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Time travel by lily_times
Chapter 1 : Chapter one Weird train ride
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Chapter one Weird train ride


As four members of the potter family made there way across platform 9 ¾. Lily Potter couldn’t help but feel like this year was going to be different with out her older brother James around, in truth Lily still had Albus, and they were close being the younger two of the three siblings, but it would be different being there without James.  


“Will you two hurry up, you’ll miss the train.” Rose called


“Hi Aunt Ginny, Hi Uncle Harry” Hugo called to them


Lily smiled at her cousin Rose


“Just a minute” Lily called to her.


Turning around she hugged her mum and dad goodbye


“You two better be good and please look out for your sister Al.” Ginny said while hugging Albus.


“Mum, I’m in my fifth year I can take care of myself” Lily complained while hugging her dad.


Harry gave lily a stern look “your mothers right you-”


“Should always have constant vigilance” Lily cut across her dad


Harry smiled and nodded “yes”


 Lily smiled at her dad permitting him to kiss her forehead


“I wonder where Scorps is” Albus asked.


Lily held a breath as she waited for her dad to say something, looking up she saw her father’s jaw set firm, closing her eyes she waited for him to explode.


“As in Malfoy, Draco Malfoy’s son?” Harry asked


Lily looked across at her brother please don’t answer him, please don’t lily pleaded with her eyes.


But to lily annoyance Albus raised a hand to his hair ruffling it mumbling “yeah.”


Harry nodded, looking across to his wife he added “about time a Potter befriended a Malfoy.”


Lily sighed as Albus grinned sheepishly.


“You two better get on the train, don’t want to miss it.” Ginny warned


Albus smiled, shaking hands with his dad he ran on to the train leaving Lily with her parents. Looking at her watch, her older brother James has three minutes to get here, to say goodbye to her, before she got on the train. Crossing her arms over her chest, she felt tears build up in her eyes as she looked at the barrier, she felt a hand on her shoulder.  


“His working honey.”


Lily pushed her fathers hand off her shoulder checking she had her wand and shrunken trunk in her pocket she waved to her parents “forget it, see you at Christmas.” Turning back around Lily walked into a person falling straight on her arse, she looked up to find her uncle Ron starring down at her.


“Why so glum looking” Ron asked offering Lily a hand up


Taking the hand lily got to her feet pushing past him muttering “forget it.”


The three adults watched Lily walk away and step up on to the train.


Ron turned around shaking his head “what’s up with her.” Pointing in Lily’s direction.


Ginny glared at her brother “do you see the other Potter brother anywhere.”


Ron craned his neck looking for a head with jet black hair. Earning a slap on the back of the head from his wife Hermione who had just appeared.


“Just because were married doesn’t mean you can hit me every two bloody seconds.”


“Langue Ronald” Hermione warned


Harry sniggered at his two best friend. Even though they had left Hogwarts, about twenty years ago, they still bickered non-stop about everything.


Ron smiled sheepishly at his wife “sorry love.”


Ginny rolled her eyes, at her brother looking to the left at Harry to find he was standing further down the platform waving to there kids, as the train disappeared. Smiling she walked up to him wrapping her arms around his waist leaving Ron and Hermione to there own.


“Don’t worry Harry they will be fine.” Ginny reassured him


Harry sighed “you say that every year, but this year we set James on the world, the year after that Albus will be set loose on the poor world.”


“Do you think we should go into hiding?” Ginny teased


Harry laughed “No I’m just worried about my little girl.”


Ginny snuggled into his shoulder “I know.” Adding just to make sure he wasn’t going to give there older son a tongue lashing she added “You know James will be upset he missed there first day.”


Harry crinkled his nose “oh he’ll be sorry alright”


“Harry” Ginny warned


Harry turned around grinning at his wife “I know” raising his hands in mock surrender.


Ginny smiled up at Harry kissing him tenderly on his lips.


“I think we might go home.” Harry stated.


With a pop the Potters were back at there home.




(Just after Ron knocked Lily down.)


As Lily walked on to the train, she was fighting back tears why didn’t her brother come after all, he and his dad made sure they had this day off both from working as an auror and training to be one, blinking back tears, lily continued looking in the cabin windows to find her family Hugo, Rose, Albus and (George’s twins) Fred junior and George junior.


