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Harry Potter and the One Heir by angarato
Chapter 4 : Power of the Potters
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Harry stared at the letter in disbelief, then he turned to Hermione," Mione, something will happen when Nat and I hold hands. Do not try to stop anything. We may faint and if that happens I will need you to revive the both of us.

Hermione nodded at Harry and Harry then turned to Natasha," During this time, we must not let go of each others hands. If you are feeling any pain at all, just squeeze my hand as tightly as you can."

Once everything was said, Harry turned to Natasha and took her hand in his. The moment he touched her, a sudden jolt of energy began to flow through their bodies and they started screaming in pain. Hermione looked on helplessly as the both of them were screaming in pain and agony.

After five minutes, Harry and Natasha suddenly stopped screaming and dropped to the ground as still as rock.

Hermione immediately took out her want and whispered," Enerverate!" Harry and Natasha immediately opened their eyes and got up rubbing their heads. Hermione immediately jumped on Harry and hugged him tightly. "Don't you ever scare me like that again!" She screamed at him, her eyes full of tears.

Harry pulled her closer to himself and hugged her tightly," I promise I never will, I promise." He whispered softly in her ear.

They broke apart and Harry turned back to the box and took out the next piece of paper.

Now that you have gotten your powers, you will generate them fully once you have slept and woken up. And you will also grow in height as well. Up to what height, only your genes will decide.


Lily and James

Harry put the note back from where he took it from and headed to the door where Hermione and Natasha were waiting for him. He told them to wait outside for him while he took a last look around at the chamber. Just as he was about to leave the room, he saw a few boxes at the corner of the room. Not bothering to look what was inside, he shrunk them and put them inside his pocket.

He left the room and went outside where Hermione and Natasha were waiting for him. He quickly stuffed as much money as he could in his enlarged leather bag and the trio left the vault to the cart to take them back to the main level.

Two minutes later, they were outside in the bright sunlight of Diagon Alley. Harry, Hermione and Natasha looked around the whole of Diagon Alley but found nothing that intereseted them. After a whole hour, the trio decided to head back to Harry's car. On the way back to the car, just as they were about to leave Diagon Alley, Harry saw a shop that did magical modifications for cars.

Harry stepped into the shop and a shopkeeper came forward to help him.

"Mr Potter, this is a pleasure. How may I assist you on this fine day?" The shopkeeper asked him.

"I would like a navigation system for the whole world, an invisibillity booster, a nitrous exhaust and make my car be able to fly. I have a Volvo XC90. How long will it take and how much will it cost?" Harry asked him.

"It will take approximately 10 minutes to install everything. Would you like anything else? The total cost will be 1500 galleons."

"No thank you. And here is the money." Harry laid the money on the table and sat down with Hermione on his right and Natasha on his left.

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Harry Potter and the One Heir: Power of the Potters


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