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Morsmordre by The Death Eaters
Chapter 7 : Vincent Crabbe Sr.: Friends are Thick as Thieves
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Vince stood there on the grounds, staring at the same patch of woods that he had been looking at for the past half hour. His whole world had come tragically crashing down around him a few months ago. He was staying. He wasn't free yet. Everyone else that he knew… that he was friends with was free. He was still stuck in this hell hole and as far as he could see, there was no way out of it. He was stuck here, being the oldest of all the students, the one that was feared because of how his friends and he treated everyone last year, the one that would probably be remembered forever as the boy who had been dim to fail his seventh year at Hogwarts and be forced to remain another year in the school that he wanted so desperately to leave.

The wind rustled the leaves behind him and his brown hair as it tried its best to force him back inside. The cold fall wind was enough to make almost anyone go running back inside after the first five minutes of standing outside, but not Crabbe. No, he was protected enough that he wasn't as cold as people thought he would be. Living in the dungeons for most of the past seven years had taken a toll on him. He could withstand the dropping temperature, mostly because it was always chilly in the dungeons, and it had also turned him cold, not his temperature but his personality.

He was less caring than he had been when he first arrived at the school and met Lucius Malfoy and Greg Goyle. Of course Greg's name had been longer when they first met, Narcissa Malfoy soon shortened his and Vince's after speaking to them for a while. "Lucius, Greg, Narcissa," he called softly as if the wind would carry his voice to them and they would somehow hear him. "Where are you? Its' been so long. Your off in the world enjoying yourself, while I'm stuck here with a bunch of snot nosed kids." Half way through his sentence, his words had stopped sounding so pathetic and actually started to sound threatening.

The boy's nostrils flared as he glared at a tree that loomed in the darkness ahead. So much anger coursing through his veins at once, never had he imagined that anger could feel so… warm. It made him want to run. Run as far from the school as he could and toward the people that he could call true friends. They had plans. Plans that they had all wanted to keep and promised they would keep. They were to go and see the world together before settling down with families and having kids that would grow up to be as close as the four of them had been. But now, Lucius, Greg, and Narcissa were traveling without him. Leaving him behind to 'Turn into a little Ravenclaw' as Lucius had called it after he told him. It was just playful teasing, but it still didn't make him feel any better about being left.

"I can reunite you with your friends," the voice echoed out of the trees and seemed to be pulling the boy forward. "I can make sure they never leave you like this again. I can make things right." That alone was enough to make the boy step backwards.

"Ho- How did you know I wanted to be with my friends?" He shot back, searching the woods for whoever was talking to him. His dark brown eyes raked the entire front of the forest, but all they saw were leaves and trees and little plants that decorated the edge of the forest.

"I will tell you later. Come forward. Lucius will be pleased to see you again." Vince took a few steps forward at the mention of his friend's name. Hesitating a bit, the voice called out again, "Gregory and Narcissa are back at my house, getting things ready for your arrival. We are certain that you will be happy with us." Again at the mention of his friend's names, the boy took a few steps forward, almost begging that the forest be closer.

"Who are you?" He called, still searching the forest for the body that belonged to the voice. He took another step toward the forest and waited a minute or two before continuing. However, he stopped again as a figure appeared and stepped out of the trees. It was him... The Dark Lord.

"I'm sure you know who I am." The man's face twisted into what Vince could only guess was a smirk. "Do you want your friends back? And don't lie to me. People get hurt when they lie."

"Ye-yes. Oh course, I want my friends, but I don't see how you could help me get them back. They are off enjoying themselves." Vince replied, looking at the man and then back at the trees as if to see how he appeared so suddenly out of nowhere.

"You have to trust that I can. Do you really want your friends, no matter what it takes?" The man reached inside his dark green robes and pulled a wand from them. Before Vince knew what was happening, the man had grabbed his arm and the tip of his wand was being placed firmly against it.

"Hey! What are you doing? Get off!" He tried to pull his arm away, but the grip that the Dark Lord had on it was so strong, the nineteen year old couldn't shake him off. "Yes, I want to see my friends. Are you happy now?" He asked, scowling at the ground.

"And you would do anything to see them again?" The Dark Lord's lips curled into a smile that almost looked like a grimace.

"Er… yeah. I'll do anything to see them again." And with those words said, Lord Voldemort pressed the tip of his wand into Crabbe's skin harder. His eyes flicked hungrily over the skin as he watched the symbol appear. His symbol on the boy's forearm.

"Congratulations, Vincent Crabbe. You're a Death Eater." A laugh escaped his mouth and he watched Crabbe's eyes turn from shock to confusion. "Lucius joined me a week after they graduated. Goyle joined a week later. Your friends are Death Eaters. You are finally with them again. Come, I'll take you to them."

Before Vince had time to protest, he was being pushed toward the Hogsmeade gates and then spun around so fast, he thought he may see those cupcakes he had for desert again. When they had stopped spinning, they were standing in front of a large mansion, the Malfoy Manor. "If I knew they were here, I would have stopped by on the Holidays," Vince mumbled under his breath and walked toward the Manor, keeping in step with the man beside him.


After that day, Vince quit school and never went back. He knew enough to get him what he wanted and he got exactly what he wanted, his life. He stayed with his friends and they finally were able to follow their plans and The Dark Lord's plans until the end.

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