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You Lost My Heart Once, Dont Lose It Again by dragon_lyoness2022
Chapter 9 : Father and Son Talk
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Chapter 9

Today is Graduation day. All the 7th years were getting ready for the big day ahead. They were all happy about graduating and being able to go out into the real world but at the sane rime they were sad about leaving the place that has been their home for the past seven years. Al of their families and friends were coming to Hogwarts today to watch their loved ones graduate. Hermione and Draco were in charge on the graduation decorations and for the dance later on that day. Thankfully to both Hermione and Draco, they had already prepared everything over a month ago. Neither Hermione nor Draco had seen each other since their fight in the common room. After her talk to Narcissa two days ago, Hermione felt really good. Especially when Narcissa took her shopping to get two dresses for graduation the day after their talk. Hermione also found it real easy for her to talk to Narcissa. Narcissa was really nice woman.

Hermione felt a real connection with Narcissa. Something she never felt with her adopted mother. These past couple of days have been a blur for Hermione. Heck this year has been a blur. At the beginning of the year she found Draco. They became friends and by October, they were a couple. They were happy. Their relationship was going at a steady pace. It never forced her to do, in fact it was her idea to give him her virginity. That night on Valentine's Day he kept on asking was she sure she wanted to do it. Now Hermione felt stupid that she actually became friends and had a relationship with him. In the end only she got hurt and the worst part is that she still loved him. Out of this whole year, the best thing that happened to Hermione was that she met her twin brother Blaise and she got pregnant with her baby. That is one thing that Hermione would never mad at for. If he hadn't gotten her pregnant she doesn't know what she would have done. Even though the baby is only a month olds she loved it more than anything.

*knock, knock*

Sighing, Hermione went to open the portrait.

'I wonder who it is' thought Hermione

When she got to down the stairs, she saw Draco asleep on the couch. He looked horrible. His hair was ungroomed. His beard unshaven. She has never seen him in such a way. Quietly, she made her way across the common room so as not to wake up Draco. When she opened the portrait to her surprise she saw Lucius, Narcissa, Matt, and Nicky standing there.

“What are you guys doing here?” asked Hermione s she gave each one of them a hug

“Well, Nicky and I are here to help you get ready for the big day ahead. Lucius and Matt are here to help the boys get ready” replied Narcissa

“Oh, well come in” said Hermione

After Hermione closed the portrait behind her guest, she brought them to the mini kitchen and started to make tea for them.

“So Hermione are you excited about the big day” asked Matt

Hermione replied “yes, I am. Its going to be real sad leaving this place.”



Completely surprised everyone in the kitchen jumped off their seats as Draco barged in. Not even saying greeting any of them he went to the fridge got out a carton of orange juice and drank some straight from the carton.

“Draco Lucius Malfoy put that carton down” said Narcissa angrily

Sighing, Draco turned around to face his mother. Her face was flushed with anger.

“Woman, I don't know how many times I have to tell you this but I am not a baby anymore. So if I want to drink from the carton I will. I don't even fucking live with you anymore, you can't control me” screamed Draco

*slap* *silence*

Narcissa slapped Draco.

“Who do you think you are Draco. I don't know whats got in to you but don't know whats got into you but you need to get out. Don't you ever scream at me like that again. What do you mean you don't live with me anymore? To whose house are you going to tomorrow...Ours. I don't get you anymore Draco. I come here this a morning and your knocked out one the couch drunk as a pig. Go upstairs to your room, take a shower. Clean your hair, and shave your beard. I expect you back in the common room in one hour and a half. Now scoot.” screamed Narcissa back

Huffing and puffing, Draco stormed upstairs. They could here him screaming and crashing things in his room.

“I'm going to talk to him” said Lucius

“Please, be careful Lucius. I'm afraid I may have went to far” replied Narcissa

“Ok” said Lucius

with that he left

“Oh my gosh, Narcissa are you okay” asked Nicky

*sniff sniff*

“I'm ok. Come on Hermione lets go and get you dolled up” replied Narcissa

*Draco's Room*

“Draco is it okay if I come in” Lucius said as he poked his through the door

Not getting a response Lucius just went in. The sight that met Lucius eyes was not a pleasant one. There was clothes all over the floor. Leftovers. Plain and simple it was disgusting in Draco's room. Lucius saw Draco sitting on the floor in a corner.

“Your welcome and just so you know you can talk to me anytime Draco” Lucius said

“Thank you Dad. I'll keep that in mind” Draco replied Sighing Lucius walked over to Draco and sat down beside him.

“So Draco wanna tell me what's going on” asked Lucius

“Why should I? It's not like you ever care” replied Draco

Lucius said “Look Draco I know that I never use to have time for you or your mother but you have to know that I'm trying to change. I'm trying to be a better father and husband. And I just want you to give me a chance.”

“Alright Dad you wanna know whats going on then okay. I fell in love with Hermione and now she is pregnant but for some reason I just can't accept it. I lover her so much but its just in its impossible for her to get pregnant.” replied Draco

“Why is that?” asked Lucius

Draco replied “Because...I'm not fertile. I got the test done last summer. The Healer said that I could never have children.”

“Well, maybe this baby is a miracle. Draco, you and I both know that Hermione would never cheat on you.” said Lucius


Finally Draco said “I just don't know what to do.”

“I know your confused right now but today is your big day. You've been waiting for this day of your whole life. Just try and enjoy yourself life today. Tomorrow you can worry about what you are going to do.” replied Lucius

“Thanks, Dad, I really needed this talk. I kept everything inside. It was really nice to get it all out.” said Draco


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You Lost My Heart Once, Dont Lose It Again: Father and Son Talk


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