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Scream My Lungs Out by Missus Moony and Padfoot
Chapter 36 : Scream My Lungs Out
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 A/N:  Both Missus:  Yay!  It's finally here!  The Yule Ball!  Missus Moony:  Took us long enough...  Missus Padfoot:  No kidding!  We're sorry for the long wait, but believe us when we say that this chapter was worth the wait!  Missus Moony:  Seriously, this is our favorite chapter ever!!!  And it took so long because it had to be perfect because this chapter was the reason why we started writing this fic!  Missus Padfoot:  Yeah, we both almost started crying because we finally finished this chapter!  So enjoy!!  And please leave a review!!!  Missus Moony:  Oh, and we highly recommend listening to the song that we put in here while reading the chapter - it's just awesome if you do.  Both Missus:  Love to all!!

DISCLAIMER!!!:  The lyrics that are in italics are from the song "Only One"  which was written and performed by Yellowcard from their album Ocean Avenue which was published by Capitol Records - we have no claim to these beautiful lyrics whatsoever.

Chapter 36: Scream My Lungs Out

“Lily, the baubles aren't sticking to the trees properly!”

“What are we supposed to do about the band demanding Firewhiskey?”

“My name isn't big enough on the list.”

Lily stood surrounded by several prefects in the middle of the Great Hall, trying to solve last minute problems that had popped up concerning Yule Ball - despite the fact the dance had started half an hour ago and the Hall was filled with students in their brightly colored robes and festive laughter. As soon as she had entered the Hall, Lily had been bombarded with questions, from rather urgent ones, (that chandelier had been tipping precariously because of Peeves) to the asinine ones. (Who cares if the tinsel was the wrong shade of sickle silver?!)

“James said-” 

Lily quickly cut off the poor prefect's question, turning to him rather forcefully. “James? What about James? Where is he?!”

The Hufflepuff prefect stuttered and pointed toward an obviously empty corner. “H-he was just there a minute ago! He asked me to m-m-mention that he convinced Peeves to raid Filch's rooms rather than the Hall.”

Breathing a sigh of relief that at least one 'disaster' was averted, Lily was halted from answering any further questions by a stern rebuke from a familiar soft-spoken friend.

“The baubles are supposed to look like they're barely hanging on the branch,” sighed Remus, “the band is only pulling your leg, they know it's a school event and aren't expecting any alcohol, and your name is the same size as everyone else's on the list that helped with the Yule Ball. Now, since all your questions have been answered, why don't you all go and enjoy the event you all worked very hard to put together.”

As the remaining prefects wandered back to their respective partners, Lily gave Remus a grateful smile.

“Thanks Remus, it was getting a little crazy over here.” 

The sandy-haired boy chuckled as he led Lily off toward the tables of food. “Lily, you haven't had a moment of peace since we walked in, and frankly, since the Yule Ball started, who cares what problems occur. As long as everyone's enjoying themselves they'll never notice that the faerie lights aren't hanging in the right pattern.”

The horrified Head Girl gaped at Remus in alarm. “They hung them up wrong?!” 

Before she could glance around the room, Remus laughed and lightly tapped her nose with his finger. “Lils, you have to relax! I was just kidding about the lights! You're going to worry yourself to an early grave if you keep this up!” 

“You're right,” sighed Lily. “I'm sorry, Remus. You probably haven't been having a good time yet. We haven't danced at all!”

Remus laughed. “No worries, Lily! In all honesty, I really can't dance, so just being in your company is good enough to give me a good time!”

Looking around the dance, Remus spotted a familiar figure sitting at one of the many tables scattered about. “Look, there's Rebecca, why don't we go and have a chat with her? You can sit down and actually attempt to act like you're not freaking out about what can go wrong.” 

Remus gently steered Lily towards Rebecca, who looked positively bored out of her mind and was drumming her fingers on the table as they arrived.

“Hey Becs, where's James? I thought you two were coming together?”

Rebecca raised her eyebrows at Lily, and casually leaned back in her seat before answering. “You do realize that James is my brother and, while I do love that silly sod to death, neither one of us actually want to spend the entire dance with each other. He ran off just a bit ago. Claimed he had 'Head Duties' to do.”

“Ugh! That boy has been practically a ghost! I keep hearing about him, but he has yet to come around and say hello to me once! He hasn't even shown up about any problems with the Ball, he just keeps sending me different prefects with his questions and vanishes before I can catch him!”

Remus and Rebecca shared a glance before turning towards the irate red-head. “Lily, did the two of you, by chance, get into a fight again? I mean, he hasn't said anything to Sirius, Peter, or myself about being at odds with you.” Remus paused a moment in thought before frowning with suspicion. “Though, he and Sirius were gallivanting around quite a bit after hours last night doing god-knows-what and acting quite suspicious.”

