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From Hatred to Love by dramaqueen6
Chapter 6 : Joining Forces with Jessie
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This chapter is dedicated to xxxmisspotterxxx for being the most enthusiastic and lovely reviewer. She always leaves the best and kindest reviews and I highly recommend her story The Trouble with Broken Timeturners. It's a hilarious story involving Albus and James (Harry's two children) who get timetraveled back to the marauder's time where they meet their grandfather, James Potter. So thank you xxxmisspotterxxx for just being amazing. Love you!

Over the next few weeks Lily did just as she said she would do; forget about James and the kiss. But it turned out to be easier said than done.


“You have a date with Sirius?!” Lily whined. “Just ditch him and come with me to Zonko’s.” Lily continued.


Jessie sighed. “Lily I’m not ditching Sirius again. I mean, what happened to you after you kissed James? You got all weird.” she said with a frustrated groan.


Lily frowned. “Gee thanks Jess, I love being called weird.” she said sarcastically.


But Lily knew that she had been acting crazy lately. After that night when James had been drunk, everything had gone down hill. Lily had been trying her hardest to focus on other things but it hadn’t worked. Even her studies couldn’t keep her mind off of James’ wonderful red lips. But James was even worse off.


“So James I was thinking that we could catch Snivellus after potions and maybe mess him up or something.” As Sirius rambled on, James stared off into the distance, not even caring that everyone thought that he was mad.


“James are you okay?” Peter asked.


James looked up and nodded quickly.


“Yeah, you don’t look so good.” Remus chimed in.


Looking around him defensively James shook his head again. “I’m fine really! Nothing is wrong at all.” James reassured.


Sirius snorted. “Mate do you think we’re stupid! When I asked you if you wanted to mess with Snape today you said that it would be mean!” Sirius exclaimed.


James chuckled. “I’m just a little preoccupied I guess.”


Sirius nodded and impatiently stomped his foot. “But do you have to be so glum!” Sirius whined. “I mean I can think of a million ways to get you happy again!” he exclaimed.


James frowned. “Last time you said that I ended up drunk and roaming the halls singing Jingle Bells with you!”


Sirius shrugged defensively. “I had fun!”


James stared sadly at his breakfast plate, waiting for one of them to suggest what to do.


Sirius sat up abruptly in his seat. “I’ve got it!” he screamed, causing many of the students to look up at him. Sirius grinned and winked at a few choice girls.


Once the whispers of “That’s Sirius Black”, died down, Sirius fidgeted and smiled sweetly at James. “Oh Prongs dear?  Don’t you have somewhere to be?” he said mimicking James’ mother.


James glared at the other marauders before standing up. “I don’t know what you’re up to and somehow I don’t want to know.” he huffed as he stalked out of the Great Hall.


Sirius eyed the Gryffindor’s around him before gesturing for Remus and Peter to lean in. “I bet there’s a way to fix everything that’s happening with James and Lily.” he mischievously whispered.


The other two raised their eyebrows.


“And how would you do that?” Remus inquired.


Peter nodded and said, “It would be impossible to get James and Lily together!”


Sirius smirked. “How easily you forget who I am!” he said slyly. Sirius flashed a grin that would have made girls swoon before he continued. “Let me remind you…I am Sirius Black. I can do anything.” he bragged.


Remus rolled his eyes. “So what exactly is your genius plan, oh brilliant one?” he asked sarcastically.


Sirius grinned. “I say we join forces with Jessie.” he said simply.


Remus cocked his head as he thought through it.


“Well what do you think?” Sirius asked Peter.


Peter blushed at the sudden attention and enthusiastically said. “I think it’s a really good idea!”


Sirius turned to Remus. “Well? Are you in?”


Remus frowned. “How are you gonna get Jessie to join forces with us?” he finally asked.


Sirius snorted cockily. “Are you forgetting who I am?!”


Remus thought again. “True. True. I’m in.”




During study hour Jessie sat alone in the Gryffindor common room. She pulled her knees close to her face and hugged them close. It was so cozy in the common room with time of year. A fire was always roaring and one could always see the leaves falling out the tower window.


The sound of footsteps tore Jessie away from her daydreaming. She turned and spotted Sirius coming towards her. She smiled brightly and set her books down.


“Hey.” Jessie greeted Sirius timidly.


He grinned back at her and sat beside her. “How’s my favorite girl doing today?” he asked.


Jessie gave a small smile and flirtatiously rubbed her palm on his shoulder. “Better now that you’re here.” she whispered.


Sirius slowly kissed her. Jessie kissed him back longingly as though there was no one else on earth except her and her so called boyfriend. But Sirius ended the kiss abruptly and held her face in his hands gently. Jessie frowned, confused.


“Jess I have a proposition for you.” Sirius said in a business-like manner. Jessie nodded, a sign that meant to go on. “If you haven’t noticed, James has been miserable lately, since he was rejected after kissing Lily.” he said.


Jessie nodded. “Yeah, Lily’s been miserable lately too!” she piped in.


Sirius nodded shortly and continued. “Which is why Remus, and Peter and I, have decided to take it into our own hands to fix this mess.” He continued. “And since you are Lily’s best friend, we would like for you to join forces with us.”


Jessie frowned. “Sirius I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” Jessie said.


“It’s a brilliant idea!” Sirius protested.


Jessie shook her head and put her finger on Sirius’ lips, signaling to let her continue. “I mean isn’t it James and Lily’s business about where their relationship status is?!” she inquired.


Sirius shrugged and decided to play the loyal innocent friend card. “But Jessie we would only be acting as good friends!” he protested again.


A smile crept up on Jessie’s lips. She leaned into Sirius and whispered, “Persuade me.” She grinned suggestively. Sirius realized what she was saying and nodded before he kissed her again.




Little did Jessie know that Remus and Peter were hiding behind the sofa that she and Sirius were making out on top of. Remus groaned miserably. After several minutes of gagging on Remus and Peter’s part, Sirius finished up and sauntered out the portrait hole.


Remus put the invisibility cloak over him and Peter and the two boys crept out to find Sirius.


When they eventually found him, he had a bright grin in place. They gazed at him in wonderment and waited for him to speak.


He finally did.


“She’s in.”



A/N: I hope everyone liked chapter six! I know it was really short, but I don't think there was any other way to make it longer, it was the perfect length for the events of the chapter. So like I said up top, this chapter is dedicated to xxxmisspotterxxx for being a really nice and dedicated reader and reviewer to the story. Thank you so much!

Anyway, like I mentioned in the last chapter, I've been working on a new story and All He Wanted was Freedom so I have a favor to ask you. I cannot think of a title for my new story. I want to get some ideas from readers because I want the perfect title. But in order to think of a title, I need to tell you a bit about the story. 

Basically it's after the seventh book because I always wondered how Ginny/Harry and Ron/Hermione got together. Also it deals with coping with the deaths and starting up a ministry that won't be corrupt. I've only written the first chapter, so it hasn't been completely taken care of. So if you could review and give me some ideas that would be great!

Thank you so much for reading! Please review!!!!

dramaqueen6, or Lucy

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From Hatred to Love: Joining Forces with Jessie


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