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Unseen and Unexpected by petitesorciere
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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Draco pushed his stool back roughly and collapsed onto it sulking. It was such a waste of his Saturday, spending it in the potions classroom trying to find a remedy for the stupid potion. He raked his fingers back through his hair, and sighed.


‘’Well, are you planning to start work at all today, or are you just going to sit there and strop?’’ Draco jumped off his seat, his hand going straight for his wand as he panted frantically for air.


‘’Granger! What the hell do you think you’re playing at?’’ He cast around the room, looking for some sign of where Hermione was.


‘’I was in here before you were.’’ Hermione folded her arms and watched scornfully as Draco tried to locate her.


‘’Well you aren’t exactly obvious, are you?’’ Draco slid back onto the stool and faced straight ahead, deciding he looked enough of an idiot without carrying on looking for an invisible girl.


‘’And whose fault is that?’’ Hermione’s words were dripping with venom. ‘’Come on, I don’t want to spend all day in here. Get the ingredients you used out, and you can start making an antidote.’’


‘’I can’t remember exactly what I used.’’ Draco measured his words carefully, not looking forward to the curse that he was sure would be coming  his way.


‘’You what?’’ Hermione shrieked. ‘’You must have some idea! Didn’t you follow the ingredient list on the board?’’


‘’Yes, but I didn’t see the quantities so I just guessed.’’


‘’I could kill you, I honestly could.’’ Hermione stared at the back of his head and wanted to rip every single blonde hair out. ‘’You messed up, I’m paying the consequences, and now you’re telling me you can’t even be bothered to try and sort out the problem!’’


‘’Oh for Merlin’s sake, you’re invisible. It’s not the end of the world!’’


‘’Not the end of the world? Have you any idea how difficult it is? People barge into me, people ignore me…’’


‘’Not that different to your day-to-day life then, is it Granger?’’ Draco smirked to himself.


Hermione pulled out her wand. ‘’Levicorpus!’’


Draco swore and tried to wrench himself down, glaring around the dungeon. ‘’For Merlin’s sake Granger, grow up!’’


Hermione waved her wand so that Draco bobbed a little higher, so that his upside down face was on a level with hers. Stepping forward, she looked contemptuously at him. ‘’No one can see me. They’re afraid to touch me because they’re worried that they might turn invisible. They get worried when they see me pick something up and it disappears. I don’t know if my wand is damaged, or needs cleaning, because every time I pick it up to look at it, it disappears! I don’t know if I have something on my face because I don’t have a reflection! My robes disappear as soon as I put them on, and I can’t see if I’ve spilt anything down them, or if they’ve gotten ripped! I can’t read because as soon as I touch my book, it turns invisible! I have to dictate all my work to a quill, which means people hear my answers and try and copy them! You have ruined everything normal in my life, so don’t you dare try and tell me that it doesn’t matter that much!’’ She flicked her wand and let him crash to the floor, stepping smartly away from him.


Draco pulled himself to his feet, wincing. He turned his head and watched as a stool was pulled out and promptly disappeared. ‘’So you can turn a stool invisible but not people?’’


‘’I’ve been noticing this. The only things that don’t turn invisible are other people, or things belonging to other people. So right now, I’m using this stool, so it belongs to me, so I can turn it invisible.’’ Hermione pushed at the wood beneath her, feeling incredibly bizarre – seemingly suspended in mid air. But then she remembered that she was invisible too. As far as the casual observer was concerned, there was absolutely nothing there. She looked at Draco and envied him more than she would ever have thought was possible. Now that she was nothing – a ghost girl – he seemed particularly vibrant, visible to everyone, almost shining in the dim light of the room. She sighed softly.


‘’Well, fine. I’ll try and remember what I did. But only because Dumbledore asked me to.’’ Draco went over to his cauldron, speaking as though he was making a huge concession.


‘’No, don’t try and remember – just remember!’’ Hermione glared at him.


‘’Don’t speak to me like that, or I won’t do anything,’ Draco threatened.


‘’How dare you patronise me like that?’’ Hermione jumped to her feet. ‘’You got me in this position, you have to solve the problem!’’


‘’Fine, I won’t do anything. I’m not obligated to do anything for a Mudblood anyway.’’ Draco sat down and looked stonily at the wall.


‘’How old are you? Just do what you’re meant to be doing!’’


‘’I don’t need to. It’s not affecting me.’’


