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Shadow and Light by ItsSnowyDudes
Chapter 7 : What happens when you break curfew.
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Everyone, including Harry and Ron screamed the second the lights went out. Hannah’s breathing slowed down. She swallowed, still shaking. What just happened? Had she caused this? The thought worried her, but at the same time, excited her. Hermione slowly backed away from Hannah, as if she would attack her.

“W-what happened?” Ginny asked, breaking the long silence, her voice slightly squeaking. Ron shook his head, bewildered. “I-don’t know.” he said softly.

In the dark, it was hard to tell where anything was, so trying to hit Ginny would be useless, none the less stupid.

Hermione slowly removed her wand from her pocket, frowning.

Pointing it at the chandler , her arm shaking slightly, she whispered, ”R-repairo!” Instantly, the lights snapped back on, basking the whole room in it’s warm glow. She lowered her arm.

“Holy crap. Did I do this? All I remember is how I wanted to hit Ginny, how mad she made me. And the lights exploded. I couldn’t have caused this” Hannah though. Suddenly, aware the lights were back on, she looked around. The room was completely soundless. Six pairs of eyes were on her and she tensed. “I-I-don’t know what happened.” she said, her voice trembling.

Ginny cleared her throat. “Stay away from me, Hannah,” pausing, she added. “And Harry too.” She shot her a quick glare, before quickly running up the stairs, to the Girl’s dorm and out of sight.

Hannah sighed, crossed over to a chair and plopped down in it. Hermione looked at her. What was going on with her sister? Lisa cleared her throat, brushing her blonde hair out of her light green eyes. “I think, I’ll go to bed.” she said quietly, not wanting to be in the same room with Hannah anymore. She bolted up the stairs, quick as a flash.

Harry sighed. “Me too. Good night Hermione, Ron, Emma.” The three muttered good night in unison, looking at Hannah.

She slowly looked at him. “Good night, Harry.” she said softly. Harry merely nodded at her. He didn’t know what to think anymore. “Are you coming, Ron?” Ron nodded, “Good night, Hermione.” He smiled at her warmly, before they descended up the stairs. Hermione felt her heart flutter.

Sighing, Emma picked up her wand. “I need to take a walk.” she mumbled, shaking her head. Her blonde hair shook and fell into her blue eyes. Without waiting from a word from the two sisters, she left.

Hermione’s chocolate brown eyes never left her sister. She silently walked over to her and shoved her over, squeezing in next to her. “Hannah?” she said softly. Hannah had buried her head in her hands, and she was sniffling. “W-w-what?” she mumbled, her words were clogged with tears. She sniffed loudly, more tears falling into her hands.

Hermione bit her bottom lip. “Are you okay?” It was a stupid question, but she had to ask it. Hannah shook her head fiercely, the tips of her hair hit her knees. She looked up quickly, her deep green eyes wet, soaked with tears. “Do I look like I’m okay?!” she cried, wiping her face with her sleeve. “No!” she finished, not waiting for Hermione to answer.

“I haven’t been okay since..since..” she stopped. She was about to say, ‘since I became a Deatheater.’ Hermione frowned. “Since?” she whispered, urging for her younger sister by a mere two minutes to continue, worry lines increasing in her forehead.

Hannah sighed. “Since forever. I mean, goddamn, Hermione, our parents gave me up! I was adopted! Do you know how it feels not knowing who your real parents are?!” she cried more now, realizing that she had all this pent up, and it was true. Hermione remained quiet, listening.

“And then,” she continued,” I come here and find out I have a sister! A twin none the less! And I can’t..” she paused again, more tears falling. “I don’t know if I can deal being who I am anymore!” she finally said, rising to her feet. Hermione reached out and grabbed her arm, stopping her. “And who are you?” she asked softly, scared of what she might hear.

Hannah looked down at her. For a long time. Deep green eyes meeting soft chocolate brown ones. “I’m me.” she whispered. Hermione wrinkled her brow. “I know, but what’s wrong with that, being you, I mean.” The younger twin sighed helplessly. “Everything Hermione, everything.” Her words were barely audible. If not for them being the only two people in the room, Hermione wouldn’t have heard her. Hannah sniffed again, lightly pulling her arm out of Hermione’s grasp.

