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Remember by Emilyinlove
Chapter 1 : Meet Eleanor
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, except for the made-up ones. J.K. owns the rest. Which makes me very jealous that she has such skill.

Author's Note: Hi everyone! So this is the first chapter of "Remember". I hadn't actually intended on putting this up, it was just something that I kept dreaming about and writing down, so I just kind of put it up after making the graphics. So I hope you like it, lemme know what you think about the story and the graphics so far!

Chapter One: Meet Eleanor

"So there really is a girl here..."

"You didn't believe me?"

"Well, no. But that's only because it's you."

"I'm hurt, I really am."

"Whatever. Is she sleeping or something?"

"She's been in a coma for quite a long time now."

"What's a coma?"

The girl currently lying on the plush surface awoke to the sound of nearby voices. She cautiously opened her eyes to see three blurry figures in front of her.

She let out a high pitched scream as she fell off the surface, rolling onto the ground. She quickly rubbed her eyes so she could see her surroundings clearly.

Who was this girl? Well, to answer that question, that girl was me. And who am I? I have no clue.

"Are you okay?" All three of the young men came rushing to my aid, but I crawled farther away from them.

"Please don't hurt me!" I screamed at them. Where on earth did that come from?

"We're not going to hurt you. We're trying to help," One of them, a boy with messy black hair and hazel eyes said. He also had a pair of glasses resting on the bridge of his nose.

"Where am I?" I interrogated them cautiously, looking for something that I could defend myself with. "Answer me!"

"You're at my house," the same boy shrugged.


"You were attacked," He said simply.

"What do you mean by 'attacked'?" I asked him, grabbing a square shaped fluffy thing from beside me, reading myself to strike them at a moment's notice. Except for the fact that I was still sitting on the ground but we'll just ignore that.

"There's this forest a little beyond my backyard. I heard a scream and I went running out to see you being attacked, but when I actually got there, you had fainted. You've been in a coma for a few months now," He explained.

"WHAT IS A COMA?!" yelled another boy who had shoulder length black hair and stormy grey eyes. I cringed when he was so loud, but I had to admit, I was wondering the exact same thing he was.

"A long sleep. It's like passing out, but not waking up for a really long time, possibly not waking up at all," the last boy explained somewhat morbidly. He had sandy blonde hair and soft, amber colored eyes.

"Who are all of you?" I asked immediately after getting my explanation.

"I, my fair lady, am Sirius Black, and these are my friends, James Potter and Remus Lupin," The grey-eyed boy introduced.

"And if you don't mind me asking, who would you be?" James asked, looking at me curiously.

"I-I'm...I'm...I can't remember," I faltered, looking at them in a confused manner.

I kept prying into my mind, trying to find anything that could possibly be of any importance, but there was nothing. My mind was absolutely blank.

I could feel my whole body go limp as wet things came out of my eyes. Why was I leaking? Water was coming out of my eyes!

And to top it all off, I couldn't remember anything. Why couldn't I remember just one thing? Why was this happening?

"What is going on up here?" A very demanding female voice asked. "Oh, you poor dear."

She came over and embraced me, which made me jump and resist at first. But as she continued to hold me in her arms, it made me feel an oddly familiar feeling. Not a bad one though, a good one. I tried to remember where I had felt it before, but once again, there was nothing.

"I told you three not to come in here because she would be very confused when she woke up. So what did you do? You came in here and disturbed here. Now the poor girl is distraught! All of you out! NOW!"

They all scurried out, looking thoroughly frightened.

"There's nothing to worry about dear, everything will be okay. Now, do you have any questions for me?"

"Why can't I remember anything? And why are my eyes leaking?" I asked desperately, getting the feeling that I could trust her.

"You poor dear, your eyes aren't leaking," She said, chuckling slightly at my confusion. "You're crying. That's what happens when you're upset. And I'm not sure why you can't remember anything. You probably lost your memory when you were hurt.

"Anyways, dear, I'm James' mother; you can call me Bridget or mum. Whichever you're more comfortable with," She said as I wiped my eyes to get a good look at her. She had flaming red hair and hazel eyes like her son's. She was slightly pudgy but had a very friendly look to her.

I nodded to show I understood as she helped me stand up and sit on the bed. She pulled out a white box with a red cross on the top of it.

"I'm just going to clean you up and change the bandage, okay?" She asked. "It might sting a bit. All I need you to do is undo that shirt that you're wearing."

"What's a shirt?" I asked quietly.

"Oh, it's something you wear to cover your chest and torso. Like these," She explained, pointing to the thing she was wearing and the thing I was wearing. I nodded and took the small round things out of the holes, which made the shirt open down the middle.

She started unwrapping a long white thing from my middle area. When she finished unwrapping it, I almost fainted. There was a huge cut going all the way from the baseline of my neckline to my hips. It looked like someone had tried to cut me open.

"That's really gross," I whispered as I looked away, seeing as you could see the inside the open flesh and into my body.

"I agree," She said, smiling at me. "When you were asleep, I looked to make sure everything was still there and okay, and luckily, it was. James got there just in the nick of time though."

"Thank you," I said as she continued to examine it.

"Don't thank me, thank James. He's the one that saved your life," She said as she examined the cut some more. "For some reason, the healing process froze while you were in a coma. It should probably be finished healing by the beginning of October at the latest."

"What day is it today?" I asked.

"August 21," She answered as she started taking a clean, white thing and started wrapping it around my body again.

"What's that? That thing you're putting on me?" I asked, watching every one of her moves intently.

