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David Weasley and the Challenge of a Lifetime by ladybobcat54
Chapter 10 : Failure
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A/N: I would just like to say that this is one of those chapters where you'll recognize quite a bit from my parralel Love and War.

Alyssa left school almost immediately after she heard about her little sister’s accident and David didn’t see her again until the middle of November. When she had been gone so long he’d started to worry that Kelly’s fall had been more serious then they’d all dared to imagine.

But she came back, and David was the first to greet her. Alyssa had owled him so that he’d know when she would be back, and she was right on time. When she saw him waiting she ran up to him and threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. David spoke as soon as Alyssa released him.

“Is she alright?” He asked urgently.

“She’s fine.” Alyssa said reassuringly, “She spent a few days in the hospital, but Mum was worried about the babysitter, because she didn’t like the idea of leaving a child in recovery in the care of someone who’s not a relative, so I had to stay and watch them.”

“Okay, I just thought she’d been hurt really badly.” David said.

“No,” Alyssa reassured him.

The two ran up to the Gryffindor common room together to see Fred, who looked delighted to see Alyssa. When he saw her he threw his book down onto the table, and hugged Alyssa briefly. They sat down around the table, and the two boys filled Alyssa in on what was going on around the school.


The next few weeks passed uneventfully, with David trying to get a moment alone with Alyssa, but failing again and again. Now however his time was running out. He was leaving for the holidays tomorrow, and Alyssa was supposed to go see her dad’s parents, so she decided to stay at school for what her grandparents thought were school purposes.

The day passed, but David seemed completely unable to get Alyssa on her own. When he went to bed that night, it was with a feeling of defeat. He was leaving early tomorrow, and he knew that the only chance he would have to tell her would be in a crowd.

When David awoke that morning and packed what was left to be packed for Christmas, he was extremely nervous. Today was going to be the day, he just knew it. David went downstairs and met Alyssa in the common room. The only other person there was Dynamite, but do to lack of crowd he would hear for sure.

They proceeded though the corridors, but everytime he was about to tell her he couldn’t do it. When they got the entrance hall and out into the grounds, David knew this would be he moment, as he would be leaving until January in a moment.

“Alyssa I-“ David began, but he was interrupted.

“Come on, Davey, we’re gonna miss the train!” Veronica said impatiently grabbing her brother by the arm and pulling him along.

“You what?” Alyssa asked running to keep up as David was pulled into the shouting crowd by his sister.

“I like you!” David yelled, but she couldn’t hear him.

“What?” She yelled back, but too late.

Veronica had pulled him into a carriage, and they were rolling away from Alyssa. The carriage and train rides passed in a haze for David. When they finally arrived at Kings Cross Station, and went through the barrier to muggle London they found Fleur and Victoire there waiting for them. At the sight of his older sister David couldn’t help but smile. He ran up to her and hugged her.

When they arrived home they found Bill and Teddy were there. David smiled as he took his bags upstairs to his room. It was in the same messy disorganized state he’d left it in. Fleur always cleaned the girl’s room while they were at school, but was no longer brave enough to touch David’s.

When David got back downstairs he sat on the couch next to Victoire. He had been stressing so much about Alyssa the night before that he hadn’t gotten to sleep until two. He yawned and leaned on his older sister’s shoulder, but she didn’t seem to mind this.

David woke up about an hour later to find that his head was resting in his sister’s lap. He sat up, and looked around the room. Everyone but David and Victoire had gone to the kitchen.

“So, how are you?” Victoire asked, and this time David didn’t beat around the bush.

“Not good.” He confessed, “I tried to tell Alyssa I liked her in Hogsmeade, but then Dynamite beat me up, and when I woke up in the hospital wing and she was there the next day I couldn’t remember what I was going to tell her.” He explained, “Then when I got out of the hospital, Alyssa left school, because her sister fell down the stairs and was in the hospital.”

“So basically you keep trying to tell her you like her, but fail repeatedly.” Victoire said raising an eyebrow.

“In a nutshell.”