She pocketed her wand. “I-I-” she stammered, “I need some fresh air.” she mumbled. Without another look at her, she bolted out. Hermione sat there, a loss for words. What did she mean, when she said who I am? She sighed, pressing her fingers to her temples.

Hannah wiped her eyes again. She had to calm down. Sighing, she looked at her watch. It was ten to eleven. These fucking meetings were getting earlier and earlier. But, this was the last one. She was done. She wasn’t doing this anymore. How could she? Everyone she had met were so nice. Especially Harry. And Ginny, poor Ginny. She didn’t blame the young Weasley for hating her, she hated herself. And she’d be damned if she was going to let anything happen to any of them, especially her sister. Tonight, she would tell, no demand to Voldemort that she was done. Finished. And if she got killed in the process, then so be it. This place would be better off without her anyways. None of her friends would care for her anymore when they found out.

Passing the halls, she kept her eyes glued to the tile, not caring if she walked into anything. Suddenly, she saw something out of the corner of her eye. A movement. She stopped, and back tracked. Her green eyes peered into a small passage, her eyes winded. There was Emma, her arms around a guy’s neck. His back was pressed against the wall, and he had his strong arms around her waist. She blinked. He had short brown her, and light green eyes. Recognizing him as Austin McShae, Seeker for Hufflepuff, she grinned. They were so engrossed with each other, they probably didn’t even know she was there.

She smirked. Clearing her throat, she stepped into the small passage. “Hey, don’t you need air?”

The couple before her jumped, Emma immediately backing away from him. Her blue eyes wide. “Hannah!” she exclaimed loudly, totally shocked. Her face turning red. Suddenly, she slapped him. “Don’t you ever do that again!” she scolded. Hannah shook her head, a small grin dancing across her lips.

“Hey!” Austin cried, “What’d I do?!” He rubbed his cheek. Emma blushed. “I-we-we-were..” she stammered. Hannah’s grin winded. “Making out.” she finished for her. Emma casted her eyes down. “Y-yeah.” she mumbled. “His name is--” she stopped again, cheeks flushed.

“Austin McShae.” Hannah finished again. Emma nodded. “Right..” The red head sighed, rolling her green eyes. “Emma?”


“Go to bed.” she muttered. Emma nodded again. “Ah, right..” she said slowly. “Well, b-bye Austin!” She quickly grabbed Austin’s head, pulling him down to her. She kissed him deeply.

“Emma!” Hannah snapped, irritated. Emma pulled away, grinning. “I’m going, I’m going.” she mumbled. She winked at Austin. “Bye!” She dashed away.

Hannah watched her leave, shaking her head again. She turned back to Austin, who looked very confused. “You go to bed too.” she snapped, walking away. Austin rubbed his cheek again.” Women.” he grumbled, sighing as he left. 

Hannah quickly made her way outside. She raced over to the forest. Swallowing her pride, she walked in, shaking from head to toe.

Hermione wasn’t even sure how it happened, but she found herself sitting on a comfy red couch in the common room. She did not even remember ever going to bed. It was getting rather cold, for the fire was dying out. She could not find a blanket anywhere. Sighing to herself, she wondered what time it might be. She figured it was around two or three in the morning. Not that she really cared. There was so much on Hermione’s mind right now. She had no idea how she was keeping it all inside.

She leaned back on the couch, watching the fire burn out. She didn’t really like the idea anymore about being a twin. It was really too much for her to handle right now. Strangely enough, she felt a tear roll down her cheek. She immediately wiped it away, but only to have more take over its place. She sighed loudly, and thought about going back up to bed. But that idea quickly died out of her head. She did not want to move from her spot on the couch.

So when the eldest Granger heard a noise coming from behind her, she jumped into the air. “AH!” She screamed, and grabbed her wand. She turned around, to see Ron Weasley behind her. “Ronald Bilius Weasley!” She yelled, and placed a hand over her heart. “You nearly gave me a heart attack, and that’s the last thing I need right now!” She huffed, and rapidly tried to wipe away her tears. She could not do it fast enough though. Ron was still able to see them.

