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New York's Secret by Avanell 2
Chapter 7 : Change of Scenery
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AN: First of all, sorry for the wait. I’ve had a hard time with my muse, but we’re sorting things out.  And now, for the story…oh, and one last thing. I put a profession for Ginny in this chapter, but not sure if it works with anything I’ve said earlier. So please ignore if I’ve made a mistake. Thanks for reading and please review! They always help feed my muse.

Chapter 7: Change of Scenery

Alessandra was getting ready for a show when someone announced that she had a visitor. Thinking it was Ron, she happily went out into the empty hallway and toward the visitor room. When she walked inside, she found that it wasn’t Ron.

There was something about the man that frightened her. He was tall, but not as tall as Ron, with pure white hair, pale skin, and grey eyes.

As he opened his mouth to say something, a vision came into her mind and before she knew it, the room disappeared from around her and suddenly she was thrown into a field far away. Not knowing she had just disapparated from the event center, she was more than confused. More frightened than ever, she looked around and saw an odd shaped building…a home…in the near distance. But exhaustion from what she had just done overtook her and she passed out.

“Dear, did you hear something?” Molly asked her husband.
Arthur Weasley looked up from the Saturday edition of the Daily Prophet and shook his head. “No, did you?”

Molly nodded. “It sounded like someone apparated…outside.” She walked over to the window and saw something lying in the near distance. “Dear Merlin! Someone’s out there!”

Arthur quickly got up and the two raced outside to see who, or what, it was. They ran out and saw the shape of a woman lying in the grass. She was wearing a beige leather vest and sharp looking jeans. Her silky hair covered her face, and when Arthur went to check her vitals he drew her hair back. “Merlin, it’s Hermione!”

“What!” Molly cried, then leaned over to take a look at the woman. “It is! Oh, we have to get her inside!”

Arthur cast a levitating spell and led Hermione inside, his wife trailing them until they got her situated over the couch and then releasing her. Hermione’s body fell with a soft thump onto the couch.

Molly quickly went into the kitchen to get a reviving potion while Arthur watched over his son’s fiancée.

When Molly returned and opened the young woman’s lips to pour down the potion, Arthur went toward the fireplace. “I’ll get Harry and Ginny. They must know where Ron is.”

“Oh, what do you think has happened to her?” Molly cried.

Arthur shrugged. “I don’t think we’ll get any answers soon, but perhaps Harry knows something. They should be home…” And then he threw some floo into the fireplace, muttering the address of Harry and Ginny’s before he disappeared into flames.

A few moments later, Hermione started to come to. She looked up to see a woman with red hair smiling over her.

“It’s alright, dear. Your safe, you’re home.”

Hermione looked about confused. Where was she? Last she remembered she was getting ready for another show. The new winter collection was out, and she was one of the models in the show. Then she remembered the man…the man who frightened her. Of course, she never gave him a chance to say anything. She just…she just woke up here. Where was here?

“Where am I?” She asked, even though the woman had already said she was home.

“Everything is going to be fine, Hermione.”

“Who’s Hermione? My name is Alessandra.”

Molly was taken aback. “Oh…I…”

“Who are you?” Alessandra demanded.

“My name is Molly, Molly Weasley.”

Alessandra gasped. “Are..are you related to Ronald Weasley?”

Now Molly was even more confused. “Yes,” She stammered. “He’s my son.”

“Oh. How did I get here?”

Molly knew she could not say anything about magic. If Hermione did not remember who she was, did she even remember the magical world? She had to be careful, and needed to warn Arthur and anyone else who might apparate or floo in. What was she going to do?

“You…you’ve been in an accident. You just woke up, dear. Why don’t we get you upstairs, you need to rest more, no?”

Alessandra nodded. She was indeed groggy. And her head was spinning.

After Molly helped the girl up and headed her towards the stairs, she got out her wand and quickly cast a de-magic spell about the house. Nothing would move, not the dishes or laundry, and certainly not any of the pictures or posters in the room she now led the young woman toward.

