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Ron and Hermione:It was never going to be easy by Littowitch
Chapter 8 : A Threat
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“Happy Birthday Freddy” boomed Ron, as he walked towards his nephew.

Hermione followed with a very excited Rose. The Weasleys, well one set of the Weasleys walked into George and Angelina’s garden where the rest of the family were. Ginny, Harry, Fleur and Albus were all sat under the huge Oak tree.

Arthur and Molly were on the deck watching Victoire and Antoinette dance, whilst Bill, Charlie and George all stood round the barbeque. Percy and Audrey still hadn’t arrived.

“Hermione, look how big you are” said Angelina, taking her arm and whispering, “You have no idea how many times I have had to say that today”

The two women laughed and sat down next to Molly and Arthur.

“Angelina do let me help you with the cooking, I feel useless sitting here” pleaded Molly, who couldn’t stop fidgeting.

Angelina smiled, “Okay Molly, can you check on the steak pie”

“I’d love to” said Molly smiling and tottering away. Arthur stretched out on the bench.

“Mind if I go for a nap before lunch girls?”

“Not at all” chuckled Hermione.

Once Arthur had let out his first of many snores, Angelina looked round them. Harry and Ginny were organising the kids for a game of Football, whatever that was. Harry watched Muggle TV far too much.

“Okay Hermione, what was it that you couldn’t tell me over the phone?” questioned Angelina

Hermione looked away from Angelina, she took a deep breath.

“I think he’s cheating on me” she whispered

Angelina looked confused for a moment before bursting out laughing.

“Angie this is serious”

“I’m sorry Hermione, but Ron doesn’t seem like the kind of bloke that does that”

“Well how does that explain that he is working more but we aren’t getting any more money, he stays out after work, he makes more of an effort with his appearance and came home smelling like Chanel once”

“Chanelle I knew that they shouldn’t have hired her. Slut…I knew it from the beginning the way she dresses and acts round George”

It was Hermione time to be confused.

“Angie what are you talking about?”

“Chanelle Lawson, she works in the shop. Explains a lot staying behind after work and dressing up a bit”

“I meant the perfume” said Hermione, “But now you mention it, Ron has been talking more about her lately, we even had her over for dinner a few weeks ago”

“She must have made her move then. Though no offence Hermione but Chanelle is gorgeous and Ron just well isn’t”

“Angie he looks almost identical to George except my man taller”

“I can’t believe you are calling him your man if you think he is cheating”

“Who is cheating?” asked Ron, joining a very surprised Angelina and Hermione

“What…” stammered Hermione

“I said who is cheating”


“Harry is!” shouted Angelina, pointing her finger over at Harry who in fact was cheating by picking up the football and running with it.

“Ohh Harry mate don’t ruin it for the kids” said Ron jogging over to join them.

Angelina took Hermione’s hand and pulled her into the conservatory and closed the glass doors.

“Now we can see if anyone is going to come and interrupt us…now where were we?”

“We were talking about Chanelle”

“Ahh yes the slut we let work with our husbands. Tell me what happened at the dinner you had”


“I’ll get it” called Ron, to Hermione who was in the sitting room with their other guests. Adela Partridge and Glen Docherty from Hermione’s office and now Ron’s new assistant had arrived.

“This is Chanelle everybody” announced Ron.

Hermione turned to see a young woman about twenty years old. She had long blonde hair and huge green eyes. She seemed to be in very good shape, from what Hermione could tell from her jacket, a fitted pink Muggle Mac. When Ron took her jacket from her, she seemed a tad overdressed for a dinner party. Wearing a short blue halter dress, Adela and Hermione shot growlers at her whilst the men fawned over her. Glen kept asking her if she wanted another drink.

Adela and Glen left at around ten pm whilst Chanelle stayed on. Her and Ron played spin the wand whilst Hermione sat by, feeling awful.

At eleven, Hermione decided she was going to bed. When she said good-night to Chanelle she kissed her husband so passionately, when she let go of their embrace he fell back against the sofa.

Rose woke up at four, so Hermione pottered down to the kitchen to find Chanelle and Ron arm-wrestling.

“Have you two been up all night” said Hermione, who had to stop midway as she yawned.

Chanelle lifted her skinny arm into the light, “She’s right, sorry Hermione for keeping your man away from you. Well I have to be at work in four hours I had better get going. Bye Hermione” she kissed Hermione on the cheek, “Bye Ron” again kissed Ron on the cheek, lingering a bit too much for Hermione’s liking.

“Yes, bye” said Hermione, practically pushing her out of the house.

“I’m exhausted babe, is it cool if I catch a few hours sleep”

Hermione turned to the sink and started casting enchantments to clean the dishes.


“I’m going to wring that girl’s neck. How dare she try and play us for fools”

A commotion began outside. Hermione peered out and saw Fleur breathing rapidly and clutching her swelled stomach.

“Hermione, Angie get the kids inside now” yelled George, picking up Roxanne and Arthur-Francis.
Hermione picked up Rose and took Antoinette’s hand.

“What is wrong with my mama?” asked Antoinette through her tears.

“Nothing sweetie, mama is having your wee brother or sister”

Soon all the kids were in the living room and accounted for.

Fleur was still outside, so Hermione leaving Angelina and Harry with the kids ran out onto the deck.

What she saw could not have surprised her more. Fleur was laying on the bench with Bill holding her hand and Chanelle…Chanelle! Telling her to breathe and stay calm.

Molly was breathing as almost for Fleur.

“Okay, people this baby is coming too quickly for her to get to St Mungos. We’ll have to deliver the baby here”

Fleur already distressed manner increased. She began babbling in French. Bill who after the birth of Victoire had learned the language was able to translate that fleur wanted a healer then if not she would cross her legs and not let the baby out.

“Listen Fleur, I’m a trained Medic-witch” said Chanelle calmly, “I have delivered countless babies including Bernadette’s”

“So you did, honey I’m sorry” drawled Bernadette, her Californian accent really stood out.

“Okay we need to get Fleur inside. George, Bill, Ron and Charlie on three lift her. One, Two Three lift.”

The four men carried a screaming Fleur into the house, Ginny and Bernadette holding each of her hands. They put Fleur in the room she was staying in anyway.

“Hermione, Molly can you conjure as many towels and blankets as possible” asked Chanelle.

The two witches hurried off, Hermione less reluctant to do the job because Chanelle had told her to do it.


“Fleur, listen to me. You have to give me one more big push and then that should be it”

“Okay” Fleur closed her eyes and pushed with all the strength she could muster. She didn’t even scream.

The room was silent until…a shrill shriek came from the new Weasley.

“Congratulations guys it’s a girl” said Chanelle wrapping the baby in one of the blankets Molly had put a heat charm on.

“Thank you so much Chanelle…Bill what about Chanelle for her?” asked Fleur

Chanelle blushed.

“Of course, everyone meet Chanelle Weasley” announced Bill. A genuine smile etched on his face. He kissed his wife then his new daughter’s head, before clearing out everyone and bring in their four other kids.

As all of the Weasleys plus the four and a half Potters stood in the hallway, admiring the beautiful scene before them, the front door opened.

“Sorry we’re late we miss anything?” asked Percy.

A/N: Here is the newest update. It is not the best but I’ll leave that for you to decide. Please review like I said these reviews make me write a lot quicker.

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