Ronald groaned loudly in his head, he hated it when girls cried. Especially when it was Hermione that he saw crying. Without saying anything, Ron sat down next to her and placed an arm around her shoulder. It was such a bold move for him to make. He wasn’t sure how she’d react to that. But like Charlie had told him, she placed her head on his shoulder.

He wasn’t too sure what to do next. Thankfully, Hermione said, “I just can’t take this right now. I have so much on my mind that it’s starting to interfere with my school work…” He watched as more tears spilled out of her chocolate brown eyes. It was breaking his heart to see the love of his life crying.

“Oh sweetie, don’t cry…” It took him a moment to register what he had just said. Has he just called her sweetie!? Sweetie!? Oh he could not believe himself. His ears turned a deep shade of red. Thankfully, it wasn’t very bright in the room. He looked over to see the fire embers. There were only a few left. He wished that he had thought before he spoke.

Hermione didn’t seem to mind, though. In fact, she rather liked the nick name. She looked up at him with her tear stained face, and kissed his cheek. “Thanks, Ron.” She smiled as she saw Ron’s face turn as red as his ears. He brought his hands up to the spot where she had just kissed him. She looked into his crystal blue eyes, and saw something that she had never seen before. She saw pure love in his eyes. It made her heart melt.

Hermione lightly bit her lip, and inwardly had an argument with herself about what she was going to say or do next. “Ron…” She said slowly, and then smiled even bigger, “I liked it when you called me sweetie. I think,” she paused, “I think I could get used to it…” It was then Hermione felt Ron’s lips on hers. It was an amazing feeling. She didn’t want that moment to end ever. Of course, she wanted to breathe too, so she had to pull away after a minute.

He blushed, and started to say something, but Hermione cut him off with another kiss. This one had just as much love as the one before it. “I really like you, Hermione.” Ron said as they pulled away. She giggled. “I really like you too, Ron.” He noticed that all the tears were gone off her face. He placed his arm around her again.

“So does this mean we are…”Ron started to ask, but Hermione cut him off. Hermione laughed out loud, and said, “Yes Ronald, it does.” Suddenly, the door burst open. Both of them jumped, turning to look at who had burst through. Emma stood there, out of breath. “Hermione, Ron.” she nodded at them, then zipped upstairs. A few seconds later, she came thundering down, racing out again. Ron blinked. “Did she have princess pajamas on?” he asked, wrinkling his nose. Hermione merely shook her head.

Hannah scowled, stalking back inside the school. She was completely soaked. Sighing, she ringed out some of her thick, wavy hair, a few droplets of water hitting the stone floor. She tenderly rubbed her arm, where she had just received a number of slashes and marks. Voldemort was none too pleased when she told him her request. However, he agreed to her freedom, on one condition. A day ago, Hannah wouldn’t have minded the condition, but now, she didn’t want to do it. She couldn’t. Somehow, she was changing. She went from happy and bouncy, to cold and heart wrenchingly evil. She didn’t know what was happening to her. But when she got mad, or upset, she didn’t know if she could control her actions. Like the lights in the common room, the goblet. It scared her, made her a little girl again, one who was afraid of monsters. And yet, the feeling it incased in her, the intensity of power she felt, it was incredible. Her nightly meetings consisted of the usual, her telling Voldemort if she knew anything, she hadn’t, at least not yet. And killing. She never wanted to do it at first, but when she did, and it was over, she loved it. That’s the thing that scared her the most. Sighing, she made her way to the kitchen.

Emma sat on a stool in the kitchen. It was a really long, and painful day. She found out that her new best friend might be a Deatheater. She didn't think it was true, though. I mean, how could Hannah be a Deatheater? She was only sixteen for God's sake. How could someone so young be a Deatheater? It didn't make any sense. Sighing, Emma took a huge bite out of her apple.

She wanted some pancakes, but there weren't any made. That made her kind of mad. Emma's favorite food was pancakes. She blamed her brother for that, though. That was the only thing he liked to eat when he was little. Shaking her blonde hair out of her blue eyes, muttering. She then heard someone enter the kitchen. She was hoping that it was not a teacher, because then she would get in huge trouble.