Lily smiled as she spotted her brother sitting in a compartment, opening the door lily walked in on part of his conversation with Scorpius Malfoy.

“-your bloody sister”


Lily went pink as she heard herself being mentioned as Albus’ sister


“Come on Scorps, you know-”


Lily not wanting to hear more, slide the door open, and slamming it to get there attention. Walking over she plopped in a sit across from her brother.


“He didn’t show then” Albus asked


Lily rolled her eyes at him, earning a smile from Albus and a snort from Scorpius.


Sighing lily looked out the window to see her aunty Hermione hit her uncle Ron over the back of his head. Smiling she seen her father walk away from them, smiling at her through the window, lily smiled back and waved as the train took off, slowly leaving her father behind, turning back to the boys she seen them starring at her, narrowing her eyes she asked “what?”


Scorpius went a shade of pink, making Albus laugh at him.


“Where’s the rest of the red heads?” Lily asked


Albus slide further down his chair making him topple on to the floor.


Lily and Scorpius laughed at Albus.


Picking himself off the floor Albus smiled and took a bow “thank you, thank you.”


Lily rolled her eyes at her brother noticing Rose’s handbag and the twins trunks she tried asking the question again “where is Rose and Hugo?”


Albus scratched his head “well Rose is snogging that seventh year from Ravenclaw”


Putting one of his fingers down “Hugo is at the Head Boy thing” putting another finger down he spoke again “Fred and George junior being third years, I have no idea.” Smiling at his sister he put another two fingers down. “so am I forgetting anyone, because I’m sure” putting his other hand up “Teddy” putting a finger down “Vicky” putting another one down “Septimus” putting another one down “Arthur” putting another finger down only leaving his thumb “who else am I forgetting” scratching his head with his thumb his eyes brightened “oh yeah our brother James, you remember him right” Albus asked, putting his thumb down “all left last year and the two years before that.”


Lily glared at him deciding she better change the subject, “what’s happening between you and your dad Scorpius?” lily asked


Scorpius paled slightly “well, his not proud of me for getting into Gryffindor, which he reminds me every single day of my life for the last six years, and now his trying to disown me, by saying I’m not worth looking at, and calling me a blood- traitor, or whatever it’s called.”


Lily smiled, moving closer and laying a hand on his arm “don’t worry.”


Scorpius snorted “yeah let’s not worry.”


Lily glared at him “I was trying to be nice” she got up righting her shirt; she went to exit the compartment “you know, sometimes you can be an ass.” She called over her shoulder as she went to open the door, pulling on it with all her might lily found the door wouldn’t budge. Breathing in an angry breath she turned around and glared at Scorpius an Albus. “Whoever locked the door better unlock it or else.” Lily placed her hands on her hips, adding to the effect that she was mad at them.


Albus smiled pocketing his wand; lily looked down at her jean pocket to find her wand was missing.


Breathing in a shaky breath lily held her hand out to her brother “my wand now.”


Albus smiled “ah sister see, you have a Weasley temper, which is short, please what dad told me about his mum, you inherited her temper as well. So I keep your wand and I keep certain parts of my body I would rather like where they are.”


“Open the bloody door Potter” Lily said Albus last name as if it was a dirty word.


Albus sighed turning to Scorpius “see, just like mum and grandma using the word potter as if it was the worst thing on earth.”


Lily seized the first thing she could find throwing it at her brother. She smiled once he started to rub his forehead.


“What the bloody hell was that for” Albus shouted


Lily smiled “my wand”


Albus smiled back at her “no I like it where it is” patting his pocket in the front of his jeans.


Scorpius an Albus burst into laughter at the look on Lily’s face.


Lily glared at him again looking around the compartment for something else to throw at him, seeing Rose’s hand bag she picked it up, without noticing the zip was undone she throw it at him. With a thud Albus stopped laughing, and looked in horror at what had started spinning, Lily eyes widened as well as she noticed the time turner spinning.


