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Harry Potter and the love potion! by VictoriaSachse
Chapter 1 : Harry Potter and the love potion!
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Diagon Alley

Harry Potter was waiting in Diagon Alley when he heard a voice behind him, “Hello Harry” it said as he turned around to see Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly, his two best friends.
“Haven’t seen you all holidays Harry, how was your Christmas?” said Ron inquiringly.
“It was pretty boring actually… all I got from the Dursleys was a pair of Dudley’s old socks,” he said holding up a pair of grey socks with holes in the toes.
“Errrr… gross!” said Ron as he pulled away in disgust. “Are you actually going to wear those Harry?” asked Hermione.
“No, of course not “ said Harry, “I was planning on giving them to Dobby” he said putting them back in his back and pulling out a piece of parchment. After close examination he finally said “We need heaps of new books this year! It’s going to cost a fortune”
“Oh great!” said Ron glumly “ More second-hand things for Malfoy to pick on me for!” he let out a sigh.
“Oh look second hand books! You must be a Weasly...” He said imitating what Malfoy had said to him the first time they met one another.
“ Don’t worry Ron, Malfoy is mean to everyone whose not in Slytherin” Said Hermione reassuringly.
“I suppose your right,” said Ron as he Harry and Hermione headed for Flourish and Blotts.
After choosing their things and paying for them they headed Back to Mr and Mrs Weasly who had been having a conversation with Hermione’s parents who were muggles. Mr Weasly who loved everything about muggles was engaged in deep conversation with Mr Granger.
“ Hello Darlings!” said Mrs Weasly as Ron, Harry and Hermione approached them. “Did you get all your books?”
“Yes we did mum,” said Ron
“Did you give Harry his present?” she asked.
“Oh I almost forgot, here’s your Christmas present from mum,” he said passing Harry a bulky package tied with string. “ Don’t get too excited,” He said, “ It’s another jumper” Mrs Weasly was well known for knitting jumpers for everyone.
Harry unwrapped it to find a Maroon jumper with a yellow ‘H’ on the front. “Thanks Mrs Weasly” he said as he removed his robes and put it on. “It fits perfectly”.
He put his robes back on over the top of the jumper.
“I’m glad you like it love,” she said to Harry “Anyway I think it’s about time that we got down to the station before you all miss your train to Hogwarts.”
Mr and Mrs Weasley said goodbye to Hermione’s parents and Hermione kissed her parents goodbye before following the Weasleys and Harry outside Diagon Alley to where a cab was waiting for them. With all their trunks in the boot of the cab they all clambered into the taxi on the way to Kings Cross station.

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Harry Potter and the love potion!: Harry Potter and the love potion!


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