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Roses Are Better Than Jonquils by hermione_weasley_angel
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2: Unexpected Intentions
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Chapter 2: Unexpected Intentions

In the Slytherin Common room, Scorpius Malfoy sat on his favourite couch in front if the blazing fire, which he had been staring at for a very long time.  Across his seat his friend, Derik Jones, began to sense that something was bothering Scorpius. He knew what it was, but still wanted to prompt his friend and get it out of him.

“So . . . asked your dream girl out yet?” Derik decided to ask while smirking. Scorpius didn’t answer him and continued staring at the fire.

“I guess I’ll take that as a no,” Derik continued. “I thought we planned yesterday that today was the day you’ll get the girl of your dreams.”

Finally, Scorpius lifted his eyes away from the fire and looked at Derik instead. “How do you think I was going to ask her out when I didn’t see her the whole day?” Scorpius pointed out, annoyed by his friend.

“Scorpius, Scorpius.  You saw her just before dinner . . . you just lost your chance again mate,” Derik clarified.

Scorpius sighed heavily. “Her friends were with her that time, so are you saying I should’ve told her how I feel in front of her friends?”

“You could have asked her if you could speak to her alone . . . it’s that simple and I thought you were the one experienced with these situations. You’re just being a chicken.” Derik sniggered, rolling his eyes.

“I’m not being a chicken.” Scorpius muttered, throwing the book he just realised he was holding at Derik, who dodged it by an inch.

“Suit yourself, mate,” Derik began to yawn. “I’m going to bed.” He got up and went upstairs to the boys’ dormitory without another word.

Scorpius remained on his seat, thinking of what Derik had just told him. Derik had a point, he was being a chicken. He didn’t have the strength to go and ask Rose Weasley out, the girl who he had started to fancy in his second year at Hogwarts. True, he can get any girl he wanted in a flash, but with Rose, it was different. She was a Weasley, and like the rest of her clan, she hated him. It was only Albus Potter who he had really become friends with, but every other Weasley or Potter prejudiced him just because his name was Malfoy.


But what really was important was why he started fancying Rose Weasley, out all the girls he knew. She was different from them all; it was something that made her stand out from the rest. Her polite manner, her intelligence, even her smile and generosity to others had started to attract him; they were all possessions that he noticed other girls lacked. He had seen the way she treated others and her instance in hurrying to help them, like the time in third year when she had seen her cousin, James Potter, fighting with Bart Montague in his year. Even though Potter was her cousin and even because of her pure hatred towards Slytherins, she immediately took action and, before everyone else, tried to stop her cousin and even informed McGonagall of his doings so he, and Bart, had both earned detentions.


Even though he fancied her at an early time, he still dated other girls, hoping that it would take his mind away from Rose, seeing as his father’s wishes was for him to marry a pureblood. But even dating other girls couldn’t stop him from fancying her, which was a great problem.


“Ohh, there you are, Scorpy!” a voice squealed, making him jump out of his reverie. He looked up to see Jonquil Zabini taking the seat Derik had sat on a few minutes ago. She was one of the girls that his father wished him to get together with.


Scorpius sighed irritably. He hated it when Jonquil used that nickname. “Jonquil, for the thousandth time, please don’t call me that.” Jonquil didn’t seem to have heard him or probably just ignored it.

“You no Scorpy . . . I don’t know why you’re so nice to that Weasley girl,” She furrowed her brow. “Your father won’t approve-”

“It’s none of your business what I do Jonquil!” Scorpius cut in, furiously. “And it’s none of your business of what my father approves of or not.”

“Alright . . . alright, I was just telling you,” she suddenly stood up and came to sit on the hand of Scorpius’s couch.

“And besides, I don’t know what you see in her,” she muttered, starting to stroke his hair. Scorpius was really annoyed by her behaviour. She always did that to him.


“How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?” Scorpius sighed getting away from her grip. He then went to go to bed, leaving her there looking petrified.




The next morning Rose sat silently in the Great Hall, eating her breakfast. She was ready for another day of learning.

