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All I could hope for by tookool4you
Chapter 32 : Clothes Shopping
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Hermione ran to the Gryffindor Common Room to Ginnys room. When she saw Ginny Hermione ran into her arms and started crying. Ginny didnt know what to do, so she rubbed Hermione's back until she stopped crying.

“Hermione what is wrong with you?” asked Ginny sounding conserned.

“You want to go shopping?” said Hermione trying to smile. "I want to go know, please"

Hermione and Ginny snuck into Hogsmeade from one of the many secret passageways that Harry had shown them at night. Ginny didn’t get much, but Hermione spent all of her gold she had taken with them.

Hermione came out of the dressing room in knee high socks and black shorts with a pink t-shirt. Hermione loved the way she looked, it was like she was a whole new person and wanted a fresh start for the new life that layed ahead. That was one of the only outfits that Ginny actually liked. She kept giving Hermione a phony smile that some people would think was real, but Hermione knew better. Hermione could not waitt to get back to the castle to show Ron and Harry her knew clothes.

“Ginny what is wrong?” asked Hermione sitting down next to her in a chair after of Ginny's phony smiles.

“Me? What is wrong with you? Hermione last week you would never be caught dead in those clothes and now you are going off the handle buying all of this," said Ginny holding up a shirt with a skull on the front of it.

“Ginny some people change. They change...for the better...and sometimes for the worst," said Hermione sadly.

“What do you mean ‘some people change’? Do you like girls Hermione?" asked Ginny suddenly.

“No, nothing like that. All I can tell you know is that I’m not the old Hermione anymore…I will tell you the rest  when we get back to the castle, but Ginny when i do tell you can you promise me that you will take it to your grave?"

"Hermione of course I will keep it if you want me to, but I want you to tell me now. Why can't you just tell me right here, right now?"

Hermione looked around the store. There were only two more people in the store, but that was still too many people to tell Ginny her secret. Hermione bit her lip and turned back to Ginny. Her red hair was in her face and she was sitting there growing impatient.

“Ginny I can’t tell you right now. Can't you just wait until we get to the castle?”

“No, Mione I want to know now”

“I can’t”

“Then I guess we can’t be friends anymore. Friends don’t keep secrets,” said Ginny getting up.

“I’m a vampire,” yelled Hermione running out of the store.

Hermione could tell that all the people in the store heard what she had said. How couldn't they of heard? She said it at the top of her lungs. 'Great, now everyone and their brother will know. I am so stupid' thought Hermione. She didn't stop running until she was safely back in the castle.

Ginny was still sitting on the couch dumbfounded. She couldn’t believe what she just heard. She grabbed Hermione’s clothes and ran after her best friend, but before she got out of the store she put a spell on all the people in the store making all of them forget what had just happened. It had been hard for Hermione to tell her, Ginny didn't want it to be harder for her than it already was.

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