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All I could hope for by tookool4you
Chapter 31 : Changes
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Freddy walked to potions with Hermione on his arm. For some reason she felt different since she became a vampire. Hermione could not put her finger on it, but she felt odd. Like she wasn’t herself anymore.

When she got into potions she got out her book and began reading. She had no idea at the time that it was what Snape had assigned to do that day. Hermione didn’t think that it was odd, but when she began answering questions before he would ask them she knew that it was weird.

She looked over at Freddy and he just shrugged his shoulders. Hermione looked over at where Rafael was suppose to be sitting, but he wasn’t there.

Hermione wondered where he could be. Hermione made a list in her head of the places he could have been. He couldn’t have been hunting; it was in the middle of the day. He could have been with Voldemort, but wouldn’t he have told Freddy? Hermione shrugged to herself. Maybe, maybe not. He seemed really angry with him when they were in the woods the last time, Hermione didn’t know if they had seen each other since.

Hermione mouthed ‘Where is Rafael?’ to Freddy. He shrugged and looked back at his book because Snape was looking threatening at him.

“Sorry Professor I will stop talking,” said Hermione.

Professor Snape looked taken back when she said that. He was about to tell her to stop talking, but didn’t.

“I didn’t say anything Miss Granger,” said Snape.

Hermione looked wide eyes at him for a moment and then continued reading her book. She did not know how she knew that Snape would tell her to be quiet.  At that moment she thought she was psychic, but then said no to that idea. If she was psychic she would know where Rafael was, but she didn’t. Hermione could not explain why she knew what she did, but it was starting to scare her. 

Hermione then saw Freddy screaming in pain. His eyes had blood in them. He was calling her name. It was dark and Hermione could not see where they were. Hermione had a white dress on and brought her face towards Freddy’s.

“I’m sorry,” said Freddy weakly.

“Sorry for what?”

“I should have told you”

“Told me…told me what?”

“He is bad. I should have killed him when I had the chance. I broke my promise to you”

Then Hermione saw Freddy turn to ashes in her arms. She started crying and saw the blood on her dress.

“Miss Granger?” Hermione heard weakly.

Hermione then saw Snape in front of her. For the first time he looked worried. She could see blood on her book. ‘I must have fallen asleep’ thought Hermione.

“I’m fine Professor,” said Hermione wiping her eyes on the back of her hand.

“What’s that on your book?” asked the Professor pointing to the blood on her book.

“I must have gotten a paper cut. I will clean it up”

“Good day class. Mr. Archibald will you stay after class for a moment?”

The class left the class with their books in their hands. Freddy was the only one to stay behind. He looked up at Snape and put his feet on the desk.

“Freddy what have you done?” asked Snape.

“I haven’t done anything”

“You changed her?” asked Snape his voice rising.

“I didn’t do that. Rafael changed her, not me. Dammit why does everyone think it was me? Just because we are dating doesn’t mean a thing…”

“You’re dating her? That was suppose to be Rafael”

“Sorry, Rafael doesn’t deserve her. At least I am making an effort to keep her safe. Rafael was just going to sell her to the Dark Lord for the Dark Mark. Unlike Rafael I don’t want the Dark Mark. I just want to get on with my life”

“Rafael changed her?”

“Yes, weren’t you listening? Rafael changed Hermione and left her to die. I had left my jacket in her room and I was going back to get it when I saw Hermione. She was almost dead. I got to her just in time”

“Why is he such an idiot?” whispered Snape.

“He basically wants that Dark Mark so bad he will kill anyone to get it. I think that is a little idiotic, but I wouldn’t so I cant really say anything”

“Why wouldn’t you?”

“I won’t because killing someone I love won’t be worth it in the end”

“Loyalty. You would be good as a Death Eater. Unlike Rafael who is a dangerous creature, you have your limits. The Dark Lord will be good to have you on his team”

“I don’t want to be on his ‘team’,” said Freddy.

“Not know, but you will”

Freddy had enough. He grabbed his bag and left the room. He did not know, but Hermione was standing right there listening to their every word. She looked back in the potions room and saw Snape sitting on his desk thinking. Then he looked at the door.

He didn’t see Hermione, but it was close. Professor Snape thought he was seeing things and got ready for his next class. Hermione didn’t know what to do, so she went to find a person she trusted and might be able to help her.


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All I could hope for: Changes


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