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The Daily Proheht by ginny
Chapter 1 : The Daily Prohet
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If someones getting married we'll need~* The date,the time,the place and of course,the names and ages of the bride and groom and your name

If someones gone missing we'll need~* Name of the person who is missing,where he/she was seen last and who he/she was with before dissapearing,the age of the person and your name

If someones died we'll need~*The name of the person who died,if he/she had family members (and the famliys members names!),where the funeral will be held and the story of how he/she died or was killed/murdered and your name

If someones escaped from azkaban we'll need~*The name of the person who escaped,why he/she was put in azkaban in the first place (thier crime),where he/she was last seen,how he/she is dangerous and your name

Everything else~* I think you'll know how to do it yourselves!

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The Daily Proheht: The Daily Prohet


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