Ron’s room was much as he had left it in his teen years. Posters of the Chudley Cannons were now in an odd standing position, rather than on their brooms as Alessandra now saw them through her bleary vision. Molly led her over to Ron’s bed and helped her lay down.

“Now, just sleep dear. If you need anything, just call out. Are you hungry? I can bring you…”

“No, I am fine. I think I just need to sleep a bit. Thank you, even if I don’t remember coming here.”

Molly smiled warmly at her. “I’ll explain everything later, dear. You just rest.” She wondered exactly what she was going to say, later. Perhaps Arthur, Harry or Ginny could help figure out something to tell Hermione. And maybe one of them knew how Hermione…Alessandra knew Ron even though she didn’t remember who she was.

Alessandra did not know how much time had passed when she finally awoke again. As her eyes drifted open, she only knew that she was in a strange, unfamiliar room. She remembered a woman, a woman with red hair. The woman was Ron’s mother. Where is Ron? How did I get here?
It was not a comforting thought; that she had once again lost a part of her memory in how she got here. Groaning in pain, the woman sat up. She looked out of the windows and saw nothing familiar. Where am I? It certainly did not look like any place in New York she had ever been to, not minding the fact that Ron was from England!

Alessandra decided to go in search of Mrs. Weasley, anyone, who might answer her questions. Leaving the room she found a long set of winding stairs, and braced herself on the railing so as to not lose her balance. One of the stairs creaked and the woman was up in a flash, helping Alessandra.

“Now, dear, you mustn’t overdo it. Here, let me help.”

By now a plan was in motion, a plan to explain things while Arthur went in search of Ron. Harry was on his way over, as he wanted to see Hermione first hand. He had heard from Ron the other day, and from the sound of it things were going quite well. Ron had told him about Hermione’s memory loss, and that stated he had been talking to her about it. This had all been explained to Molly in a rush.

It did not explain how she’d ended up at the Burrow, but Harry was determined to find out.

As Mrs. Weasley led Alessandra down the stairs, they both heard a crack! Alessandra jumped, but Molly assured the girl nothing was wrong. She acted as though she had not heard a thing, but was relieved to hear Harry call out.


“Coming, Harry!” Molly shouted back to her son-in-law. “That’s Harry, he’s married to Ginny, my daughter.”

Hermione nodded. Ron had told her about his family and best mate.

The two women finally reached the bottom floor, seeing Harry appear with a big smile on his face.


George was enjoying his date immensely, as was the girl seated across from him at the pub. They had spent the day together, and decided on a drink and a snack before parting ways.

He had been holding one of her hands for the past few minutes, telling her a story about one of his and Fred’s famous pranks, when suddenly the door of the pub opened and a familiar face walked in.

“Oh, no, not her!” George said. Thankfully it was quite busy in the pub, so no one else but his date heard him. The girl whipped her head around to see the striking brunette who had walked in.

“Who’s that?” Lavender asked George, wondering if it was one of his ex-girlfriends.

“Sara…Sara something. I don’t know; she works with Ron.”

“Oh, that’s the tart who’s been after him?”

George looked at her questioningly.

Lavender threw her long locks back. “I have a friend who works with them. She told me how that woman is always throwing herself at Ron. Hmph! As if she has a chance!”


Lavender laughed. “I hope you already know that I am long over Ronald Weasley. I may put up the front by teasing him about Hermione, but he knows it’s just a cover. A joke over Parvati and Padma. Ron and I made our peace some time ago.”

“How come he never told us?”

“Likely because he was drunk and wailing over her. I decided to be a better person and talked with him most of the night. It was good for me, too, you know. I should have known I never had a chance. For him, it’s always been Hermione. And obviously, he wasn’t the one for me. Just a school girl crush.”

George grinned. Fred had teased him that she might have only accepted the date to get back at Ron; or perhaps because she still liked him. No, that was definitely not the case. He could see it in her eyes just now. He grasped her hand a little firmer, and she smiled at him.

“Let’s get out of here.” He said.

She raised a brow. “You’re place or mine?”