Her bright blue eyes looked up in fear. Normally, Emma would not be so scared, but the girl was in her 'Princess' pajamas with her hair a mess and her make up was not done, for merlin’s sake! When Emma saw someone come closer to her, she thought she knew who it was. "Hannah?" Emma got up off the stool, and tilted her head to the side. It was Hannah. She looked...really tired, and emotionally drained. Plus, she even looked a bit wet. Emma pondered if it was raining outside.

It was then Emma saw something. Hannah's shirt was not covering up her arms like it always did. Squinting, Emma saw what looked like a huge tattoo. "" Emma screamed, and Hannah jumped. Her green eyes narrowed. “Jesus, Emma. Keep it down, will you?" she snapped, and bit her bottom lip.

"You-you-you really are a Deatheater!" Emma screamed again, and grabbed her wand off a table. "So what Malfoy said was right!" She pointed her wand at Hannah, and started to back up.

"Emma Bailey Grant!“ she seethed, taking a step closer to her. “Put your wand away, now.” Hannah said, and like magic, Emma listened. She smirked. “Good girl. Now,” she paused, her wand twirling between her fingers, “Don’t you even think about telling anyone. Or I swear on your grave, I will kill you and your family.“ Hannah's deep green eyes flashed red. "I don't think you want that, do you?" Her voice once sweet, was now low and hollow, dark even. Hannah watched Emma shake her head no.

Blinking, Hannah's eyes went back to green. She was now smiling. "‘s Austin?” she asked, snatching an orange off the table like nothing had happened.

"Ahhhh!" Emma screamed, picked up her wand, and ran as fast as she could out of the kitchen. Hannah sighed, and ran after her. If Emma told anyone, she was screwed.

Emma raced down the hall, her monkey slippers pounding against the hard tile floor. She couldn’t believe it! Malfoy was right! She could hear Hannah behind her, and she ran faster, feeling like her lungs were going to explode. Suddenly, she smashed into someone and went flying to the floor. She groaned and shot to her feet. Professor Snape glared at her, his lips curling into a sneer.

“My, my..” he said quietly. “What are you doing out of bed?” He grinned, his ugly teeth showing. Emma’s eyes winded. “P-professor Snape!” she cried, flinging her arms around his waist. He could help her! She was saved! Snape’s eyes winded. “What are you doing child?!” he spat, shoving her away. “Fifty points from Gryffindor!”

Her blue eyes winded,” But--” she started to protest, then stopped. “Professor, Hannah-she’s--down there…” she pointed down the hall she had just come. “She’s a A--” she stuttered, not being able to say it. Snape raised an eyebrow. “What?” he asked icily, irritated with the overly cheerful girl. Emma took a deep breath. “Hannah is--” she stopped, when she heard Hannah’s voice right behind her.

“Hello, Professor Snape!” Hannah stepped up besides Emma, who’s face had gone pure white and put her arm around her. “We were just getting a snack, all this studying makes a girl hungry, right Em?” Emma whimpered. Snape raised a brow “Indeed.” he said sourly. Hannah nodded. 

“We promise we’ll never be out of bed this late again!” Snape frowned. “Be that as it may, you still broke a school rule. Detention, my office. Tomorrow night at eight.” His coal black eyes glared at them.

“We’ll go now.” she grabbed Emma’s collar and forcibly dragged the petrified girl down the hall. Hannah waited, until they were completely out of sight. Then, without warning, she grabbed a fistful of Emma’s blonde hair and slammed her back hard, into the wall. Emma winced, pain shooting down her spine.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” she hissed, spitting out her words. Her green eyes burning into her blue ones dangerously. Emma gasped. “I-I’m sorry!” she stammered, struggling to get free. Hannah glared at her. She moved one hand to her throat, the other pointing her wand at Emma’s chest. She wrapped her hand around her neck, slowly raising her off the floor. Emma’s eyes became round, she gasped for air.

Hannah sharply jabbed her in her chest with her wand. “Don’t you ever, ever do that again!” she snapped. Her features were beginning to change again. Her beautiful, deep green eyes turned a dark red. Her sweet, syrupy voice became low, dark. Even her red hair starting growing darker, almost to a black. “I will kill you. I can promise you that!” She tightened her grip. Emma began to grow light headed. Her eyes slowly begin to shut, she gasped for breath. “I-I-promise.” she choked out, her words were rasped. She slowly began seeing stars. Hannah grinned. “Good.” she whispered. She let go. Emma fell to the floor, gasping. She slowly rubbed her neck. Climbing shakily to her feet, she looked at Hannah. Her eyes were back to normal, she looked fine.

