is my baby sister Chanelle!” announced Aurora

A/N: Ohh who saw that coming?? You all probably did. Well my next update won't be for a bit because i am swamped with essay's due in so her is a cliffhanger to hold onto. Please review it makes me happy and you never know i might be happy enough to finish this much luv to everyone who reads this. You guys are great

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Ron and Hermione:It was never going to be easy: Girl Talk.


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