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Along Came Sirius by HPsmartone32
Chapter 11 : Chapter Eleven: Time Heals, Right?
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Chapter Eleven: Time Heals, Right?

Sorry it’s taken me three days to get back to you but I have realized that you are right. I’m not being fair to Jay with all this Sirius stuff (no pun intended). I need to choose and I have. It’s Jay; it has been for the last three years. Thanks for the advice.
Oh, and about the hospital wing visit, I just hit my eye on my telescope and got a black eye. Nothing bad.
Love you,

Adara put the cap back on her ink and rolled up her letter. She didn’t need to worry her mother sick by telling her that the incident she described was only the first trip to the hospital wing that day. She stood up and began to gather her things when she felt two arms snake around her waist. She smiled and dropped what she was doing, “Why, hello,” she smiled as she turned around and hugged her boyfriend.

“What’re you doing?” he asked, “I thought you already finished your homework.”

She released him just enough to look up at him, “I did, I was just writing to Mum.”

“Oh, tell her I say hi.”

“Will do,” Adara smiled, “Want to come to the owlry with me?” she asked.

“Sure,” he smiled, “let me get that.” He took pulled a hand from Adara and waved his wand. Her stuff gathered itself and flew up the Girl’s Dormitory stairs and, Adara assumed, right into her bag.

“Thanks,” she said, “Let me add,” she grabbed her wand out of her back pocket, whispered the spell, and waved it. Jay’s greeting added itself to the letter and she picked it up.

“Ready?” Jay asked.

“Yeah,” she smiled and wove her fingers into his.

They headed out of the common room talking about last night’s Quidditch practice.

Yesterday had been a bad day for Adara since the moment she woke up and realized that it was Monday. Then after breakfast she had to work at ignoring Sirius all day while she struggled to make her decision final.

Potions had been the first class, and Adara had arrived a bit early and – ignoring Sirius who was in his normal seat beside the one that Adara usually sat in – had seen that Lily was sitting alone, her other Gryffindor friend had not arrived yet. She didn’t even look at him as she walked up to Lily and asked, “Can I sit with you today?” Lily had nodded and asked if she and Sirius were in a row and Adara muttered something of assent. Lily had smiled and told Adara that Gracie (the other Gryffindor) could sit with Richard (one of the Hufflepuffs that Gracie happened to have a crush on) for a while. Adara had been so relieved that she barely noticed as the other Hufflepuff, a bubbly, curly blonde girl, shrugged and took the seat next to Sirius.

The rest of the day, Adara continued to ignore Sirius, who, after trying unsuccessfully to talk to her after Potions, gave up and began to sulk around in all of his classes. Adara noticed and did feel a bit guilty but clung to Lily and her other friends sitting by them throughout the day.

Jayden might have noticed the gap Adara seemed to be creating between herself and Sirius, and maybe that’s why he had been in such a good mood since Quidditch practice last night. But his good mood was somewhat contagious and Adara couldn’t help but smile even if she did feel a bit… well, out of it.

So the couple happily chatted their way to the owlry where Adara send Anka out with the letter. Adara couldn’t help but feel her heart sink as she mailed away her decision.


So it continued that way. Adara ignoring Sirius, and kept sitting by Lily in all of her classes. Three weeks past and autumn slid into winter with a long, cold breeze.

November brought the first snowfall Adara found out as she woke up the day after the huge Halloween feast to an unusually bright dorm room. She rolled over and put the pillow over her head, not quite ready to get up and face the day.

Ever since that day in early October, that day that Adara sent the decision letter to her Mum, it had been increasingly hard for Adara to be truly happy. She blamed it on the piles of homework that teachers insisted were necessary for N.E.W.T. level students, but deep down she knew it was something else.  Of course, she never really gave much thought to what was actually making her feel rotten but she did know that it had something to do with those hate-filled looks that Potter was still giving her at every chance he got.

“Addie!” Christine sung, “time to get up!” Adara could see her through the crack in her curtains and noticed how she seemed to float on air. Adara smiled faintly knowing that it probably had something to do with her boyfriend of one week and… what was it, three days now? (Christine would probably tell her in a minute…), “that really hott seventh year” named Cole.

“To early to be so cheery,” Adara mumbled to her friend as she sat up and drew back her curtains.

“Not when you’ve had the best guy ever as your boyfriend for one week and five days!” Well, I was close, Adara thought.

“Chris,” Adara whined.

“Hey,” Christine turned on her scolding finger ready, “you were just like this when Jay asked you out, so don’t even pretend it’s weird.”

Adara couldn’t help but smile, “Fine,” she laughed, “I’m going to shower, meet you and the guys downstairs.”

“Alright!” Christine bounced out the door as Adara rolled her eyes. If only that feeling lasted, Adara thought as she reached over to grab her clean towel. As she yanked it from her trunk, something else tumbled into her lap.

