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The Apple Game by super Granger
Chapter 1 : I will marry............
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: I do not won Harry Potter. All rights belong to Jo Rowling

: This story is dedicated to DestinyPrayer

AN: This story is set in Lily’s POV

"Lilyy!! Wake up!! We're going to be late!!"

I groaned, as my 'so called' friends once again got me up at 1:00 a.m.
for their ever-so-kind concern for me to have breakfast before normal students eveen get to bed.

"How are we going to be late?! It's one o'clock a.m. you birdies!" I said tiredly, trying to block out the noise by stuffing a pillow onto my face.

"Hey! We are so not birds!" My ex-Best friends said indignately.

Moaning, I replied "It's a muggle thingy. The early bird catches the worm..." I managed to say drowsily, my eyes still closed, savoring sweet sleep, as I hoped my friends would just take the hint and go away.

Unfortunately, I knew my wishes had not come true when I felt two bodies bouncing on my bed.

"Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!" They cried.

"You guys are so immature!"

"We know. That's why you love us so much!" Casey Sharp, one of my evil best friends retorted.  

"Yah know, just 'cause your my best friends, it doesn't mean I won't hex you guys." I said, my evil glare, as Potter and Black so kindly call it, getting ruined by a yawn.

"Touchy, touchy, Lils. We just wanted to play the apple game!" Casey said, her eyes sparkling. She was using her, 'bubbly blond' voice that she only used when feeling particularly mischievous.

"Yeah, and if Potter showed up in the middle of the night, or should I say, early morning, you'd be up so quick, it would be like you'd been up for an hour after sleeping for a bajillion  years!" Melody Gloss, Lily's other best friend, said with a smirk.

"Oh, shut up. Now would you two evil midgets tell me what the hell an, I quote, ' apple game' is?" I growled angrily

"Well, you know that muggle thing when you twist the stem of an apple, and each time you twist you say the letters of the alphabet in order and the letter you land on is
the first letter of the name of the guy who you're going to marry?" Melody asked in one huge breath.

"Well duh. I'm a muggle born you know." I said, getting quite impatient with this whole

"Well, that’s good, 'cause we're doing something similar, but way cooler and more embarrassing!"

"What do you mean by that?" I asked, getting quite frightened. I mean, what if they want to have a who can make out with the marauders the most contest?

"What I mean is, we're going to put a charm on a bunch of ordinary apples, to make
the ENTIRE name of the guy your going to go at it with appear on the apple!!! Won't that be totally awesome?" Casey asked, looking ready to burst with excitement.

"Umm.... suuuure... But how are you going to get the spell for it? Even I never heard of a spell to do THAT."

"Found it in the library." Melody said after a moment of pause.

"What part?" I asked, after all, I love the library, I love all it's beautiful books, and I wish to marry it someday! Just kidding! I'm not THAT weird! But I do however know every inch of the library like it’s my second home. The library saved my life!

"The restricted section." Mel said as if she got books out of the restricted section every day and it was really quite boring by now.

I, of course, had different views on the matter.

"WHAT?" I half- screamed.

"Shut up Lils! You’re going to wake people up that live in Turkey!" Mel and Casey both whispered in unison before looking at each other and bursting into silent fits of giggles.

I rolled my eyes. What on earth is up with their obsession with turkey?

"Okay, okay, okay. So what’s the spell?"

"Ahhhh, Lils, you're no fun. Anyway, the spell is Von Love Apple Crapper."
Casey said in a calm voice before cracking up into a fit of laughter.

"Well, the name of that spell sure sounds...interesting." 

"I'll do it so we won't mess it up and cause something drastic to happen. No offense to you guys of course. It's not your fault you guys aren't the brightest cookie in the jar
when it comes to charms." I added.

 Casey frowned in fake annoyance, but handed me the apples nevertheless.

"Von love apple crapper. " I said, though quite begrudgingly.

" Oh my god I’m so excited! I wanna go first!! Casey squealed.

"Fine by me. " I grumbled.

"What?" Casey exclaimed in confusion after she looked down at her apple.

"Who in the name of Merlin is 'La-La Bubbles'?" Casey asked as she glanced up at us.

"You got someone who's first name is La-La? I've never heard of ANYONE with the name of La-La... Well, sucks for you." I chuckled.

"Aw, unfair." Casey pouted. "These things were supposed to work."

"Whatev, Cas, pass an apple. I wanna play." Melody said as she tried to hold back her laugh.

Melody grabbed the apple and wordlessly mouthed the name.

"Who'd you get, Mel? Not Remus, I hope." I gently prodded.


"Better than marrying someone named La-La Bubbles." Casey said in an irritated tone.

"Your turn Lily."

I took an apple and looked at it. In big bold letters one name was carved. The name was...


" What’s the name, Lily? "

" James Potter.” I had said. “But the charm on this one is probably going away like Cas' did."

"I think the apple's got the right idea." Casey said slyly.

“But that’s impossible.” I said frantically. “I refuse to believe that I will marry a pig that calls himself human.”

“Well, in that case you should start getting used to being Mrs. Pig-that-calls-himself-human now.” Melody said whilst smirking that someone got it worse than her, before slipping under her burgundy covers.

Unfortunately, once I had drfted off into a restless sleep the only thing I could think about was James, James, and James. He really had changed, I suppose. And he WAS always quite nice to me, and he is extremely funny. I guess it couldn't be too bad to end up married to James... I mean, he's not exactly poor. And he is slightly attractive. I suppose.

As these dream- induced thoughts ran through my brain, I missed hearing Casey and Melody giggle together about how they couldn't believe I actually thought Von Love Apple Crapper was a real spell.


A/N   In case you couldn't tell, Casey and Melody made up the Apple Game and the Spell to trick Lily into believing that she should marry James.

This was my first story.

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