“What are your first lessons today again, Rose?” asked Jasmine sipping a glass of pumpkin juice. Rose read out her timetable.

“Same . . . except when you have Arithmancy, I have Divination.” Jasmine groaned. She was never fond of Divination and neither was Melissa and Rose. Although, the other girls in their dorm, Violet Finnigan, Emily Averill and Susan Conway, virtually worshipped the subject and believed everything Professor Trelawney had taught them.


“Why don’t you just drop Divination? My Mum told me it’s a pathetic subject, that’s why I dropped out in third year,” Rose was also very relieved for doing so.

“I’m going to drop it next year when we choose the subjects we’d like to continue for out NEWTs and all. I suppose I have no choice this year,” she clarified, nodding her head to confirm that was the best idea. “What about you, Mel?” She asked glancing at Rose’s right. Melissa didn’t seem to have heard her. She was too busy glaring at James and his girlfriend, Violet Finnigan, who were unfortunately snogging. Rose recalled that her father had once told her that he had dated Violet’s mother, Lavender Brown, to make “Hermione jealous”, as he liked to put it.


Melissa‘s boyfriend, Nicholas Hooper, came over from the Hufflepuff table. “Come on Melie, let’s go.” He said, taking hold of Melissa’s hand. 

“Oh there you are Nick...yes I think we should go,” she declared, louder than necessary. She sent a disgusted look at James and Violet before she went.


“Hey guys,” greeted Albus who had only just arrived, taking a seat next to Jasmine, with the result of the latter turning red. “What’s up?”

“Al, can you tell James to stop acting like a...a...” Rose couldn’t find the right word to describe James. Al glanced at James and knew what she had meant.

“Oi James! We’re in the great Hall, not Madam Puddifoot’s teashop!” Al declared, disgusted by his brother’s behaviour. James and Violet broke apart.


James glared. “Shut up, Al!”

Violet looked nervously from Albus to James. “I think I should go now James, class starts soon,” muttered Violet and walked away as quickly as she could, obviously embarrassed. Rose checked her watch and realised there were only 10 minutes left for Potions so she quickly finished her food.


“Come on, we should be going by now,” Rose told Albus and Jasmine. The three of them then got up. “Aren’t you going to class James?”

“I have a free lesson...” He shrugged, his anger still evident. “Where’s Mel...I mean Melissa?” He added casually.

“She’s already gone...and we should be going too.”

The three of them went to the Dungeons for Potions. As they entered the classroom they saw Melissa already there. Rose and Jasmine went to join her and Albus went to sit next to Matt Thomas and Jonathon Peakes.

“Good morning, class,” addressed their Potions Master, Professor Aplomb, once the whole class had settled. “Now today we will be brewing the Draught of Peace - can anyone tell me what this potion does?” Rose, as usual, was the first to put her hand up. “Yes Miss Weasley?”


“This potion calms anxiety and soothes agitation,” answered Rose, as though she had just swallowed a textbook.


“Correct indeed. Well done Miss Weasley! Let me give 10 points to Gryffindor!” Professor Aplomb smiled brightly. “Now all the instructions and ingredients-‘Aplomb flicked his wand ‘-are on the blackboard. Everything you’ll need is in the store cupboard. And before you start I would like to pair you up.”


Rose, Jasmine and Melissa exchanged similar looks. They didn’t want to get separated.


“Now let’s see...Miss Rivers with Miss Finnigan!” Aplomb began, causing Melissa and Violet to groan simultaneously. “Mr Thomas with Mr Jones!” he continued, “Mr Ripley with Miss Zabini! ...Miss Yusra with Mr Potter!”

Jasmine started to pale and look uncomfortable. “Come on Jaz, go. Al’s not going to kill you.” Rose tried to joke. Jasmine slowly got up and walked her way next to Albus. Albus, Rose noticed, seemed to have turned red as well.

Rose’s name still hadn’t been called out yet and she began to slightly panic. She hoped that she wouldn’t be paired with Scorpius, for obvious reasons.

“-and finally, Miss Weasley with Mr Malfoy!” Aplomb ended, making hand gestured for them to get on with it. Rose skipped a heartbeat and before she could do anything, Scorpius had came and sat next to her.