As the two left, Sara spotted them. She frowned; why hadn’t Ron’s brother said anything to her? Hadn’t he seen her just as he passed with the blonde bimbo?

Harry was all smiles as he looked upon his best friend for the first time in two years. A part of him was startled…she was gorgeous! He couldn’t wait for Ginny to join them. Ginny was busy trying to contact Ron, and would likely help him get an emergency portkey to come back to England.
“Hello.” Hermione said in a soft, unsure voice. He could tell she was still a bit worn from the experience.

“Hi, I’m Harry Potter.”

“Yes, Molly told me. I’m Alessandra. Ron mentioned you were his best friend.”

And yours, he thought. “It’s wonderful to meet you. Ron told me all about you.”

“Where is he?”

Harry glanced at Molly, who knew that hopefully Ginny and Ron would be arriving soon. “He’ll be here shortly; he has some work to catch up on.” He hated lying to her, but could not think of anything else to say. Without thinking, he suddenly asked “What is the last thing you remember?”

She looked at him in surprise. Had Molly told him? What was going on? How come she couldn’t remember her accident?

“I…I remember getting for one of my shows, in New York. Mrs. Weasley told me I’m now in England, but I can’t remember coming over here. Although I’ve always wanted to…oh, right. Well, I was getting ready when someone came to tell me I had a visitor. I thought it was Ron…I think it was a blonde haired gentleman. Yes, that’s it. He had grey eyes. I remember being frightened, and that’s all I can remember.”

Harry knew immediately it was Draco Malfoy. Malfoy had been working in the same department as Hermione, and claimed it was his fault the potion messed up. For some reason, Harry never believed him; he believed that Draco was covering for someone else.

Draco must have gone to New York and seen her picture somewhere, he thought. Ron had told him Hermione was a model, and somewhat known. Something about a catalog…and knickers.

“Did he scare you?” He asked cautiously.

“No…I suppose he didn’t…I just had…” Her words trailed of as she realized she had had a memory. Darn! Why couldn’t she remember! Was this mysterious man a part of her past? “I don’t really know why I was scared of him.” She responded truthfully.

Harry nodded. While Draco had been their enemy at school, he and Hermione had cordially worked together. Maybe an argument or two, but that was over work details.

“Harry,” Molly interrupted. “Why don’t you sit down with Hermione in the living area. I’ll go fetch us some tea. Arthur should be home shortly.” She said hopefully. Harry had told her that Arthur went to the Ministry to help with the Portkeys.

He took Hermione to one of the couches, sitting over a foot away from her on it. He did not want to scare her anymore than she likely already was.

“So how are you feeling?” He asked once they were comfortable.

“Alright I suppose, I just wish I could remember…” She trailed off again, now she had two memory lapses although this time she remembered her identity as Alessandra.

“I’m sure you will. My wife is training to become a healer. She’ll know what to do.”

“A…a healer?”

“Sorry, um…a doctor of sorts.”

“Oh, I see…I guess they call them differently over here?” She replied, although a series of thoughts were going through her mind. She didn’t really believe him, and knew that something else was going on. But it felt…right…so she didn’t push the young man further.

Some time earlier

Ginny arrived at the portkey station in New York City and immediately tried to dial the cell phone Ron had purchased. Thankfully, this time he answered.

“Hello?” He said anxiously.

“Ron? It’s Ginny. I’m here…”

“Gin, something’s happened to Hermione! She was supposed to be at a show today, but is now missing! I’ve been looking…”

“Ron, calm down. She’s alright. Somehow she managed to apparate herself to the Burrow.”

What? How? Does she remember?”

“No, Ron, she doesn’t. Mum and dad told her she had an accident, which is true in sorts, but now she’s probably as confused as ever. I came to New York to get you and have an emergency portkey to bring us back.”

“Are you at the Ministry?”

“Yes, how soon can you get there?”

“As soon as I can find a place to apparate.” Ron replied.

Minutes later, Ron was hurrying down a hall toward Ginny at the Ministry.

“You ready, Ron?” Ginny asked. Ron nodded. “Well, let’s go get Hermione back. – and hopefully her memory.”

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