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Love Will Find A Way by stefanie
Chapter 1 : Love Will Find A Way
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Harry rolled over in bed. The light from the window at 23 Privet drive was undoubtedly brighter then usual. It was the first week of summer and Harry was exhausted. It was just a few weeks ago that he had gone face to face and wand to wand with lord Voldemort, Harry knew that it was then or never and he had fought till the end. Remembering what Dumbledor had told him in his fifth year, "Only one of you can live, in order for the other to live he must defeat his enemy." Harry had known that it wasn't going to be easy and at first he was sure that if and when it would come to that he would have been the one to die. But everything was too important to him, his friends, his school, and everything that he stood for. He knew he had to try. So with all his might, a lot of late night training with Dumbledore, an inner strength he never knew he had and a lot of help from his friends he did it. Harry Potter fought till the death against lord Voldemort and won. It was a fight of the century a lot of blood and tears followed as he saw his best friends hurt in battle. Harry had spent the last two weeks of school sitting by their sides in the hospital wing praying for their recovery. Ron only had a bad bump on the head and was conscious soon after he had been brought to the hospital wing. Hermione was different it was touch and go for a while. Harry shuddered at the memory of what had happened.

Flash back
"Hermione, Ron go inside now!" bellowed Harry, as he stood ridged with anger and fear staring his parent's murder in the face.
"No Harry, we're not leaving you!" shouted Ron his face turning a deep crimson as his anger rose, wand in hand pointing square at their attacker.
Hermione was terrified but didn't move she was prepared to defend her friends, her school and her world or die trying.
"You and your friends are fools, to think that you can defeat me!!" shattered a dark and evil voice that could only belong to one wizard, lord Voldemort.
Harry stood still as he pointed his wand at Voldemort and shouted "experius totalus"!
Voldemort was thrown backwards hard as his robes burst into flames causing him to scream out in pain. Harry quickly ran towards his two best friends determined to convince them to run while they could. If anyone was going to die at the hands of Voldemort it was going to be him.
"I told you guys to go, there is nothing you can do, this is between me and Voldemort." Said Harry quickly knowing that his spell wouldn't last long on someone like Voldemort.
"No Harry, we're always going to be by your side right to the death!" Replied Ron his face still as red as before. Harry was just about to answer when a flash of light came soaring right at Ron.
"Ron NO!!!" shouted Harry as he watched the body of his best friend fly backwards hard smacking right into a tree.
"You think you can hurt me? Potter your wrong, your going to meet the same fate your meddlesome parents did. Did I ever tell you that I loved killing your mother? Especially watching her beg for you to live, for me to take her instead." Ha, Ha, Ha!!!" laughed Voldemort evilly as he pointed his wand at Harry and shouted.. "Barrious Crucious!"
Just as the spell was about to hit Harry, a small brown haired girl jumped in front getting the full blast of the painful spell that sent her delicate body into wild painful convulsions.
"Hermione!!" shouted Harry as he saw her body contorting followed by screams of pain. Harry couldn't explain the anger that had risen within him. It was a strength that he never knew that he had. With that he pointed his wand right at Voldemort and shouted in a loud deep voice that barley resembled his own.. "Killius, adva kadava" with that Voldemort's body burst into the air and a piercing scream rang out that caused the trees to shake. A burst of flames lit up the sky and Voldemorts body burst into ashes and just as quickly blew away into oblivion. Harry didn't even care to watch he was immediately at Hermione's side cradling her small body in his arms as she had suddenly gone limp.
"Hermione, please say something?" whispered Harry as a single tear rolled down his cheek. He knew that very few people could survive such a curse, and that it was meant for him. Why had she jumped in front of him? He should be the one lying on the ground. Harry didn't have much time to contemplate as he quickly got up taking Hermione's limp body into his arms and conjuring up a stretcher to carry Ron back to the castle. In the hospital wing Ron had come out of his bump on the head pretty quickly, but Hermione was lying there pale and helpless in a coma. Madam Pomfrey had informed the two that it was a 50/50 chance that Hermione would make it. But chances were that if she would make it through the night she would be ok. Harry was so scared he could barely hold back the tears, and once he was sure that Ron was asleep he allowed himself to cry, holding her hand he let out everything that he had bottled up for years. Harry didn't know it then but Hermione was begging to come out of her coma and she could hear quiet sobs coming from someone beside her. 'It's Harry' she thought. Harry suddenly felt a movement on the bed he looked up and realized that Hermione was shifting as her beautiful brown eyes fluttered open. Harry smiled and lifted her hands to his lips. Words couldn't express the relief and happiness he felt at the sight of his best friend who had saved his life.

End of flash back

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Love Will Find A Way: Love Will Find A Way


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