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David Weasley and the Challenge of a Lifetime by ladybobcat54
Chapter 12 : Battle
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David and Fred sprinted down the stairs as fast as they could. They got into the kitchen just in time to here Harry say there’d been a break out from Azkaban, and all of Voldemort’s remaining loyal supporters were out, and that they were coming. David found his parents and siblings, and, by side along apparition, apparated to the safe house.

Number twelve Grimauld Place had had its protection doubled for this sort of event. Everyone had apparated there, and they were now in the kitchen, and the adults were ordering children out of the room.

"David, Veronica, go upstairs you’re too young for this," Bill told his two youngest children.

"Dad, I’m sixteen I’ll be seventeen in a month, I think I’m old enough for this," Veronica said indignantly.

"Fine, Veronica you can stay, but David…" Bill said, but was cut off by his son.

"Dad, I’m fourteen, I’m old enough to understand," David yelled, and as George opened his mouth Fred also spoke.

"I’m fourteen, too, I think we’re old enough to know what’s going on," Fred said indignantly.

"I think they’re old enough to know what’s going on," Harry said, with a nod from Ron, which stated that he agreed.

"Fine," Said Bill grudgingly, "Anyway, we can’t just stay here; we have to take action, any ideas?"

Before anyone could say anything three more people entered the room. David instantly recognized Maddie and Emmy from the robe shop, and he assumed that the man in the black cloak who was leading them was their cousin Cody.

"Why are you guys here?" Ginny asked.

"It’s not just you they’re after," Cody said gasping for breath, "We barely made it out before they got in,"

"Thanks for letting us in on this place you guys," Maddie said pushing a strand of blonde hair out of her eyes, "If you didn’t we’d probably be dead by now,"

"I guess we’re going to have to find out who they’re going after," Ron said steering them back on to the subject.

"We’re going to need people to stay here with all of the kids," Harry started, looking cautiously at Ginny.

After a few hours of negotiating they finally decided that, for the sake of the little kids, the women would remain behind. Ginny and Hermione weren’t exactly happy about it, and should the need arise, step in and fight. Most of them would. Victorie was upset that so shortly after their marriage Teddy would be leaving.

About an hour later they came up with bedroom arrangements. All the children in each family would share a room. Victoire, Veronica, and David would share the room on the second floor. Fred, Tim, and Sara were on that floor with them in the room across the hall. While all of the kids were in bedrooms, all of the parents were sleeping in the drawing room.

One night Fred and David were sitting in the bedroom David shared with his sisters.

“I don’t see why we aren’t allowed to come!” David said angrily, “It angers me!”

“Yeah, I can relate” Fred said.

“And to make things worse, I don’t get to see Alyssa for a while, because I’m locked away here.” David said angrily.

“I know, I mean they’re going out there to risk their lives, and just want us to sit here, and be scared!” Fred said indignantly.

David got up and left the room, Fred close behind him asking where they were going. David didn’t say a word, but held his finger to his lips to tell his cousin to be quiet. They went down the many flights of stairs, and down into the basement next to the kitchen door. They crouched down and pressed their ears to it, but they couldn’t hear very well.

Fred nudged David’s arm, and pointed to the wood cabinet filled with the plates and glasses that they didn’t want in the cabinet in the kitchen where they kept the good plates and glasses. David opened it and pulled out to glasses. He handed one to Fred and they each put the glasses to the door and put their ear to the glasses.

It was times like this that these muggle tricks really came in handy. Times when you left your extendible ears at home and desperately needed to eavesdrop. The two listened carefully to what everyone was saying. David was trying hard to devise a plan. At this point it seemed like the only way he would get anywhere was if he had someone of age to help him. At this point they were deciding who would go where.

They decided that Teddy, Harry, Ron, and Cody would be going to Hogwarts, and that was the grout David wanted to be with. Only problem was the best plan he had was one that involved someone who could apparate. His next idea was using floo powder which would be risky.

Harry, Ron, Cody, and Teddy would be meeting that night after everyone went to bed just to put together those last few details. David tried to sneak down to where they were talking that night, but found his way blocked by Hermione, Ginny, and Victoire.