Rebecca furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. “Did you ask them what they were up to?”

“I did, but they shrugged off my questions and told me to just enjoy the show at the Ball.”

The raven-haired girl was about to question her friend further, having a feeling he was holding something back, when she noticed the subtle look he was giving her.

He stared at her solemnly before glancing quickly at Lily, then back at her. Rebecca understood immediately. Remus obviously knew more than what he was telling, but it had something to do with Lily, and he must have been sworn to secrecy by James to not tell. Rebecca had been friends with Remus long enough to know that if he wasn't willing to tell, or had promised his silence, then he would stay as silent as the grave. She suddenly realized that she and Remus had been staring at each other for quite a while, with Lily looking on with a small smile at the two of them. They both blushed furiously and averted their eyes.

Attempting to hide her embarrassment at getting caught staring at Remus, she turned towards Lily. “God, no offense, Lily, but I'm bored stiff. I hope Sirius managed to spike the punch.”

Lily laughed and shook her head in response to her friend's antics. “You know Rebecca, most 'normal' people are enjoying themselves dancing.”

“Normal people? Well then, we obviously aren't talking about Rebecca!” The three students turned to look at Marissa, who had just sauntered up to their table, wearing a long, graceful, and surprisingly tasteful pale-green dress.

“Oh, where's your boy, Marissa?” questioned Lily, while Rebecca grumbled under her breath about how being normal was overrated.

“He ran off to the loo. Said it was urgent.” 

Rebecca perked up immediately at Marissa's statement. “You mean he's really off spiking the punch, right?”

The blonde girl merely waved her hand about dismissively. “Nah, he's already done that. Had a ton of it already.  I think that's why he's off to the little boys room this soon.”

Marissa pulled out a chair before sinking in it and moved her long train out of the way so passerby didn't trip over the fine fabric. “You know, I'd forgotten how much I liked getting dressed up for things like this.” While Lily nodded in agreement, Rebecca scoffed loudly.

“Are you kidding me? With the hours we have wasted putting on tons on products and forcing our hair into weird designs with charms that leave you feeling like your head's become a pincushion? And lets not even go into how uncomfortable wearing a gown is!!”

Remus perked up, and tilted his head slightly, making him look rather like a curious puppy.

“You're uncomfortable, Rebecca? You don't show it, you look positively radiant tonight.”

Lily had to agree with Remus - Rebecca was, for once, not dressed in something ratty, black, or even vaguely scary looking. She was wearing a deep purple gown that flowed all the way to the ground, though she'd seen Remus' eyes lingering on her slit she had on her side. There was a moment's pause where Remus' comment hung in the air, before Rebecca and Remus both blushed bright red and looked away from each other. Meanwhile, Marissa and Lily were trying to hide their grins behind their hands at their friends' embarrassment.

Feeling sorry for her two flushed friends, Marissa glanced around the dance floor. “Oh look, there's that Ravenclaw chit with that horrible vomit-colored frock - I heard a rumor that she was getting something hideous, but that color is just uncalled for!”

“Marissa! Don't be mean!” Lily admonished, glancing around to see the dress for herself.

“Oh come on Lily, even a blind man wouldn't be tasteless enough to wear that.”

Rebecca, who had also spotted the dress, grimaced in disgust. “My question is, how would a blind man know what color it was?”

Marissa waved her hand about dismissively. “He'd just be able to sense the tackiness. Anyways, lets see who else is looking dismal or, eh-hem, 'radiant' tonight.” Looking around a bit more, Marissa's jaw dropped in shock.

“My god, is that a troll dressed as a Hogwarts student and dancing with that Hufflepuff girl that Pettigrew's been after?”

The remaining three teens swiveled around to stare in the direction of the reason for Marissa's dropped jaw.

There was a moment of pure stunned silence.

“Is that Pettigrew? He looks more pathetic than normal!”


“That girl must not have very good eyesight, or that great of a sense of smell.”

“Marissa, that's my friend you're talking about!”

“What?! Remus, you can't look at what he's wearing and not see how revolting he looks!”

“Well, I didn't help him pick it out. And his date looks happy enough.”

Peter, apparently noticing Remus over his date's shoulder, gave a small wave to his friend. Remus waved back and smiled kindly.

“Wait,” Lily interjected in the silence of 'Peter Pettigrew watching', “didn't he mention a few days ago in the common room that his date was picking out his robes?”

Marissa's disgusted look on her face became horrified. “Okay, shame on her for thinking she had fashion sense and enforcing her lack of fashion on someone else. And shame on him for letting her!!”

