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David Weasley and the Challenge of a Lifetime by ladybobcat54
Chapter 11 : Adnot's Goodbye Policy
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After the couple walked back down the aisle, the chairs rose into the air, and tables appeared from nowhere and the chairs arranged themselves around them. There was a big space in the middle of the room that was supposed to be the dance floor, and at the front of the room opposite the doors there was a long table for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen to sit at.

When everyone was seated food appeared on the trays like it did at the Hogwarts feasts. Towards the end of the meal Devon stood up to make his speech as best man.

"Well, I guess I'm going to start the toasts," Devon began, "Let's see what can I say about Teddy, we've been best friends ever since we first met on the Hogwarts Express, nine years ago, we did pretty much everything together, and we swore we would always be there, which we have been," Devon paused to look over at his best friend sitting next to him before going on, "But, now it's not going to be Teddy and Devon anymore, it'll be Teddy and Victorie, and no matter how much it pains me, I'm not going to be the best friend anymore, she is, and now I should probably rap it up, because Teddy can tell that I stole this from speeches I heard at other weddings, to the bride and groom," He finished raising his glass.

When he sat down Veronica stood up to make her toast.

"Let's see, where do I begin?” Veronica said, smiling at her sister and new brother-in-law, “I’ve known both Victorie and Teddy my whole life, and they’ve been friends as long as I can remember, so when they finally got together I was absolutely thrilled. When I was about thirteen, I started teasing my sister about when they were planning on dating, and that would result in me getting chased around the house," She said, pausing to reflect on this, "But, we've always been close, we hardly ever fought, unlike the two of us and Davey," Veronica looked at her brother to see him turn about as red as his hair, and she laughed, "To the bride and groom," she finished raising her own glass.

Devon stood back up, and said, "I think it's time for the bride and groom to share their first dance as husband and wife,"

Teddy and Victoire stood up and walked onto the dance floor. They began to slow dance when the song came on, and before long another had come on and they were being joined by many other couples, including: Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione, George and his wife Rachel, Bill and Fleur, and several others.

Right now David really wished Alyssa was here more then he had in the past few weeks.

Before long Devon stood up, and called for quiet, he announced that it was time for the father daughter dance. After he had said it, Victorie and Bill stepped out on to the dance floor, and when the song started they began to dance. Soon enough Harry and Lily, Ron and Rose, Arthur and Ginny, George and Sara, and many others were joining them.

After a few more hours Teddy and Victoire left for their honeymoon in Italy. David actually missed his sister quite a bit. He was extremely happy however when she returned on Christmas Eve to collect her things to move into Teddy’s apartment.

He’d been standing at the top of the stairs, and when he heard his sister’s voice he ran downstairs and hugged her tightly.

"Yes, he'll be back tonight, though," Fleur said, once David had released her, "David why don't you get your other sister, and the two of you can help Teddy and Victorie move Victories things,"

"All right," David said, and turned to the stairs and yelled, "VERONICA, TEDDY AND VICTORIE ARE HERE AND YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO HELP MOVE VICTORIES THINGS!"

"Davey, any of us could have done that," Victorie said, annoyed.

"But you didn't," He said, smirking as he said it.

Veronica than came down the stairs, her hair-soaking wet, she had clearly just showered. She squealed at the sight of her sister and brother-in-law, and she quickly ran to hug them. Teddy, Victorie, Veronica, and David then began to move Victories boxes downstairs, and flooed them over their place to drop the boxes off. This took about a half an hour with the four of them. When they were done Teddy and Victorie left to unpack, but they were back for dinner within hours.

The only things that were really different when the couple returned were that Bill was there and David had changed his shirt. They ate dinner in silence, and it was David who broke it asking if he should get the pie. But when he returned it was silent again.

After dinner Teddy, Victoire, Veronica, and David went upstairs to Veronica’s room. David’s camp bed had been removed the day after the wedding, and David now just slept in Victoire’s old bed. They sat in the room for hours just talking about things like school and stuff. When the clock struck eleven Teddy and Victoire left, and David and Veronica went to bed.

David had to admit, Victoire’s bed was much more comfortable then his own. It was probably do to the fact that she didn’t have many things shoved under her mattress.

On Christmas morning David woke up at around the same time as Veronica. They went downstairs and opened presents, and hung around the house for a while. Adnot, Appoline, and Gabrielle were leaving that morning. David hugged his grandfather goodbye.

Adnot had always been really big on good-byes. He always said that at his age you learn to realize that when you say goodbye to someone, you could be saying goodbye forever. So you should treat every goodbye like you would if you knew that you weren’t going to see them again, and that’s just what David did.

When Adnot and Appoline were gone David sprinted up to his sister’s room and got his things and ran to his own room. He threw himself onto the bed, which felt allot softer then he remembered. He sat up and looked around the room and saw that it was clean. Veronica stood in the doorway and looked aghast.

“She cleaned it!” David said shocked, but happy.

“But she touched everything.” Veronica pointed out.

“I know,” David said, “Really brave of her.”

David sat on his bed admiring how clean his usually cluttered room was. Only problem was, now he didn’t know where anything was. Although, he hadn’t known before either. He spent the next hour or so trying to figure out where everything was, even though he knew that before long the room would be a pigsty again.

Around three in the afternoon they left for the burrow. Victoire and Teddy were already there. David went upstairs to his Uncle Ron’s old attic bedroom. Fred was already up there waiting for him.

“So, have you had any contact with Alyssa since the last day?” Fred asked.

“No, actually I haven’t,” David said, “I didn’t get a chance to tell her that day and it’s the kind of thing I want to say in person.”

“I see what you mean.” Fred said, “I think that’s a good decision on your part.”

“But still, there’s always that possibility that someone else will ask her before I get back.” David pointed out.

“Yes, there is every chance of that happening,” Fred started.

“Can’t we skip to the part that makes me feel better?” David asked.

“You didn’t let me finish,” Fred said sternly, “There’s every chance of it happening, but no chance of her saying yes to anyone but you.”

“That made me feel better.” David said, “Do you really think she likes me though?”

“David, you’re the only one who isn’t positive she does,” Fred said, “Last year I was ninety-five percent sure, this year I’m one hundred!”

This was extremely comforting to David, what wasn’t extremely comforting was a crash outside, the floor shaking and lights in the house going out. David fell to the ground with the force of the shudder, and banged his head on the ground, right where the bump was.

There was another crash and the ground shook once more.

A/N: Finally the action thing will be coming into play. The only other thing I have to say is once again referenced to that box at the bottom of the screen. Review!

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David Weasley and the Challenge of a Lifetime: Adnot's Goodbye Policy


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