Hermione opened her mouth to protest, and then closed with a distinct smirk. True, she couldn’t put him in the same position as herself, but she could certainly give him a taster of what it was like. Raising her wand again, she took a deep breath and waved it. ‘’Invisio!’’


With a  sense of satisfaction, she watched as Draco slowly blurred to nothing, completely unaware of what was happening to him. Ok, so the charm would only last a couple of hours, she thought, but at least he would have some idea of what she was going through. Picking up her bag, she slid quietly out of the room, wondering what Draco’s day would be like.



After ten minutes, Draco realised that Hermione hadn’t said anything and looked around the dungeon. Of course, she wasn’t to be seen, but there was absolutely nothing to indicate that anyone else was in the room. He shrugged, deciding that she must have realised she wasn’t going to win the argument and had opted to leave the room with a shred of dignity left. He grabbed his bag and walked out of the room, wondering what he was actually going to do to resolve the matter – it was all very well baiting her, but sooner or later, he was going to have to solve the problem.


Letting himself into the Slytherin common room, he threw his bag onto the sofa and smirked with satisfaction as a second year jumped in shock and looked at the bag with an expression of utter bemusement before turning back to her friend. He sauntered over to Crabbe and Goyle and sat down in a spare chair, wondering what they were talking about. Nothing of any importance as it turned out. He sighed loudly and swung his legs over the arm of his chair, wondering if he could be bothered to try and direct the conversation to something slightly more interesting.


His sigh seemed to jolt Goyle slightly, who sat up straighter. Draco looked at him with raised eyebrows, hoping for a conversational gem to fall out of his mouth. But Goyle, looking straight at where Draco was sitting, merely muttered ‘When’s Draco coming back?’’


Draco looked at him. ‘’Goyle, are you blind as well as stupid?’’


His friend leapt out of his seat with a look of horror. ‘’Draco?’’


‘’Present and correct. What the hell’s wrong with you?’’


‘’You’re not there!’’


‘’Then where am I?’’ Draco stood up, his voice bitingly sarcastic.


‘’Not here!’’ Goyle stammered and Draco wondered if it was possible to wear out one’s brain by the age of 17.


‘’Goyle, what are you talking about?’’ Draco leaned forward and grabbed Goyle’s wrist, squeezing harder than was strictly necessary. ‘’I told you, I’m here.’’


‘’No Draco,’’ Crabbe stepped forward with arms outstretched. ‘’You’re not there. Where are you?’’


‘’Here, you idiot! Is this some kind of joke that only you two understand?’’ Draco ground his teeth in frustration. He reached out, intending to shove Crabbe back, who was getting alarmingly close to him. And then he stopped in horror. Where there ought to be a pale, outstretched arm, there was nothing. Just thin air. He grabbed at himself – he was still there: warm, smooth skin beneath his fingers. Suddenly, it clicked. ‘’Granger!’’


And then all that was left was a draught as he dashed out of the Slytherin Common Room, a furious expression on his invisible face.




At the precise moment that Draco was trying to work out where Hermione would be, she was standing outside the Gryffindor Common Room.


‘’Excuse me…excuse me…hello?’’ She folded her arms and tapped her feet impatiently. Finally, the Fat Lady heaved herself back into her frame. ‘’The password is Flibbertigibbet. Now can you please let me in?’’


‘’Who’s there?’’ The Fat Lady ignored Hermione and peered curiously around the corridor.


‘’It’s Hermione Granger.’’ She gritted her teeth and tried not to scream with frustration. ‘’I’ve told you the password, please let me in!’’


‘’Sorry dear.’’ The portrait looked huffily in the opposite direction to Hermione. ‘’I didn’t see anyone there.’’


‘’You wouldn’t – I’m invisible!’’ Hermione breathed in deeply, and walked into the common room, plastering a smile on her face. She looked around and realised that no one could see her so she might as well not bother. Seeing Harry and Ron, she went over and pulled out a chair and plumped into it, pulling Ron’s essay over to her. ‘’No Ron, you’ve got that wrong, you can’t use unicorn’s hair for that.’’


‘’Oh, Hermione, its you.’’ Ron sighed in relief.


‘’How many other invisible girls do you know?’’ Hermione asked caustically, pushing the essay back.


‘’Did it not go well with Malfoy?’’ Harry asked sympathetically.


