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All I could hope for by tookool4you
Chapter 33 : She knows
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Hermione was sitting on her bed when she heard a knock on her door. She wiped her eyes and then went to answer the door. Then she felt someone’s hands on her hips. Hermione was so surprised she let out a little squeak. She felt someone laugh into her hair.

Hermione turned and saw Freddy lying on her bed. He had his hands behind his head pretending he was asleep. Hermione was just watching his chest go up and down before she realized there was still someone at the door.

Hermione was surprised to see Ginny holding the clothes Hermione had left at the store. She could tell Ginny had been crying and her hair had a spider web in it.

“Hi,” whispered Ginny.

“Come in Gin,” said Hermione holding the door open for her friend.

Ginny’s eyes widened when she saw Freddy lying on the bed. She looked at Hermione who put a finger on her lips to tell Ginny to be quiet. Even though Hermione just yelled her secret to a whole lot of strangers she didn’t know if Freddy wanted to blow his cover.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have acted like a…brat. You are my best friend and I don’t want to lose you. When you ran out of the store I thought I lost you not only as a friend, but a sister. I don’t care if you are…different. I love you and I always will,” said Ginny sitting on the edge of the bed carefully.

“Ginny I wanted to tell you that’s why I wanted to wait until we got back to the castle. I want you to promise me that you won’t tell anybody…I am not ready for all of that”

“I promise. Have you told the two love birds yet?”

“No, I was just going there. I need to model these clothes for them,” said Hermione watching Freddy’s body stiffen.

Hermione laughed and laid her head gently on Freddy’s chest. Ginny thought that Hermione and Freddy were cute together. Freddy was the guy that every girl in school wanted to get with and Hermione was a heart throb. Ginny thought that they were perfect together. Plus, now that she was going out with Rafael she didn’t get jealous of Hermione dating Freddy.

Hermione took the bag of clothes and walked with Ginny to the door. Then she heard Freddy ‘wake up’. Hermione turned around and smiled at him.

“Hey baby where are you going?” asked Freddy in a sleepy tone.

“I got some new clothes and I was going to go show some of my friends”

“May I tag along?” Freddy yawned.

“I don’t know Freddy. I mean, you might get bored”

“Believe me I won’t get bored,” said Freddy darkly.

 Hermione shrugged her shoulders and waited for Freddy to get off of the bed. They walked to the Gryffindor Common Room silently. Then when they got to the portrait hole Freddy stopped Hermione and took her aside.

“What do you mean you wanted to tell her? Does she know?” asked Freddy.

“Yes, she knows and everyone in the store”

“Gees Louise Hermione. Do you know how much danger you put her in? If any vampires or anyone dangerous wants to get to you they will target the people closest to you”

“I know Freddy. I didn’t know what else to do," said Hermione looking at the floor.

Freddy ran his fingers through his hair and nodded like he understood. He kissed Hermione on the lips and his lips weren’t cold anymore. When he brought her closer to him Hermione forgot where she was. Freddy broke the kiss and Hermione would have fallen on the floor if he wasn’t holding her up.

Freddy smiled and took Hermione in the Gryffindor Common Room hand in hand.

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All I could hope for: She knows


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