“Ready to go back?” she asked cheerfully, grinning. Emma simply nodded, barely able to move. Smiling, Hannah grabbed her arm and dragged her back to the common room.

Ginny Weasley wasn’t able to sleep. This is why she up, reading, at four am. In the bloody morning. She knew she needed sleep, especially after the day she had, but she just couldn’t fall asleep. She sighed, not even reading the words on the page anymore.
Suddenly, she thought she heard voices outside the portrait. Her eyes winded and she dove behind the couch, just as the door opened and two people walked in.

“Emma..” Hannah’s voice was low. She plopped down on the couch, gracefully folding her legs underneath her. “Sit.” she gestured to the chair. Emma, wordlessly sat down, her legs were shaking. Her breath was still shallow. Marks, from Hannah’s hand were left on her neck. Hannah pressed her fingers together,” Now,” she continued, slowly. “What you saw tonight, I--” she stopped. Her ears perked up, and her eyes shifted around. They weren’t the only two in there. Someone else was also there.

“What?” Emma asked, surprised at her sudden quietness. “What’s wrong?”

“Shut up!” Hannah snapped, listening. Suddenly, she sighed, rolling her eyes. “Ginny..” she called out,” Get out from behind the couch.” Emma raised an eyebrow. Was Hannah losing it? Ginny wasn’t in here, or was she?

Ginny’s green eyes winded. How did she even know she was there? She slowly got to her feet, knees slightly shaking. Emma gasped. Ginny glared at her. “Where were you two? And why, Hannah, are you soaked?”

“S-” Emma started, but her words caught dead in her throat, when Hannah shot her a petrifying glare. “Peeves.” she finished, casting her eyes to look at the rug.

Hannah smirked. Turning to Ginny, she said,” None of your damn business. We were out.” she shrugged, as if it were nothing. “Just go back to bed.” Ginny’s eyes shot daggers at her. “No, I don’t think I will, thank you.” Hannah simply chuckled.

“Go to bed, Ginny.” she said, her voice starting to grow low. Emma’s eyes winded. The youngest Weasley scoffed. “No, I want you t-” but Emma cut her off.

“Just go to bed, Gin.” she said quietly, eyes still on the carpet. Ginny’s eyes winded in surprise. “Why?”

“Just go!” Emma snapped, trying desperately to make her go away, before Hannah got angry. Ginny looked hurt. “Fine.” she grumbled. Turning around, she began toward the stairs. Reaching them, she placed one hand on the rail, “Hannah, you won’t win.” was she said, before she disappeared.

Hannah rolled her eyes. “Stupid git.” she spat. Emma sighed, glad she was gone. Her blue eyes finally looked up, only to see Hannah looking at her. She shivered, and it wasn’t from the cold, but from fear. Hannah grinned. “My, you get snippy, don’t ya?”

Emma ignored her. Which, made Hannah’s grin, widen. “Okay, okay.” she mumbled, waving her hand. “Bottom line is, what you saw tonight, tell ANYONE and you’ll regret it. Deeply. Do I make myself clear?” Emma nodded, wanting nothing more than to drive a knife through her cold, uncaring heart. Hannah smiled. “C’mon then, off to bed!” she exclaimed, bouncing to her feet. “See what happens when you break curfew, Em?” laughing, she tugged the numb girl to her feet.

Without a word, Emma followed her up the stairs. She climbed into her bed, and sighed. Exhausted. From now on, life would not be peaches and cream for Emma Grant.

A few beds over, Hannah was tossing and turning. She never wanted to hurt Emma. But the little brat found out her secret. What else could she do? She chose the path of no return. The path, of well, evil. And it was who she was. No matter how hard she tried to deny it, she couldn’t. She was changing into a cold, unloving, Deatheater, and she didn’t know if she hated it or loved it.


Thanks for reading! Please review! I'm going to be honest, I'll..cry if I don't reviews.Well, not cry really, but I'll be like..sad! Chapter 8 is next!

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