Veronica had evidently heard their voices, as she poked her head in the room, and told them that everyone was in there. David and Victoire spent the rest of the night with their family. They finally separated when they both decided to go to bed.

David got up the next morning, and went downstairs to find his grandparents Adnot and Appoline were there. He ran up to his grandfather and hugged him, he hugged his grandmother too, just not quite as enthusiastically. He looked behind them and saw his Aunt Gabrielle was there too, and his heart sank at the sight of all the lipstick she had on.

He raised his hand slowly to the bump on his head that had once been an open wound. The bump was still painful when pressed on. This was demonstrated when Gabrielle came up to him and gave him a kiss right on the bump.

“Ow! Stop!” David ordered, and his aunt released him looking offended, “I’m sorry it’s nothing personal, but I would really appreciate it if you didn’t kiss the bump, or any part of me for that matter.”

Fleur walked up to her son and pushed his bangs back so that she could examine the bump better. Even though he had gotten it two months ago the bump was still quite painful. When Fleur touched it David yelped and pulled away.

“What happened?” Fleur asked.

“Oh, you know, second best friend beat me up in a jealous rage.” David explained, as his grandparents started to interrogate Victoire about Teddy, so they were no longer paying attention to Fleur and David.

“Dwayne beat you up!” Fleur said angrily.

“Well, he kind of threw me into a wall head first, then stunned me, and after that was when he really beat me.” David explained, “He was not nice to my face.”

“I’m going to be contacting his mother.” Fleur said and she turned to leave.

“Can you make it annomus?” David asked hopefully.

David walked over to his sisters, and pretended he had been listening to their conversation, even though it seemed Veronica had payed more attention to his and their mother’s conversation. The conversation about whatever it was they were talking about David found out that he would be sharing a room with his older sisters so that his aunt could sleep in his.

When David and his sisters were done setting up the camp bed for him David was ordered from the room.

"No, while Aunt Gabrielle is here this is my room, too," David said, smirking as he sat down on his camp bed, "So, you can't throw me out,"

"Fine, you can stay," Veronica said grudgingly, before turning to her sister, "So, are you nervous about next week?"

"Just a little bit," Victorie said, beginning to stare at her ring, again.

"Gonna get cold feet?" David asked, jokingly.

"No," Victorie said, looking offended, "Why on earth would you think that?!"

"Come on, can't the bride-to-be take a joke?!" David said laughing.

"Not funny," Veronica said, glaring at her brother.

"Fine, I'm sorry, Victorie," He said, without really meaning it, which must have shown in his voice.

"Sounded really sincere, Davey," Victorie said looking at her brother with anger in her eyes.

"Well, on a different note, have the dresses been delivered yet?" Veronica asked her sister, looking hopeful.

"No, but I didn't schedule for them to be delivered until tomorrow," Victorie explained, and than turning to her brother added, "Oh, did I tell you what you're doing tomorrow afternoon, Davey?"

"No," David said uncomfortably, at the tone in his sisters voice.

"You, Teddy, and the other groomsmen are going dress robes shopping," Victories said smiling at the look on her brothers face, "Well, actually, we already have them picked out, so you're going to have them fitted,"

"Why?" David asked, looking horrified at the idea of shopping.

"Because if you are going to be in my wedding, you are going to where what I tell you to where," Victorie said angrily.

"No," David said, looking just as frightened.

David slept in his sister’s room that night, and couldn’t wait to go to sleep after all of the conversations he’d sat through. He awoke the next morning to Victoire shaking him awake telling him to get up and that he had to leave soon.

David waited in the garden with his sister for Teddy and the other two groomsmen. When they did David met Devon Yolt and Gregg Alaban. Teddy took a hold of David’s arm and disapperated. They reappeared outside a shop with a sign over the door that read: Christy’s Dressrobes and Wedding Dresses.

When they stepped inside the store they were greeted by a woman with blonde hair and an American axcent who introduced herself as Maddie. Teddy told her what they needed fitted. Maddie called for a second Australian woman with brown hair named Emmy. Emmy agreed to fit Teddy into a set of robes, and to fit either Devon or Gregg next.