Rebecca perked up suddenly as her eye caught the front of the Great Hall. “Hey, not to distract you all from your musing on the subject of non-existing-fashion-sense, but James and Sirius just ran on the stage. I don't remember anything on the program with them in it.”

Lily snapped her head sideways to look at the stage after Rebecca's announcement. Sure enough, James and Sirius were both on stage with the band.

“OH MY GOD! What is he doing up there?! This isn't anywhere in the program! What is he thinking?!”

Marissa stared at her not-so-boyfriend on stage. “Hey, why didn't I get a backstage pass? Why didn't he bring me with him?” Pouting, she glanced at Rebecca, noticing something odd about the Potter twins. After a moment of looking back and forth between the two of them, she realized what it was that seemed weird.

“Aw, Rebecca! You and James are wearing color-coordinated dress robes! That's so cute!!”

Rebecca buried her head in her hands, attempting to ignore the blush climbing up her cheeks. “I am so going to get after Mum for this.”

Lily, ignoring her friends in her moment of supreme shock, suddenly shook herself out of her stupor. “What is he planning?! I've got to stop him!”

Immediately she took off as fast as her gown would let her, weaving in and out of dancing couples.

Remus, Rebecca, and Marissa were left at the table staring at where Lily had disappeared into the crowd, a bit astonished at the event unfolding in front of them, before they heard a familiar voice over the wizarding microphone.

“Testing, one, two, testing...” James gave a thumbs up to Sirius, before turning back to face the crowd of students and faculty. “Hey everyone, enjoying your night so far?”

A resounding roar met his ears, and he laughed and pretended to cover his ears in response. “Wow! I believe it! Now I don't want to keep you from your dance, but I just wanted to have a moment to say something important. Well, it's important to me anyway, and I hope it's important to, well, another certain person.”

“'Scuze me, pardon me, Head Girl coming through -” Lily, who was pushing herself desperately through the crowd, trying to get to the stage, stopped dead in her tracks as she looked up at the stage and saw that James Potter was looking directly at her. 

James put his fist up to his mouth and nervously cleared his throat. “You see, I owe this person the biggest apology ever. This person is possibly the most amazing human being I have had the privilege to meet and my behavior towards her these past few months – no, these past few years, is inexcusable. She is so selfless, kind-hearted, and so kick-arse that I can't even believe what I've put her through – I am such an selfish idiot,” the corners of his mouth twitched upward in a small grin, his hazel eyes never leaving Lily's wide-eyed emerald ones, “and I really am an arrogant toerag. So, I guess I'm just up here, embarrassing myself hoping by some miracle that this amazing and drop-dead gorgeous girl could find it in her heart to forgive possibly the world's most stubborn prick, because I really am sorry.” 

Lily pressed her lips together as she felt tears come to her eyes. James gave Lily a hopeful grin and Lily felt herself suddenly brimming with happiness and let out a small laugh as she smiled back at him. James' grin got bigger as he came closer to the microphone. “And just to prove that I really mean what I said, me and my boys here, The Hobgoblins, have put together a little song for you... hit it boys!” 

Lily's eyebrows raised in surprise as she watched Sirius step forward a little bit and a soft melody streamed from his guitar while James bobbed his head slightly to keep time. 

“Aw, that's so cute!” Lily turned to her right to see Daphne only a few feet away from her, looking up at James with a sappy look. “He wrote me a song! Of course I'm going to forgi – AUGH!” 

Marissa had interrupted Daphne's disgusting pining with a rough shove. “Oh, put a cork in it, you little twit!” 

Daphne fell forward, tripping on her long skirt, looking highly affronted. “How dare you, you... brat!” Daphne scrambled to pull out her wand, but when she looked up, another wand was already in her face. 

“Don't even think about it,” whispered Rebecca menacingly. “Just turn and walk away, bitch.” 

Daphne eyed Rebecca's wand apprehensively, huffed at Marissa, and stomped away, pouting. 

“Thanks, guys,” Lily laughed as she pulled her two best friends in a hug. Lily looked back up at the stage when she heard James start to sing – a sound that she had never really heard before. 

This fragile thing now 
And I can't

I can't pick up the pieces

He really had a decent voice, which was a talent that Lily never really thought that James would possess. 

And I've thrown my words all around 
But I can't

I can't give you a reason

But whether or not James had a good voice really didn't matter to Lily at this moment. The fact that he had gone to this length just to apologize to her for something that she had forgiven a long time ago was the only thing that really mattered. 

I feel so broken up 
And I give up

I just want to tell you so you know

The drums and guitars started to play more heavily and Lily could hear the passion in James' voice and it thrilled her to know that that passion was all for her.