Adara sighed, it was the mirror. A few times had Adara tried to figure it out again, but she had never succeeded and given up when memories of laughing and having a good time with Sirius returned. The mirror never talked again. Which kind of bugged Adara. She would figure it out, though.

Damn mirror, she thought as she shoved it roughly in the nearest drawer and shuffled off to the shower.


After breakfast Adara bid goodbye to her boyfriend, Christine, David, and Cole, then linked arms with Laila and dragged her off to potions.

“Where’s Xeno?” she asked.

“Already in the class, he’s decided to protest breakfast in order to prove that one can live off nothing but the pudding that he’s been making in something he invented in his dorm.”

Adara tried not to snort and just nodded as they walked the rest of the way to the dungeons. Once they entered the classroom and Laila skipped over to sit by her boyfriend, Adara looked at the seating arrangement and froze.

Her seat beside Lily was taken. By James Potter? WHAT?

Said seat-stealer threw an evil glare over his shoulder at Adara, who scowled. The only two seats left were the ones that she and Sirius had occupied at the beginning of the year. Adara’s whole routine was thrown now, and she hated it.

However, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she skipped class because of a seating arrangement – though for a second it had been an option – so she took a deep breath and sat down in her old normal seat to await the end of class.

She put her head on her desk and allowed her even-longer, tamed hair to spill all over it.

She was half-way asleep when she heard, “Okay, directions are on the board, begin!” and snapped her head up. Begin? Class had started, but where was…

She looked to her right and nearly fell off her seat when she saw Sirius turned away from her, digging in his bag. He hadn’t even talked to her or even acknowledged her. To be fair, though, she’d gone nearly three weeks of doing the same to him. A weird emotion that she couldn’t name swept over her. She stared at his back until he began to turn around, then she blushed and turned to find the ingredients out of her own bag.

Then she realized that she had no clue what potion she was supposed to be making. She snuck a look at the board and then proceeded to pull out the correct ingredients.

The awkward class continued until Professor Slughorn called for samples of all their potions. Adara capped hers and carried it up to the desk.

“Adara?” she turned and saw Lily walking up to her, “sorry James stole your seat.” She said and… blushed?

Adara tried to smile, “It’s alright, so you two are getting along now?”

Lily smiled, “Yeah, he hasn’t asked me out in nearly a month! And I guess we’re friends now.”

“That’s great,” Adara said.

Lily shrugged.

“Well, see you later,” Adara said and headed back to her seat.

Sirius didn’t even look up. Class was over, so Adara packed up her stuff and left potions, feeling odd.

The rest of the day went normally, Adara didn’t have to sit by him in any more classes, but the weird feeling never left her. That night, she was sitting on the couch with Jayden (while Christine sat on Cole who sat on a chair), when David came down from the Boy’s dorm and announced that it was time for patrolling duty.

“Ugh,” Adara sighed. She had begun to hate patrolling, though she wouldn’t let herself think of the reason why.

“Come on,” David said grabbing Adara’s hands, “Up you get, let’s go.”

“Help,” Adara whined to Jayden who smiled and shrugged as David dragged her out of the common room and down the tower’s stairs.

“We’re on our own tonight, by the way,” he mentioned.

“What?” Adara asked, “That’s ridiculous, why?”

“The head’s were supposed to help us, but they both have the flu and couldn’t get anyone else to do it.”

“Damn,” Adara cursed. That meant that they had to personally check all the corridors before they could call it quits.

David laughed, “I know,” they had reached the bottom of the stairs, “well, let’s get going.”

Adara had an idea, “Wait!” she said, “this will go so much faster if we split up!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I want this over with!”

David considered it, “Fine, meet back here at like what, eleven?”

“Or three,” Adara muttered.

David laughed and waved goodbye as he headed off in one direction. Adara sighed and headed off in the other.

As Adara walked the corridor, she began to hum a song she had recently heard on the wizard radio, You Charmed the Heart Right Out of Me by Celestina Warbeck. As she hummed she began to dance slightly to herself; the song did have a catchy beat. Before she knew it she was turning the corner and hitting the last verse of the song. She began to hum louder and dance more wildly, no one was around to see her so what did she have to be embarrassed about – UMPH.

Adara had danced right into a very tall someone and was now on her rump on the corridor floor, her blushing face completely covered by her hair.

“Merlin, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there!” exclaimed a vaguely familiar voice, “Here, let me help you –” Adara brushed her hair out of her face and looked up to see James Potter stop mid-sentence a hand extended to help her, “up.” He finished stiffly.

Adara silently took his hand, to be polite, and Potter must have not been taught manners because he yanked Adara to her feet so hard she almost face-planted the ground. Luckily, she caught herself on the wall in time and glared up at Potter, “Okay,” she said, “what the hell is your problem.”

Potter glared back at her, “I don’t know what you are talking about,” he said in even stiffer voice.