"And now, how about I start with the smallest," Maddie said, looking at David, and when he nodded, she waved her wand, again, and a set of the dressrobes for the groomsmen appeared, "Follow me, Mr..."

"Weasley, David Weasley," David said, following the woman into the back of the shop, where they found Teddy being fit into his robes by Emmy.

"Weasley, huh," Maddie said slipping the robes over his head, "My cousin was once really good friends with a Weasley,"

"Was?" Teddy asked unexpectedly.

"Well, our cousin, Christy, the woman who started this shop, was best friends with Ginny Weasley when she was in school," Emmy said, as she pinned the bottom of Teddy's robes to the correct length, "But than Christy was killed in the final battle,"

"I'm very sorry," Teddy and David said in unison.

"It's alright," Emmy said, hemming Teddy’s sleeves.

"Yeah, that girl took care of us from age eleven to age thirteen, would have been to age seventeen, if it wasn't for the battle, but after that our cousin, Cody, took care of us until than," Maddie explained, as she pinned David’s robes.

"Yep, Cody always got really upset every time we mentioned her, as if not talking about her will make the pain go away," Emmy said as she swung her long brown locks over her shoulder, "But Maddie and I are different, we realized that talking about her eased the pain,"

"I think he finally realized that when he relived some of the good times they had together with, Ginny a few months back," Maddie said, hemming the sleeves of David’s robes.

David got home that night feeling as though he had been changed. Hearing what Emmy and Maddie had to say had really affected him. When he walked into the house he found Victoire waiting for him. She wanted to see his robes so he showed her. After she had seen David went upstairs and stared at his sisters ceiling thinking about what he had heard.


The next few days past blearily, but now today was the day. Today was the day Victoire Weasley became Victoire Lupin. David awoke that morning to find Victoire getting ready with the help of Veronica, and her friends Isabella and Dona. David got up, and went downstairs to find his mother, aunt, and grandmother putting last minute touches on everything.

"Sorry, Davey, but it looks like today you're serving yourself, I would say eat whatever your father makes, but I don't want you to get food poisoning," Fleur said, as she pushed in the pull out couch, and Gabrielle gave a tinkling laugh.

David walked into the kitchen to find that his father was simply pouring himself a bowl of cereal. David took the box from him when he was done and poured his own bowl. They sat in silence for several minutes, waiting for the other to speak. Finally, David broke the silence.

"So, where's Grandpa," He asked taking a bite of his cereal.

"I'm not really sure, I think he said something about going outside to admire the sea," Bill said, as he swallowed his spoonful.

"Oh," David said, "So, you thinking allot about the wedding today?" he asked studying his fathers face carefully.

"I try not to, but it's not going very well, seeing as it's the only thing on mind at the moment," Bill said, looking solemnly at his cereal, "It's not like I don't want them to get married, because I do, but I don't want to have to give away my little girl, I still want to be number one,"

"Dad, let's face it your time as number one is going to end at four, than it's Teddy’s turn," David said, and when Bill looked shocked at what he was hearing from his fourteen year old, "Yeah, I can be deep,"

Several hours later David found himself walking down the aisle in his older sisters wedding he was arm in arm with Isabella and they were walking towards the alter where Teddy stood with his best man, Devon, at his side. When David parted with Isabella, and was standing next to Devon he saw Dona and Gregg walking down the aisle. After them was Veronica who was walking alone.

When Veronica was standing next to Dona everyone stood up as the bride and her father made their way down the aisle. The priest spoke and David watched without really listening. He was waiting for the words that meant it was over. He finally heard the ‘You may kiss the bride’ and saw Teddy do so.

A/N: I know, allot of you are probably mad that Alyssa and David still aren’t together. It’s going to happen soon, don’t worry, but those of you who read Love and War know how it’s going to end.

Remember, I like it when you type in the grey box at the bottom of the screen.

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