"It's called gauze. It's a muggle first aid thing that seems to work really well on cuts," She said and I looked at her oddly. What was a muggle? "A muggle is a non-magic person."

"Am I a muggle?" I asked.

"No, your aura is too strong for you to be a muggle," She said, smiling knowingly.

"What's an aura?" I asked.

"It's like, your soul shining through for others to see. And yours is the purest I've ever had the pleasure to see," She said before leaving, the three boys from before walking back into the room.

"This is for you," James said, handing me a dark wooden box with a detailed and beautiful design on the top of it.

"What is it?" I asked, turning it over in my hands so I could inspect it at every angle.

"Well, it's a box for one thing," James said. "Other than that, I don't know. It was in your arms when I found you."

I placed it in my lap before running my hands over the top of it to feel the design.

I wish you would open; maybe you can help me find out who I am. Please open, I thought and no sooner had I thought that, then it clicked open in my hands.

"What did you just say?" Sirius asked, gawking at me.

"I didn't say anything," I mumbled.

"Yeah you did. It sounded like you said 'Odommoc oicafetap'," Remus said.

"I didn't say anything out loud. I just thought 'please open' and that's what it did," I defended as I went through the objects.

There was a book that matched the box, but with a golden crown engraved on the front of it, a silver hand mirror, and a gold chain. I put the chain around my neck before opening the book and reading the first page.

Dear Diary,

My name is Eleanor Leah Bella Abigail Merceaux Knightley. It's June 20th and I turned seventeen today. They have started telling me about my mission. This box is supposed to help me with it. And this diary is where I'm supposed to record the events.

That's all it said? Now, you'd think it would've said more, but it didn't. It didn't even go into detail about the mission, whatever that was.

I flipped through the rest of the book, and it was blank. Except a tattered picture fell out of it, like a bookmark.

I picked it up and looked at it. This girl was really pretty. She had dark brown, almost black hair that reached her bust, was in layers and was in big, soft curls. She also had very fair skin with an orchid purple tattoo in the shape of the outline of butterfly wings going around the edge of her face. She also had bright, orchid purple eyes that were accompanied by pale pink lips and gleaming white teeth. I also noticed she was wearing the same chain that had previously been in the box, but was now hanging around my neck.

I flipped the photograph to see if anything was written on the back, and there was so I read it.

Me, on my seventeenth birthday, as a small reminder of who I am.

She looked really...happy. I wish I was that happy. But how can you be happy when you don't know who you are?

"Is that you?" Remus asked.


"The girl in the picture, she looks exactly like you," He said, pointing to the photograph that was in my hands.

I looked at him oddly before picking up the hand mirror and looking at the girl peering back at me. Ohmigod! He was right! I did look exactly like her! So this I was Eleanor Leah Bella Abigail Merceaux Knightley?


This girl that I thought must have a perfect life, just by looking at a photograph had turned out to be me. So what did that mean when I had no memories what-so-ever?

And I had said something about a mission in my diary. What was this mission and why did I have to do it?

"James, here are the Hogwarts letters," Bridget said, handing her son the envelopes from her hand before leaving the room once more. What was Hogwarts?

"Looks like there's one for you too, Elle," James said, holding out an envelope.

"Who's that?" I asked, looking around the room in confusion, trying to find out who this Elle person was.

"You," he said simply. "It's a nickname."

"What's a nickname?" I asked.

"A pet name, a name that only your friends and family call you by," Remus answered.

"So you guys are my...friends?" I asked, confused.

"Yeah, but you can consider me family. Just think of me as your older brother," James said, smiling.

"Okay," I said, still slightly confused. How could someone be your brother if they didn't have the same parents?

He threw an envelope at me, and I stared at it as it fell into my lap.

"You were supposed to catch that," James said.

"How do you do that?" I asked.

"Nevermind," James said.

I picked up the envelope and stared at it. It was beige and had bottle green writing on it. Very fancy writing too. Hm...looked interesting. I opened it and took out the paper-like stuff that was inside it before reading it's contents.

Dear Miss Knightley,

We have received information of your whereabouts and of your accident, and we would like to inform you of your spot at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You will be placed in 7th year as you have just recently turned seventeen. We will sort you in Professor Dumbledore's office before the feast, and then you can go sit with your house. If a tutor is needed for you to be able to catch up with the rest of your class, Mr. Lupin or Miss Evans will be at your service. A list of necessary supplies is attached to the back of this letter.

"Hmm..." I flipped over to read the list of the supplies. "How am I going to get all this?"

"With money," Sirius said. "You must have a vault at Gringotts, right?"

"I don't know," I said quietly, as something began to appear in the box. It was an old fashioned key with a number carved on the stem of it. "Would this be a key to one of those 'vaults'?"

James took it from my hands and turned it over, carefully inspecting it.

"Yup," He confirmed. "So we'll go get all the supplies tomorrow, so get some sleep Elle."

"Wait, how do you sleep?" I asked, about to go into a panicked state.

"Just lie down, pull the covers over you like this," He said in a very soothing voice, all the while pulling the covers over me as I laid down, "breathe really deeply and let your mind drift off."

"Have a good sleep," Remus said before leaving with the others as I closed my eyes.

Next time on "Remember"

Well, I guess now would be a good time to sit down. I sat down on the floor where I was previously sprawled out and crossed my legs over each other and sat, rubbing my now very, very sore backside.

"What are you doing?" Sirius asked.

"I'm waiting for someone to find me as well as tending to my very sore backside," I answered.

"Well, that definitely seems more logical than getting yourself even more lost," Sirius said.

"Yes it does," I said.

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