“Not even bringing up the glares you give me everyday, just now!” Adara started, “You were going to be all nice and stuff then you saw it was me and became a prick in .05 seconds.”

His eyes narrowed and it seemed to Adara that he was struggling with a very important internal battle. Finally, after a minute, he said, “Fine, you want to know what my problem is? Well, its you, Moore. You and your ‘I don’t care about anyone else so I’m going to do whatever I want, no matter who I hurt in the process’ attitude.”

“What?” Adara said, not as confident.

“I knew this would happen, too,” Potter said, more talking to himself than Adara, “I was on to you from the beginning. You knew that, too, but whatever. I knew this was going to happen to him, and I should have stopped him,” he said, growing angrier and angrier, “I told him, I did. But you,” he looked at Adara again, “you didn’t care about him at all, did you? You just saw him as someone to mess with then dump because you already had a boyfriend!”

“What are you talking about?” Adara asked, though she already had a good idea.

“What you did to Sirius was wrong. So he made one mistake one night with you? You were, and probably still are, a cut-throat bitch. So I guess you cutting him out of your life is a good thing, just…” he seemed to struggle with the words. Adara willed herself not to tear up in front of him, but his words stabbed her. Probably because she felt that some of them were true, “just stay away from him. And us,” he finished, “and Lily, because she might be nice enough to pretend to like you, but I don’t want her to pick up any of your personality.” And with that, James pushed past her (quite literally, Adara’s hand flew up to rub her shoulder) and walked away leaving Adara crying silently behind him.

How could he say that? Adara thought.

Because it’s true. Something reminded her.

She couldn’t just stand there. She took off, running down the corridor. She hadn’t ran this fast… not since… that night. The night she found Sirius in the forest. The memory brought more tears of guilt and sadness and gave Adara speed. She kept running, running, until…

“Adara?” a loud call from someone that she hadn’t seen as she sprinted past them stopped her. She spun around to see who yelled for her, “Adara? Is that you?” Sirius walked out into the middle of the hallway a few feet from her. Adara felt a tear drop off the tip of her nose as she looked at the floor. She remembered the silence in Potions.

“Godric,” Sirius whispered as she walked quickly to her, “what happened?” he asked and Adara heard real worry in his voice.

She shook her head. Sirius stepped forward to embrace her, she stepped back and put her hands up in front of her, just stay away from him. Potter’s words cut through her again and more tears came.

“‘Dara,” Sirius whispered the special nickname that only he used. Her heart softened and she allowed Sirius to take her in his big, warm arms. She melted into them.

“Who did this to you?” he whispered into her ear. Then Adara heard something else, something that sounded like ‘who’s ass am I kicking?’

Adara shook her head into his chest, then felt bad for staining his shirt with tears. Sirius moved his hands to her shoulders and pushed her away from him. She was immediately colder. He cupped her face with both of his hands and she was warm again. Her face burned under the heat of his hands, but she liked it. Sirius looked her in her teary eyes, “Adara Moore, you tell me who hurt you,” he demanded.

And Adara couldn’t resist his pleading, caring grey eyes, “James,” she whispered and watched pain and anger cloud those same eyes. He pulled her back into the safety of his arms, muttering at a high speed. But Adara wasn’t listening, well, not to his voice. She focused on calming down as she heard the rhythmic beat of Sirius heart.

“‘Dara,” Sirius said after a while, “don’t worry, everything’ll be okay.”

Adara pulled away from him, “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“Me too, I shouldn’tve ki… well, done… you know.”

“And I shouldn’tve ignored you,” Adara felt something coming before she could stop it, “like a cut-throat bitch.” And the tears were coming again.

“I am going to kill Prongs,” Sirius told her, wiping a tear from her eye, “and I never want to hear you refer to yourself in that cursed manner,” he scolded her.

“I’ll try,” she murmured.

And, really, it was good to have her friend back. Maybe she could have both Jay and Sirius. What did her Mum know, anyway; she didn’t know Sirius, apparently.

Suddenly a worried look came across Sirius’ face, “You’re not going to dock point from me for being out after hours, are you?” he asked in mock worry.

Adara laughed and hugged him again, much happier than she had been in a while.


A/N: 35 reviews? Guys, i feel so loved. Thank you SO MUCH. i'm so glad that you guys like Adara and co. haha. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep reviewing. it makes me happy. oh, and:


you see? I mean its worked thus far, hasn't it? I'm updating as fast as possible, really. haha. thanks so much, guys.

Adara smiled, “Yeah,” she admitted, “someone cheered me up.”

David looked at her, “Oh, no,” he said.

“What?” Adara asked, her eyebrows knit in confusion from his worried expression.

“Not him again.”

“What?” Adara was really confused.

“You…” David was struggling with the words as they topped the stairs.

“Spit it out, David!”

“It’s Black again, isn’t it?”

How did he just know that? Sirius wasn’t the only one that put Adara in a good mood!

“Adara?” David pressed, knowing he was right.


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