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Lily and James-The Real Story by NikkiRadcliffe
Chapter 4 : Lily's Rage
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Hello to all my fellow readers. I love the fact people enjoy my story. i'm so sorry it took so long for me to put up this chapter so enjoy! REVIEW or it will take longer for me to think of what comes next.

Disclamer: The lovely J.K.Rowling owns any familar people.

As Lily woke up the following morning she realized the day ahead was a complete mystery. Instead of her normal routine of hanging out with Emma she would be trying to figure out what to do to keep her from being bored. Well not bored really. She would be trying to avoid Potter at all costs. Yet, no sooner than she had thought of that, Potter came barging in her room.


“Lilyflower why didn’t you just tell me you loved me? You didn’t have to express it in a letter to your….”Lily gasped when she noticed in his hand was the letter to Mia.


“Why you arrogant JERK! Who gave you bloody permission to read my personal letter to my friend?” Lily exclaimed her emerald eyes flashing, raging with anger. “If I had bloody well wanted….”


In a split second James lips came crashing down upon hers. A tingling sensation erupted throughout her body creating fireworks within’ her mind. His lips were so soft moving against her own, his hands caressing her face.


“Hey James your mum…OMG!” Sirius gazed at the spectacle before him with pure delight.” Way to go Prongsie you finally got Evans to kiss you. Just wait until I write Remus about this one. Oh wait he’ll never believe me. Perhaps I should take a picture to send him as well.”


“Don’t you dare Black,” Lily exclaimed, pushing away, a menacing look crossing her face. “If you tell one bloody person I’ll make sure you never date again. That is I’ll make sure you never date a girl again.”


Sirius gasped racing out of the room not wanting to send Lily in another fury. James had a moment to smirk at his friend’s retreating back before she stuck her wand into his chest, her eyes flashing with hatred.

"Get out," she hissed in a low, firm voice. He reached up and attempted to seize her wand, but she stepped away from him swiftly, her wand raised and pointed at his face.



"Out!" she screeched, “ Don’t ever kiss me again or I swear you’ll end in such a gruesome state you’ll wish you were dead.”


Looking in horror, James panicked. This was the girl of his dreams. Yet, never in his dreams had Lily ever threatened him. Making his way towards her bedroom door he sighed. Everything was going the way he had wanted it. Lily was in his mansion, and loved the room he had decorated for her. Yet, there he was screwing things up. Could anything get any worse?


Lily scowled, fury scorching through her veins like fire, her fingers flying unintentionally to her lips. How she ended up in these situations with James Potter she’d never know. Running a hand through her long scarlet hair Lily sighed. He was impossible! Every time she turned around, there he was, looking at her with a dreamy expression. James Potter was by no means unattractive; he was just an arrogant prat. Yet, she was entirely confused. There was a part of her that wanted James. How this had happened so suddenly she didn’t understand. She was supposed to loathe James Potter something fierce, but now she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Lily let her head drop into her hands. What was wrong with her? How could she start having feelings for him? Lily just didn’t know what to do anymore.


James Potter. Why did he have to be so bloody attractive, so smart, so good-looking and so … so in love with her! Lily scowled at the closed door. Her fingers wandered to her lips, remembering the kiss, the way their lips fit together perfectly. Lily shook her head. No! She had no time for James Potter. She had other important things to think of. Her final year at school was fastly approaching and she needed to concentrate on seeing her friends again. Anything other than thinking about James bloody Potter.


“LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” She screamed after what seemed several minutes. James image was wrapping its way around her mind. That couldn’t happen. There was no way she would start falling for James. She had to stop herself before it was too late.


Quickly changing into a tank top and shorts Lily raced down the stairs. Perhaps a long run around the neighborhood would help her relax.


It was a rather nice day. Outside, the sun was high in the sky, its rays caressing her face.

A gentle breeze wove in and out of the grass, lightly whipping Lily’s dark hair around her shoulders. There was nobody around, creating a peaceful atmosphere.  She always went running when she needed some time alone. It had never let her down.


She was so caught up in her own little world that she did not notice the quiet tapping noise of another running alongside her. James watched enchanted with her beauty. Yet, she failed to notice the hazel eyes. Watching her every move as he fell into step besides her.

Lily began humming her favorite song, running a hand through her soft, dark hair. James ran closer in careful swift motions. This time, Lily heard as his foot came into contact with the cement. Her eyes went wide as she stared at the one she was trying to forget.


Her first reaction was disgust. Disgust that this vile creature would even dare follow her, when she clearly wanted to be left alone.  And then anger. The fury pulsed through her , suffocating her; it seemed to be the only part of her soul left. But it was all clouded by loathing. This was a stronger emotion. It required more passion than repulsion or rage, and provided her with an imminent of just how much her mind had been working for her when she had shut herself down during the kiss. It burned inside of her like the amber coals she had seen within her father’s grill.

Her eyes flickered open, and in them was reflected that very image. Her face was twisted into an expression she had never worn before. Something she never felt before. Yet, now seemed so familiar like a friend

“You . . .” she whispered, her voice shuddering with her effort to remain under control. “You . . .”

James smirked, apparently unfazed by the fury in her eyes. “Yes my Lilyflower. It’s me your dashing prince.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Lily lunged herself forward and collided her fist with his chest. With the sudden force, James fell to the ground. Shock over came him as he realized her anger. He had only come to make sure she wouldn’t get lost. Yet, know he wasn’t sure that was a good idea.

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Lily and James-The Real Story: Lily's Rage


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