Here I go
Scream my lungs out to try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go
There's just no one who gets me like you do
You are my only
My only one

By this time, the whole Great Hall was rocking out to the catchy music, jumping up and down. Girls were all screaming for James, Sirius, and the rest of the band, but none of that mattered to James – he only had eyes for Lily, who now had tears running down her cheeks because of the breathtaking lyrics that he was singing for her. 

Made my mistakes  
Let you down

And I can't
I can't hold on for too long

'God, she is so beautiful,' thought James as he looked at Lily. She really did look magnificent in her elegant golden-yellow dress, her hair in soft curls that cascaded down her neck.

Ran my whole life in the ground
And I can't
I can't get up when you're gone

Lily found that her feet were practically glued to the floor. She couldn't have moved if she wanted to – all she could do was stare up at this incredible guy and wonder when she was going to wake up from this wonderful, but highly improbable dream. He couldn't have possibly done this for her – she didn't deserve it...

Something's breaking up 
I feel like giving up

James slowly shook his head resolutely as he sang the words,

I won't walk out until you know

Here I go
Scream my lungs out to try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go
There's just no one who gets me like you do
You are my only
My only one

James felt one solitary tear run down his cheek as he sang those last few words. He knew that those words were true – Lily was his only one. Lily felt the tears flooding from her eyes as she saw that one tear glistening on James' cheek. 

As the band continued to play through a instrumental interlude, James left his microphone and walked quickly over to Sirius. 

“Take over for me, Padfoot, will ya?” 

“Sure thing, loverboy!” Sirius chuckled as he walked over to James' mic, still playing his guitar. 

James jumped off the stage and started to push through the crowd. This was a bit more difficult than what James had anticipated on the account that the girls were practically throwing themselves at him. 

“Give him room, guys! Let him through!” 

James heard a familiar voice yelling over the crowd as he looked a little to his left to see Remus pushing people out of James' way. 

“Thanks, Moony!” James managed to yell at his friend in passing as he started to sprint. 

After what seemed to be an eternity, the crowd parted and James saw the angel that had been haunting his dreams for years. 

“Lily,” James panted, letting the name roll off his tongue, “I really am sorry.”

The whole crowd was circled around the two of them. Sirius began to sing, picking up where James left off. 

Here I go so dishonestly
Leave a note, for you my only one

Lily wiped her tear-stained cheeks and shook her head. “You know James, this has possibly been the most humiliating thing that you have ever done to me.”

James raised his eyebrows in shock – that was obviously not the reaction he had been expecting. He felt his heart plummet into his stomach... until he saw Lily smile and laugh.

And I know you can see right through me
So let me go and you will find someone

“And surprisingly, I don't give a damn because I love you!”

Feeling elated, James lunged forward and kissed Lily with as much force as he could possibly muster. 

Here I go 
Scream my lungs out to try to get to you

You are my only one

Lily gasped in surprise as she felt James' lips crashing against hers and a tingling feeling rushed through her entire body, all the way to her fingertips and her toes. Euphoria was flooding her soul. Her senses were heightened, and she could distinctly feel every inch where James Potter was touching her – he now had his arms wrapped tightly around her small waist, trying to get as close to her as possible. Deciding that she should help with that goal, she let her arms snake up James' chest to wrap around his neck, pulling him closer to her. Neither one of them had experienced a kiss like this before – a kiss that had so much passion behind it that it was almost too hard to bear...

I let go
There's just no one, no one like you
You are my only
My only one

James and Lily could both hear the crowd going crazy for them, but they didn't care. They didn't care that Remus and Rebecca were giving each other a high five and smirking at them. They didn't care that Marissa was wiping tears from her eyes while at the same time restraining a snarling Daphne Holmes. The only thing that they could think about was their hope that this moment would never end. That this kiss would last for an eternity. And that it wasn't just a dream – it was real. They were together. And that was all that mattered.

My only one

James slowly and gently pulled away from Lily, gazing down into her dark green eyes. 

My only one

“I love you, too, Lily Evans,” he whispered as he wiped a tear off her cheek with his thumb. He leaned down and gave her another kiss – this time it was soft and gentle, almost as if he were afraid he was going to break her.  He felt her lips part into a glorious smile.

My only one

They parted again as James said softly, “I always have.” 

Then as the last chords of the song played, James whispered the lyrics in her ear as he held her in his arms:

You are my only
My only one

A/N:  Both Missus;  SQUEE!!!!  Yay!  Missus Moony:  But don't worry - this is not the end of our fic!  Missus Padfoot:  We repeat - this is NOT the end of our fic!  While we are so tempted to be evil and end our fic here, we have so much more planned for this story!  Woot!  Missus Moony:  But yeah, we are both DYING to know what you thought of this chapter!!!!  So leave us a review!  Missus Padfoot:  We love you all so much - we would not have gotten this far without all of your support!

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