‘’No, it went wonderfully. Can’t you see the difference?’’ Hermione snapped, and immediately repented. ‘’Sorry. It was horrible. He has no interest in doing anything to help. All he knows is that he used the ingredients on the board but not in the right order or in the right quantities.’’


‘’We’ll help, we can find the solution..’’ Ron reached out a hand towards her, and Hermione patted it absentmindedly.


‘’You can if you want. I don’t know if I’m ever going to find the remedy for this. I can’t do this, I can’t spend the rest of my life like this!’’ To Hermione’s horror, hot tears spilled over, rolling down her cheeks and splashing into her lap. She breathed in raggedly, and tried to regain some sense of equilibrium. Harry seemed to realise what she was doing and moved closer to her, as did Ron.


‘’It’s ok. We’ll find the solution, and its not like you’re being ignored, it’s just a minor inconvenience.’’ They were comforting her when Colin Creevey wandered up.


‘’Harry, who are you talking to you? There’s no one there.’’


Hermione let out a choked sob and leapt to her feet. Ron stood up with her, but too late. Her robes fluttered past his fingers and the door opened and slammed shut again.




Draco stormed into the library, his footsteps sounding unnaturally loud in the hushed room. He cast around and swore violently under his breath as he realised that he was hardly going to be able to see the invisible girl. Taking a deep breath in, he cast one glance at Madam Pince and then opened his mouth. ‘’GRANGER, GET HERE NOW!’’


The librarian looked up with a scandalised expression, but the furious reprimand on her lips died when she saw nothing but empty space. Squaring her shoulders, she pointed her wand and muttered ‘’Revealio!’’. Draco looked down at himself and saw his body slowly materialising back. He looked at the librarian, who had murder written across her thin face, and decided it would be a good idea to go before he came entirely back into focus.


Sliding out of the room, he rested against one of the corridor walls and looked at himself in relief. He didn’t like being invisible, he decided. No one like him should be ignored. It was horrible for anyone. At least the charm was gone…but Granger was still in that position. Draco felt a twinge of remorse and hated himself for it. He immediately focused on trying to redirect the feeling - how dare Granger do that to him? He paused for a second, and then smirked. She was on the moral high ground at the moment, but if he could get a remedy that worked, then she would be left looking terrible – the girl who attacked the guy trying to sort out her problems for her. Not to mention it would sort out the rather unpleasant guilt.


His lips curving wickedly at one corner, he hurried down to the dungeons, intending to work on the potion immediately. He pushed open the door, and stopped. A pile of ingredients was lying on the desk, and an invisible knife was cutting them up – he could hear the rhythmic click of the knife as it knocked against the wood. But over that, he could hear a soft sobbing. He coughed slightly – feeling as though he was intruding.


Hermione jumped slightly and dropped the knife. It clattered onto the floor, the noise sounding ridiculously loud in the sudden silence. She rubbed a hand across her face, smearing the tears away. ‘’What are you doing here?’’


‘’I came to try and make the potion.’’ Draco wondered whether it would be ok to step into the room. ‘’Even though you turned me invisible.’’


‘’I don’t regret doing that.’’ Hermione raised her chin defiantly, hoping it would stop her voice shaking.


‘’I didn’t ask whether you did.’’ Draco’s voice was cold and silky smooth. ‘’I had a sudden burst of empathy.’’


‘’You say that like it’s a disease.’’


‘’As far as I’m concerned, it is. I don’t want to feel sorry for you, I want to make this potion and go merrily back to hating you.’’


‘’Suits me just fine.’’ Hermione picked up the knife and carried on chopping the ingredients.


Draco stepped into the room. ‘’Let’s make this perfectly clear Granger. I don’t want to be doing this.’’


‘’And you think I do?’’ Hermione turned towards him, with a look of blistering contempt. ‘’All I want is to be visible again. The pair of us are just going to have to put up with this in the short term – no matter how unenjoyable it is.’’


‘’Unenjoyable is putting it mildly.’’ Draco pulled up a stool next to the cauldron he knew Hermione was at. ‘’Let’s just get this over with.’’


AN: Hey everyone, sorry about the delay in updates, I've been relatively busy. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this chapter, do leave me a review to let me know (I reply to them all, just to make sure you feel appreciated). Also, I added that 'Meet the author' thingy (if you click on my author name and go to my profile page, you can see the link there), so if you have anything you want to ask me or whatever, there you go! Anyway, thanks for reading! petitesorciere xxx

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