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The New Malfoy. by life_writtendown
Chapter 4 : 4
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hey readers...... thankyou so much for reading and reviewing.. it means more than you could ever know.....I have been reading on this website for quite awhile but I don't know how the whole "banner" thing works. If anyone could make me a banner and then tell me what to do with it that would be great....well thats it I own nothing

  I awoke to a sharp rap on my door. I looked at my muggle watch drearily on my left hand and scrunched my eyes to read the hands. Six……..five thirty! Who wakes up this early on a Tuesday and on vacation? Thankfully I was wearing my cute plaid pajamas with a black tank top and not my ratty old t-shirt. I swear I almost died in embarrassment when Ron came to floo me over to the burrow and I was only wearing that old shirt. That is because he arrived three hours too early. I think he almost fainted with embarrassment (and me as well).

“Come on Granger!”
“Wait a few minutes Malfoy, I have just woken up and I really don’t think you want to see this bushy hair right after I get up”
“Well at least try too hurry, everyone’s waiting for you to eat and I am starving!”

While Malfoy continued to mutter a variety of obscurities at the door I was contemplating what to wear. I had three options a hip huggers and a black fitted tee, I jean skirt with a white baby doll top or jeans and a blue tank top. Finally I settled with the jean skirt ensemble, brushed my hair and slipped on some ballet flats. By the time I had reached the door Malfoy was leaning against the wall opposite of my door and pretending (or so I assume) to sleep. Of course I was hungry as well so I marched over and snapped my fingers in front of his nose and marched down the hallway.

“Nice ass Granger”

My cheeks blushed and I quickly replaced my look of embarrassment with a nasty glare. What did he just say to me? Oh my, he is going to regret that one. I knew I should have stuck with my usual jean outfit.

“These are the consequences Hermione! “ I scolded myself. “Think twice before you wear something new” Then Malfoy called down the hall again.

“Where exactly do you think you are going?”

“Well to breakfast of course.” I deadpanned

“Well unless you want to go eat some of my mums poisonous plants in the atrium and die (which would be perfectly fine with me) I suggest you go this way.” Gesturing his arm at the opposite way down the long hallway.

I humphed and started walking quickly passed him. He just smirked and jogged slightly to catch up.

“Are you on your you know what now or something because you are being mighty bitchy”

“That is none of your business and what did you think?” I stopped and looked him straight in the eye.
“Just because I am now a halfblood and your cousin does not mean I will simply let go of years and years of teasing and torture that you have put Harry, Ron and I through”

Malfoy stopped walking and looked at me again.
“You know, you could have just said that in the first place” he said plainly

“The only reason I teased you for all these years is because you had no backbone…. You know, you didn’t really fight back…… well that was until third year…..”

“ENOUGH!!” I screamed angrily at him.

“Malfoy, are you telling me that the ONLY reason you teased me for all of those years was because I let you do it?”

Oh no, this could not, would happen. I did not put up with his arrogant little ferret face for God knows how long to have him say that the only reason was I was unresponsive. That will end right now. Hermione Granger fixes her mistakes and it will have to start with this.

“You know what Malfoy” I said sweetly

“What?” He asked cautiously turning his head suspiciously in my direction.

“Your right, I did not have a backbone but I am afraid that that will change right NOW!”

Quickly I thrust my fist back and aimed it right for his nose. Malfoy doubled over on the carpet and his nose started spewing blood.

“You have a wand don’t you?”

“argmmmm” He groaned

“Well than fix your self up”

And that was that. I am done with Draco Malfoy and Lord am I hungry.

Thanks for reading... and if you just scrolled to the bottom of the page then shame on you!!! I really don't know if anyone does that but anyway Review please..

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