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Contrast by OvergrownEden9
Chapter 2 : Chocolate Is An Aphrodisiac
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“So good at setting bad examples, listen, trick, I've had all I can handle.” ~ Taking Back Sunday - You Know How I Do.

Chapter Two
Chocolate Is An Aphrodisiac

  “What were you doing in History of Magic?”

  Turning around, I saw the pretty, curly haired Hufflepuff and an angry looking brunette Gryffindor glaring at me. I raised my eyebrows, and stopped walking. I held some books to my chest; it was a free period and I was on my way to the library to drop off a couple of books (yes, it was the first day and I’d already borrowed books).

  “What were you doing in History of Magic with Sirius Black?” The brunette girl, who I knew as Samantha, said threateningly. Her tone lifted at the words Sirius Black, a love-sick sigh escaping from her lips.

  “Excuse me?” I narrowed my bright blue eyes. The blonde girl repeated the question, while Samantha took a step towards me.

  “Sitting… talking. Vaguely,” I replied, dislike of the two of them growing rapidly in my head.

  “You don’t talk to people!” The blonde said, narrowing her own eyes at me, “You’re quiet and boring and have no personality. Why would Sirius bother with someone like that?”

  I chuckled slightly. I was used to people thinking I was nerdy and bookish… mainly because that was the reputation Ravenclaws had, really. ‘Wit? Nerdd.’ I personally considered myself as more of a sarcastic person rather than an unusually intelligent one. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit: A statement I considered a lie. I was also used to people considering me courage-less, just because I wasn’t in Gryffindor. Obviously, I understand why people considered me “average” and “boring”, because I rarely made an attempt to let people see otherwise. Talking non-stop is overrated.

  I yawned pointedly, “Just because he doesn’t want you in his pants, doesn’t mean he wants, or I want, in his pants. I’m pretty good out of his pants, to be honest.” The blonde girl opened and closed her mouth a few times, doing a pretty good fish-imitation. Samantha glared and opened her mouth for a, most-probably, pathetic comeback. I couldn’t be bothered, quite honestly, so I merely turned around and continued walking to the library.

  There was nothing going on between Sirius and me anyway. I talked to the guy once, in which I called him cocky. Wow, you can cut the sexual tension with a knife. Sarcasm intended.

  Walking into the library, after smiling to Irma Pince, a girl only a few years older than myself who was training to be the Librarian after the old bat we had now retired. Irma was a skinny, slightly vulture-looking, girl who had an odd obsession with books. Perfect for a Librarian, I guess, but she should seriously consider going to St. Mungos to get her book fetish checked out. It was becoming slightly unnerving to say the least. She definitely had issues.

  Looking for an empty table, or at least one with a spare seat, I decided on the one closest to the window. Remus Lupin, buried in a large book from the Restricted Section, was the only one at the table.

  “Hey,” I said, leaning against the seat opposite him, “Can I sit here, please?”

  Remus looked up for a second, smiled and nodded, “Hello, and sure.”

  I returned his smile and sat. I actually knew Remus; he was the only one of the Marauders I slightly talked to that actually recalled my existence. I liked Remus, he was quiet and didn’t feel that silences had to be filled up by unnecessary amounts of talking.

  I placed the books in front of me and pulled out a piece of parchment. I started to write my introduction for my Potions essay; the lesson that followed History of Magic. I had never really cared for Potions but, as I wanted to go into Auror training after Hogwarts, I had to take the stupid subject. It was irritatingly simple; all you had to do was follow the simple instructions.

  But, in all fairness, the lesson was interesting. Surnames A-J shared the lesson with surnames O-V; this meant that the infamous Lily Evans and the Marauders, save Remus, were in the same lesson. James Potter and Sirius Black were partners, and they sat three desks in front of mine (I was working with a good friend of mine, Alexander Jenkins – I tended to get on better with boys than girls). James Potter was attempting to get Lily Evan’s attention even though they were actually going out now (how long was THAT waiting to happen!); James exploded his cauldron – twice. It was extremely funny, especially as his face erupted into dirty great boils. After getting laughed at by both Sirius and Lily, he stalked off to the hospital wing. It sure as hell wouldn’t take a Ravenclaw to work out that he certainly wouldn’t live that one down in a hurry.

  I glanced at Remus, to see him inconspicuously eating a chunk of chocolate, scratching his neck and glancing around to see if anyone was onto him. He had issues too; in the seven years that I’ve known him, I have never seen him going more than half hour without chocolate.

  “I’m guessing every one of you lot has to break at least a rule a day?” I said this quietly in a slightly matter-of-fact tone. Remus looked up in surprise, but chuckled.

  “Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.”

  I didn’t really have anything to say to that, and he didn’t seem to have anything to add, so we sat in a comfortable silence.


  I looked up at the loud shout as did everyone else in the library – including Remus, who had a mouth full of chocolate. Sirius strolled over, his bag loosely hanging off his shoulder. His hair was messily in his eyes – he’d obviously just got off a broomstick.

  He sat down next to me, swung his legs over the table and grinned impishly. Irma Pince started to approach our table, most likely to tell off Sirius judging by the stern look on the face. He turned and winked at her, making her eyebrows almost disappear into her hair. She then seemed to think better of telling him off, it was literally a waste of energy and time that she could easily be spending fondling books and having intimate time with them.

  “Oh fine, Sirius,” Remus said, in a mock hurt voice, turning back to his book. He picked up another chunk of chocolate, which was in the packet on his lap. Sirius winked at him, and then at me, looking suggestive, “Don’t worry, there’s plenty of Sirius to go around, baby.”

  I laughed slightly, rolling my eyes. Sirius was about to say something else, when he sniffed the air, looking like a very-good looking dog (that wasn’t meant to sound dodgy).