“Albus stop it” Scorpius yelled


“I’m not touching it” Albus yelled back


Without thinking lily grabbed hold of the time turner, making it stop spinning, sand filled the area around them making Lily cough as the sand landed in her mouth, gripping on to Scorpius’ shirt to make the spinning sensation stop, screaming they landed with a thud on the compartment floor, rubbing the dust from her eyes lily sat up. Next to her she heard Albus coughing and thumping his chest, taking in deep breathes lily tried to stop her pounding heart, and her turning stomach. Closing her eyes Lily lay back on the floor.


“What the bloody hell happened?” come a squeaky voice from her right


Lily opened one eye looking at Scorpius “I think it didn’t work.” Lily sat up and watched the boys stand up on wobbly legs and dust themselves off. Looking around the compartment lily could see there trunks still on the floor where they had left them, but where covered in sand. Looking around the whole compartment looked like it had. Had a sand storm go through it, lily looked out the window to see it was dark outside.

Realising her watch was in her trunk, and her wand was in her brother’s pocket lily turned to Albus “Al, what’s the time?”


Albus looked down at his watch “5:30, I think we should get in our robes and head up to the school or McGonagall, will give us another detention on our first day.”


Scorpius snorted walking over to his trunk reaching into it and pulling out his robes slipping them over his head “I would stripe, but I’m not sure if Albus is gay or not.”


Lily giggled at Scorpius comment, receiving a glare from Albus


Lily sighed trying to get to her feet but failed miserably, falling back on her arse. 


Scorpius reached out his hand for Lily to take “here, let me help you up”


Lily smiled up at him “thanks” taking his hand, locking eyes with him for a moment she noticed an odd look in his eye, frowning as he looked away, lily did the same as Scorpius an Albus, by not bothering to change into there robes just chucking it over there clothes. Sighing she grabbed her wand out of her brother’s pocket with him muttering something along the lines of “you know I put that down my pants.” Rolling her eyes she shrunk there trunks slipping them into her pocket.


“You know I’m old enough to carry my own trunk” Albus stated


Lily rolled her eyes, reaching into her pocket and pulling out the trunk with the initials A.P on it, and chucking it at her brother, which he court with ease due to his Quiddtich reflexes. 


“Lily as much as I would love you to carry my things, I do want my trunk as well.”


Lily went bright red handing over Scorpius’ trunk to him. “Come on I want to at least eat tonight at the feast, not spend it being yelled at by McGonagall, or worst professor Longbottom, who tells mum everything about us” lily stated while studying her shoes, more then she should have at that present moment.


The three students walked out of the Hogsmeade station and up the road that lead them to Hogwarts. Half way up to the school rain started to fall on them sighing again, lily pulled the hood up over her head, making sure all you could see were her brillante green eyes she had inherited from her grandma, her an Albus were the only once with her eyes James had chocolate brown eyes, like she was the only one to inherited red hair from the Weasley side of the gene pool. As the rain, grow heavier they finally reached the gates of Hogwarts.


“You know what? I’m going to trick Daniel into going down into the kitchen and stealing same fire whisky from the house elves, for having to walk all the way up to the castle from the bloody station.” Albus shouted against the rain looking to see his sister had fallen behind them a little. Nudging Scorpius they stopped and waited for Lily.


Lily was slightly panting when she reached them “will you two slow down, stop walking fast with your bloody long limbs” she yelled.


Scorpius laughed “what do you think we were doing snogging. Anyway you play Quiddtich, shouldn’t you be fit.”


Lily put her hands on her hips


Albus looked between his sister and his best friend “nah mate I’ll leave you to snog my sister.”


At that comment Lily and Scorpius both turned red. The three teens walked up the path and into the front hall in silence.


“Potter, Malfoy you better had not been fighting, and Ms. Evans you’re head girl, I can’t believe you would sink to there level.”


Ok………..This is my first fanfic so please be nice……….um……… Septimus an Arthur are Percy weasley’s and Penelope Clearwater’s children and George Junior and Fred Junior are George weasley’s and Katie Bell’s kids (a chaser on the Gryffindor Quiddtich team) back in Harry’s era.  So please read and review. And be nice.

Thanks Lily

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Time travel: Chapter one Weird train ride


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