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All I could hope for by tookool4you
Chapter 34 : Lies
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After a week of Hermione being a vampire she had gotten used to being different. She could stay up to do her homework and felt like she understood why Freddy didn’t want to change her. The only think she couldn’t understand was that Ginny was acting real strange. She would make up things for her to do and always blown off their time to hang out.

One day at breakfast Hermione saw Ginny and Rafael making out in a broom closet. Hermione had been looking for Ginny all that morning and then…heard noises from the closet. When she opened up the door her mouth fell open, she was so surprised she closed the closet door again.

Then Hermione got enough courage to open the door again and pull Rafael out by his sleeve. She could hear him chuckling as she dragged him to a corner where nobody could hear them talk. Hermione got so angry when she heard him that she could barley control herself. She wanted to slap him so bad.

When they got to the corner she through him against the wall so hard she heard the windows shake.

“Easy, baby. We don’t need to break anything,” said Rafael looking down at Hermione.

“Why are you kissing my best friend, after what you did to me?”

“Wait, I didn’t do anything to you. You wanted to be like this,” said Rafael pointing to his mouth. Hermione knew he was pointing to his fangs “I didn’t do anything to you”

“I didn’t want you to change me. I wanted Freddy to. I think I love him,” said Hermione looking at the floor.

“You’re in love with Freddy?” Rafael laughed. “Sorry to tell you babe, but he is just using you. He doesn’t love you; he just is trying to get you to give him information about Harry Potter to give to You-Know-Who"

“You are lying, you snake," hissed Hermione.

“You trust him, a vampire?” asked Rafael raising his eyebrows.

“The only vampire I can’t trust is you”

Hermione looked into Rafael’s eyes and all she could see is hate. It was the first time that she could look in his eyes without being afraid of what he might do. She found it easy to look back in those blue eyes.

Rafael had to look away from Hermione’s stare. He found it hard to look into her eyes and lie to her, but he had to get her to trust him again, and not Freddy. Freddy still was not speaking with him, which he could understand. He had turned the nicest girl in school into a creature of the night. He could not believe he did that, he didn’t know what went over him.

“Hermione, it was Freddy who told me to make you into a vampire. He couldn’t do it himself, he wanted you to die,” said Rafael softly.

Hermione could feel tears in her eyes. She could not cry, and then everyone would know that she was a vampire.

“You are lying,” whispered Hermione.

“Am I?”

With that Rafael went away.

Hermione stood there trying to keep from crying. Then out of nowhere Freddy came into view. Immediately he saw Hermione and knew there was something wrong with her.  

She was sitting on the ground in her school uniform with her hands on her face, sobbing. Freddy didn’t know what to do, so he just went and sat down with her. 

“Baby, don’t cry. What happened?” asked Freddy soothingly as he placed his hand on her back.

“Nothing, just some people teasing me. It’s no big deal,” she lied.

“You sure?”

Hermione nodded and Freddy helped her up and got a handkerchief out of his pocket and gave it to her. She smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then she left him there to go to her next class.

Hermione didn’t know if she could trust Rafael and what he said. ‘Was Rafael lying?’ thought Hermione. She could not ask Freddy if he told Rafael to turn her into a vampire, the only person she could thank of to ask is Ashley.

As she walked into her Potions class she saw Ashley sitting by herself. Hermione hurried and sat beside her.

“Ash I need to ask you something. Did Freddy tell you anything about making me a…you know?”

“No, I don’t believe so. Why?”

“I just spoke to Rafael. He told me he did. He must have been lying to me”

“It doesn’t sound like Rafael, but I will ask him," said Ashley smiling.

Then the two girls heard a man clear his voice beside them. When they looked to who did that they saw an angry Professor.

“Sorry Professor,” mumbled Hermione.

“You will be Miss Granger. You and Miss Vontay will serve detention here on Saturday," said Snape before he went to teach the class.


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