Fred seemed to have had similar thoughts to David as he was kneeling on the floor by the banister. When he saw David he put his finger to his lips to tell David to be quiet. David nodded and knelt down next to his cousin.

They listened intently to what they were saying, and learned that everyone was leaving tomorrow. David couldn’t believe no one had bothered to let him know this, that all of his eavesdropping hadn’t gotten him this vital information. It was then that he realized that they had more discussions then he had thought at night after he was asleep.

David couldn’t listen anymore. He got up and went to the room he shared with his sisters. Veronica was laying in bed sound asleep and David got into bed, but knew he wouldn’t be asleep for awhile. When Victoire came in he found that it was easier to fane sleep. The next morning David awoke to the sound of his sisters sobbing.

“Dad didn’t already leave did he?” David asked anxiously as he sat up.

“No, but how did you know he was going to today?” Victoire asked.

“I over heard it last night,” David said not caring if she knew he was spying anymore, “When are they leaving.”

Victoire asked for the time, and yelped when David told her. They were leaving in five minutes! The three quickly got up and changed and sprinted downstairs.

Victoire ran strait into Teddy’s arms. Bill was holding Fleur and whispering comfort to her, as Teddy was Victoire. David watched as his sister let go of her husband and walked over to her father and hug him. Teddy walked over to David and Veronica, hugged them whispering his goodbyes. When he let got David ran to his father and threw his arms around him. He felt the hot tears burn his eyes, and let them slide down his cheeks for the first time in so many years. He finally let go of his father so that Bill could say goodbye to Veronica.

When they were gone David looked around the hall to see that everyone was crying. Victoire walked over to him and hugged him reassuringly. Without a word the two went upstairs to the bed room and Victoire threw herself onto her bed and sobbed into the pillow as David sat down on his own.

"We might never see them again," Victorie said in a strained voice.

"Don’t say that!" David almost yelled, "I would be there, too, but since I’m not of age Mum and Dad wouldn’t let me!"

"What! Davey, I couldn’t put up with the fact that I may lose you, too!" Victorie said indignantly.

"Well, I want to fight," He said firmly, "And if I ever get the chance, I’m gonna,"

The next night David got out of bed and crept toward the door hoping to find another way out of the house that he could use to leave. When he looked over at Victoire’s bed he saw that her eyes were opened and she was looking strait at him.

“Sorry, bathroom,” He whispered.

“Don’t lie David, I know you’re trying to get out of here so that you can fight,” Victorie whispered harshly, throwing a glance at her sister to make sure she was still asleep.

“Look, I’m telling you this because you understand me more than allot of people so listen,” David said in a low voice, “I can’t stand this, I need to get out there, I need to fight, I can’t stand this,”

“I know,” Victorie said patting his shoulder, “Which is why I’ll help you,”

“You’re serious?” He asked looking puzzled.

“Of course, David, I know you can’t stand to watch from the sidelines and let everyone else fight for you, I know you need to fight, and I know you won’t rest until you do,”

“I did have an idea on the off chance you offered some help,” David said smiling mischievously, glancing at Veronica, “At night, when everyone’s asleep, we sneak out and disapperate to the very edge of the forbidden forest, you know right where the grounds end, we go through there and get to the castle,”

“That’s good,” Victorie said, “I think we should try to be gone tomorrow night, so we don’t have to worry as much about them moving,”

“Good call,” He responded, “Do you think we should go down to the kitchen now, and sneak some food?”

“Yeah, let’s go,” She said, and without another word they got out of bed and snuck down to the kitchen where they snuck some food, which they stashed in their bedroom.

The next night they disapparated leaving a note on Victorie’s bed saying they had gone. They didn’t go into detail for fear of being found. They were now walking through the Forbidden Forest. They had made it halfway through, and still hadn’t met anything. They decided it was safe to stop and eat something. After they were done, they set out again. When they were on the other side they hadn’t me one obstacle, which they found odd, considering all of the creators that lived in the forest.

They scanned the edge of the forest, but didn’t see anyone. Victorie knew that they had been planning on going into the castle too, so they could simply go in as Victorie could easily be passed off as a student, and David was one.