  “I smell chocolate, Remus…” Sirius said, swinging his legs off the table and inching his way towards Remus. Remus widened his eyes, looking panicky, and said quickly, “Unlike you, Sirius, there’s not enough of it to go around!”

  It was too late. Sirius dived forward, again looking slightly dog-like, his hand out in front of him. His hand was on Remus’ lap, very near his crotch area, where the chocolate was a fraction of a second before Sirius lunged.

  “Remus,” Sirius said, seriously, “I didn’t know you were that happy to see me… I’m sorry, mate, I don’t swing at that side of the fence…”

  I raised my eyebrows, and watched as Remus’ gaze darkened and his cheeks reddened slightly, “That’s my wand, you perverted git. My… ahem,” He glanced over at me, “… isn’t on my thigh, you idiot.”

  Sirius shrugged, “Ah I never know with you.” He snatched the chocolate out of Remus’ hand and said brightly, “Thanks, Moony.” He turned to me, offering chocolate. I shook my head, and said a soft “No thank you.”

  “Are you sure?” Sirius pressed on, waving the chocolate in my face. Remus watched, looking pissed off, “It’s an aphrodisiac.” He winked at me, and took a large bite out of the bar.

  “NO CHOCOLATE IN THE LIBRARY!” Irma Pince shrieked, waving her wand. Our books, essays and quills started to stab Sirius and hit him. Then they started to chase us out of the library as Irma shouted, “GET OUT!” at the top of her lungs.

  They chased us down the corridor. We ran past a statue, which Sirius pulled me and Remus behind. They stepped into the back of it, and I hesitantly followed. We stayed there for a good five minutes, until the books and quills stopped trying to maul us through the statue and fell to the floor.

  “I think the enchantment has worn out…” Sirius said, laughing. I suddenly realized I was sandwiched between him and Remus, with my chest pressed tightly against Sirius’. I blushed, and attempted to get out of the statue. Remus opened the door behind me, helpfully, and I fell backwards out of it, followed by Sirius, followed by Remus. Remus had the sense to move as he got out of the statue, unlike Sirius; Sirius landed right on top of me.

  Sirius and I stared at each other for a moment, stunned – we were eye to eye, and he was straddling me. Oh dear Merlin! Before rational thought walked back into my head (it seemed to have disappeared along with a steady heart beat) I thought absent mindedly how interesting his eyes were; I just thought they were plain grey, but they had pretty flecks of blues and greens. It reminded me of the sea at midnight…

  “Well this is kinky.”

  His words brought me spinning back down the earth, while logic walked back into my head and took off the paper bag.

  “Isn’t it just? Get off now.”

  Sirius fluttered his eyelashes, leaning closer to me so our noses were touching. His breath was hot on my face, “Don’t I get a please?”

  “Please get off or my knee WILL meet your general crotch area, and you can say goodbye to all those beautiful children.”

  Sirius laughed, got off me and offered a hand to help me up. I smiled and took his hand, “Well if you put it that way…”

  We were silent for a moment, with Remus observing us quietly, when Sirius punched the air and said happily, “What I MEANT to say was I’d like something else of yours to meet my general crotch area!

  I raised my eyebrows, and pointed at my foot. Sirius gave a bark of a laugh, while Remus said in a slightly amused voice, “That was pathetic! It took you ten whole seconds!! I knew you were slow, but…”

  “Quality, Remus. I’d rather be slow and good, than fast and inadequate…” Sirius winked at me, and I shook my head in disbelief. He had one HELL of a sick mind.



  Stepping out of my dormitory, I could hear the voices from down the stairs. They were all chorusing the same tone of disbelief.

  I walked down the stairs, to see a full common room – the common room was NEVER full. It was almost half term, and as I looked around, I realized I knew less than half of the people in the common room.

  Stepping past some third-year girls, who were miserably crying, I found Matthew, Alexander and another friend of mine, Clem Benson, standing and gawping at the notice board.

  “What’s happened?” I asked, as I approached them with caution. Before any of them could answer I overheard a girl from my year saying loudly, “I cannot believe there are no Hogsmede trips this year! Oh Merlin, where ever will I go with my new boyfriend Sirius now!?”

  Her voice was irritating and wining and I felt a slight twinge of annoyance was over me for some reason. I didn’t know the girl particularly well, but I didn’t know any girls in my year particularly well. Her name was Lynne Page, and that was the end of my knowledge. I never felt any particular like or dislike for her, just indifference. She didn’t know or care who I was and I felt very much the same way. All I knew now that dislike was spreading across the indifference like wildfire.

  “Oh my God, Lynne!” One of her friends squealed, hugging her and jumping up and down, “You’re going out with Sirius!? Ooh, since when!?!?”

  Lynne looked smug, “Well we’ve been hooking up for awhile, I’d count that as dating!”

  Another one of her friends started to say something that sounded like, “I thought you’ve only snogged him three times over the last four weeks, and all of those times he was drunk…” but the girl was elbowed sharply in the ribs by squealing-girl-I-really-should-know-the-name-of-by-now-as-I’ve-shared-a-room-with-her-for-the-last-seven-years.

  Lynne giggled happily, linked each girl by the arm and began to walk down to breakfast.

  Snapping out of my thoughts, I said to Alexander, “No Hogsmede?”

  Xan shook his head, “Nope. That Voldemort, or whatever his name is, guy is causing a bit of mayhem… Dumbledore isn’t taking chances.”

  I nodded, thinking that this was pretty reasonable. Matthew, ever the cynic, obviously disagreed, “THIS IS A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS! I can’t believe he’s doing this!”  I rolled my eyes, and looked sat the notice myself. Underneath that notice, there was another one saying: Considering the disappointment this will cause, other activities will be arranged to ease your pain. That might be interesting.

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