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My Life by unicorn_princess
Chapter 1 : My Life.
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A/N disclaimer, i do not own o prefend to own JKs wonderful world. However the plot is mine, characters are not.  Please forgive the shortness of thi one-shot, the plot bunny attacked me but this is all i could come up with, my other ideas are for my bigger fan fics, look out for them! coming soon to a pc near you soon.

The day flows into night,

The stars shine through the misty clouds,

The crisp grass crunches beneath my shoes,

My loose cloak hides my swollen stomach,

I approach my destination with my feet dragging behind me,

I don’t want to do this, it's to hard and to painful...


Suddenly, what I am seeking is no longer there...

After 3 months of it resting in a solitary place,

It was no where in sight.


A shadow of a man materializes in the distance,

It can’t be him, he is gone,

But then again....


After living in a world of magic i knew anything was possible,

Anything except this,

Magic cannot bring back life to a lifeless body.


Yet there he stood,

His features more clear as he approached me,

His bright green eyes shining through the misty air...


Finally he was right in front of me,

I felt my cheek being gently stroked,

I could not respond,

My body had gone numb.


The 1 true love of my life, who I believed to be dead,

Was caressing my face as we stood in the cemetery.


He looked down at my swollen bump,

We both knew it was his,

We had both been pure,

Before that one night of pleasure.


Off to war he went,

He left me behind,

He knew I could fight

But he wanted to protect me.


I know that now, that is all he ever wanted for me.

I know he loved me before the war, and still does even now,

I believed he loved me from beyond the grave

And gave me a most precious gift, the gift of new life.





That evening was 5 years ago.

My husband and i are having fun raising our green eyed son.

Not one day goes by that we don’t look into each others eyes

And speak the words that express the way we feel.

We love each other fully and eternally.

Tonight at sundown,

I am going to tell him we created another life together.


I am Hermione Potter.


  A/N i would just like to thank everyone for reading and hopefully reviewing my story.
I kno it's short but i was simply inspired to write this, i am a HUGE HP/HG, either constructive or otherwise are greatly appreciated, i will read each and reply to eveyone, as readers, reviews are the only "payment" us lowley writers recieve so pls make me happy by telling me what you think.
If I get more than 15 constructiove reviews i will consider writing another chapter.
p.s. could someone please please make me a banner or could someone tell me how to do it myself??? mwa mwa mwa mwa
much love, unicorn_princess

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My Life: My Life.


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