They ran up to the castle, and opened the front door cautiously. When they saw no one, they snuck in. The Entrance Hall was completely deserted. They crept up the marble staircase and up several floors before they heard something. They quickly dodged behind a suit of armor, before they could be seen. They then noticed that they were next to a hidden passage. They slipped inside it quickly and were face to face with two men.

“Teddy!” Victorie exclaimed in a low voice, as she flung her arms around her husband’s neck.

“Victorie, David, what are you two doing here? Victorie you have every right, but David, you’re underage! Your parents said no! How could you!” Cody said indignantly to the new arrivals.

“Cody, Teddy, I know you think that David’s to young and that he’s not ready, but I think he is.” Victorie said in her brother’s defense, “He’s strong, he’s ready to fight. More ready, I think, than allot of fully qualified wizards.”

“I know David’s strong, but…” Teddy started but was cut off by his wife.

“But nothing, I know he’s ready,” Victorie stated flatly, glancing at her brother who stood transfixed next to her.

“You… You really understand me, don’t you?” He finally managed to say.

“Bits of you.” She said before turning to the other two men, “Our parents don’t see the fighter that lies within Davey, I do,” Teddy opened his mouth to argue farther, but Cody cut across him.

“I think he should stay.” Cody said, “I remember how I felt when the final battle was being held, I snuck back, and was in twice the danger for it.”

“Alright,” Teddy said defeated, “But we have to see what Harry and Ron think, first.”

When they snuck back into the forest Harry and Ron didn’t seem willing to let David stay at first, but after listening to Cody they agreed. After that they found a sheltered place in the forest away from the edge to set up camp and plan there attack on what was a school when David left, but was now a Death Eater Base Camp/Recruiting ground.

They went back to the castle with enchanted coins like the ones that the DA had used so that they could communicate. The first thing they had to do while everyone who would be attacking arrived would be to evacuate the underage student. David and Victoire were going to get the Gryffindors, Harry the Ravenclaws, Teddy the Hufflepuffs, and Ron and Cody grudgingly took the Slytherins.

When David and Victoire got into Gryffindor tower they separated calling everyone out of every room downstairs to the common room. Once everyone was there they explained what was going on. Some of the fifth and sixth years were upset that a fourth year could stay, but they weren’t allowed.

Finally they had all the Gryffindors out. The hardest for David to persuade was Alyssa, however. She kept telling him that if he could stay she should be able to, too. After a few minutes David, go hr to leave, but he didn’t see her slip into a secret passage, and take a shortcut to the Entrance Hall to go to the forest.

When David and Victoire got there they spotted their father who immediately turned to Harry and Ron who finally got Bill to let David stay. When everyone was aware of what to do they walked out of the forest. It appeared that the Death Eaters had been expecting them because there were some waiting in the grounds when they got out of the forest.

David didn’t know how, but somehow he and his sister mad it to the castle relatively unscathed. Next thing he knew he was watching Victoire duel. He quickly ran up the marble staircase searching franticly for Alyssa. He knew that she hadn’t left. Finally he found her on the seventh floor, and before she could say anything he kissed her.

She kissed him back, but soon enough she went limp in his arms. He felt the spot on the back of her neck that seemed to be causing her pain. He pulled out five needles very similar to porcupine quills. He recognized what these were from Defense Against the Dark Arts class. He knew that if the person who shot these at Alyssa wasn’t killed in the next five hours Alyssa would be dead in five hours in counting.

David looked up to the landing above them, and saw that Dolohov was getting ready to shoot more needles at David, who scooped Alyssa into his arms, and ran down the corridor and, when the door appeared, into the Room of Requirement. David quickly laid Alyssa down on the bed that had appeared there.

He didn’t stay there any longer. David ran out of the room, and ran around the castle in search of Dolohov. Every floor he searched brought at least three more duels. Finally he found him in the Entrance Hall, and he fired a curse and the dueling began.

David didn’t know how long it went on, but the last thing he saw was a flash of green light coming from the end of Dolohov’s wand.

A/N: Don’t hate me! If it helps I’m crying right now! Now if you're really upset now I recomend somthing either extremely stupid, funny, fluffy, or any combo of the three.

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