They two remained sitting there with silence, until Scorpius decided otherwise. “Hey Ro-Weasley,” he greeted, smiling.


“Hi . . .” Rose replied rather loudly, making the uneasiness in her voice more evident.

Much to her pleasure, Aplomb spoke, “Now that you are paired off, I would like you all to start. You have an hour and a half.” he instructed in is usual jolly voice.

Rose, trying her best to avoid looking at Scorpius, took out her cauldron. She tried not to make a fool of herself in front of him.


“I’ll just go and get the ingredients...” she told him before getting up.

“Do you want me to get them?” he asked quickly, before Rose could move.

“No, no, it’s okay, I will.” Rose blushed and swiftly walked away to the store cupboard before Scorpius would realise she was. Albus was there too and she noticed both that Melissa and Violet, who remained sitting on their seats, arguing.


The lesson passed and they tried their best with the potion. The two didn’t talk to each other very much but when either got something wrong, they would try to help each other out. Rose sensed that every minute or so Zabini would glare at her.


“A light silver vapour should be rising from your potion by now!” Aplomb called out in the last 5 minutes of the lesson. He was walking around the class, observing what everyone each pair’s potion. Rose checked their potion and it had a shimmering mist of silver vapour, just what they needed. The Professor stopped at Melissa and Violet’s table.

“Miss Rivers and Miss Finnigan, your potion is terrible . . . you have missed quite a lot of ingredients,” both Melissa and Violet glared at each other in response. “I would expect better from you two if you want to be in my NEWT potions class next year.” He then walked over to Rose and Scorpius’s table. His frown changed to a wide smile.


“Well done Mr Malfoy and Miss Weasley-20 points each to both Slytherin and Gryffindor! This is what I expect from all of you!” He called out brightly, indicating to their potion for everyone to hear. “Now your homework is 8 inches of parchment on the properties of moonstone and its uses in potion making, class may be dismissed.”


Scorpius grinned and winked at Rose, causing her face to turn into a bright shade of crimson. They both walked out of the classroom together.

“You’re brilliant! If I wasn’t paired with you, who knows how the potion would’ve turned out.” he told Rose with a smirk.

Rose shook her head. “I’m not any better at it brewing potions than you. And thanks for teaching me that method . . . it really helps.” Rose was flattered by his recent comments about her and she was so red in the face that she could almost feel the heat emitting from it.

“No problem,” he said, he smirk still plastered on his face. He remained silent for a split second before saying, “Erm...I...well...I...” Rose wondered what he wanted to say. “- was nice working with you,” He finally got out with a smile. Before Rose could answer him, her friends called her and told her to hurry or she’ll be late.

“I think we should go now, it’s nearly time for the next lesson,” Rose said, annoyed by her friends. She waved at Scorpius, who waved back and went to join Derik Jones. She smiled at herself before going to her friends, noticing that Zabini, yet again, was glaring daggers at her.

“Thanks loads you two! just ruined my first proper conversation with Scorpius Malfoy,” Rose whispered crossly.

“Sorry Rosie, I wasn’t going to call you, but-” Jasmine pointed her thumb at Melissa, “-Melissa here decided otherwise.”


Melissa wasn’t listening to them. “I hate her! I despise her!” she fumed, deciding in was the right moment for her to reveal her long-time hatred for Violet Finnigan. “Because of her I got that potion all wrong!”

“At least you didn’t get paired up with Zabini, or any of the other Slytherins,” Rose pointed out, trying her best to lighten the mood.

Melissa glared. “Obviously, you two wouldn’t care. You just got paired up with Al and Scorpius, the blokes that you-“

“-shut up Mel! Don’t say it here!” Rose hissed furiously. She looked around to ensure herself that no one had heard.


After Rose gave Jasmine a look meaning “calm Melissa down”, she walked off to her Arithmancy lesson, while they headed the other way for Divination.


 A/N: Sorry it took long to post chapter 2...I was really busy! Hope u like this chapter!!!

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