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Lies Told To Me by CrystalRain11
Chapter 8 : Awkward
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Hey guys sorry about the like two week wait. Homework got the best of me. I got another two chapters writen...I think. Man do I love this story right now. Sorry in advance for the basicly only dailoge chapter. It's hard to describe scenes with Ron ad
Harry because I'm trying to leave mystery there. Enjoy please!  

The unmistakable sound of tears was echoing through the room. It echoed across the hall and down the stairs. Then the screaming started. The screaming didn’t echo, no it rebounded off the walls, the ceiling, the floor and the inside of his head. The magic bonds were the only things keeping him in the chair and not much was keeping the chair on the ground.

“STOP IT!” he screamed. The chair shook with his attempt to rip free of the bounds. The woman’s screams grew louder. “She’s a mother! Have a heart!” The pleas of the poor man only seemed to worsen the woman’s suffering. The chandelier shook with her next scream. “Don’t kill her…” The poor man was helpless bond to the chair.

A final note made the house rise like a bird. Then it crashed, like a broken-wing bird. Silence came upon the room as the dust settled down again. The man uttered a sob and was out of the chair faster than the bonds could be removed.

“She’s all yours,” a cold male voice shriek at the man, “what’s left of her anyways.” However the man was gone before he could really hear the harsh words. Up the stairs and into the bed chamber of his wife.

The woman he loved lay motionless in her bed. Not even breathe filled her lungs. Her beautiful ginger hair, and her fair skin dull and dulling. The eyes closed, and the expression of pure agony.

The man fell to his knees. He sobbed. His body shook with grief.

“VIRGINIA!” The scream was louder than her dieing noise. For she was dead. The woman he loved and the mother to her daughter was dead. He’d promised her he wouldn’t let them kill her. He’d been there, just a floor below. He could have saved her. It was all his fault. He’d failed her.

“Don’t beat yourself up. It would have happened one way or another.”

The man rose from the floor, cold as ice. He turned to face the man who had bound him.

“You monster!” He pulled out his wand and pointed it at the man. The curse was shot quick and it was nasty.

The door of the burrow flung open. Harry was sitting there waiting. He held a worried look but hope shown behind his eyes.

“How di-“ He never finished his sentence for the slam of a door was far louder than his words.

“Get me the biggest library in the world!” Hermione screamed. “I will never marry him! Not even if he…not even if he was normal for a day! Never! NEVER!” She ripped off the high heels and threw them to the ground. “This was your stupid idea!” She shot at Harry before he could even say a word. She stormed up the stairs as fast as her feet would carry her.

“What happened?” Harry asked running up after her and thankful Ron had not returned.

“Everything was going fine…He’d almost convinced me it might actually be a good idea and then the idiot kisses me! The jerk thinks that years of being the ‘Dirty mudblood’ can disappear in one day of ‘pureblood Virginia’!” She pulled off the earrings and dis-transfigured them and put them back on. Hermione grabbed her pajamas and stormed toward the bathroom. “This is what happens when I listen to you!” Harry blocked the door way and quickly made sense of what was going on.

“Hermione…” he said clearly said, “Is it worth it?”

“What?” Hermione was shocked for a moment into silence. She stared at her friend confused.

“Is it worth the fight?” he clarified, “Would it be easier to just leave him alone and not show up one the date?” Hermione froze and thought about it.

“Harry! It’s worth the fight!” She gasps and pushed past him and closed the bathroom door.

“Then it wasn’t so bad?” Harry asked with knowing tone to his voice. Hermione sighed.

“It was okay…until he kissed me and I realized he was the same git who’d been such a pain.” Hermione opened the door and sighed. “He’s still Malfoy…that much is true. I’m not sure if the whole was just an act or not.” Harry smiled at her and shook his head.

“Hermione, I don’t agree with it so just be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt. I can see where fighting will lead that way.” Hermione sighed and sat on the bed Harry had conjured her for a while.

“I don’t want to impose on Mrs. Weasley. Is there anywhere I can go? I don’t want to go home just yet.” Harry laughed and smiled at Hermione.

“You know Mrs. Weasley, she will be happy to take care of you.”

“Harry…Ron won’t look at me…he hasn’t since I told him about Malfoy. I can’t stay here and live with that everyday.” Hermione looked away as the pain of what she said shot through her.

“I suppose you could stay at Grimmald Place. Mr. Weasley put new security measured around it after Dumbledore’s death.”

“Is it completely safe? Won’t Snape be able to get in?”

“He’ll be able to get in but not much else. As long as you keep your wand on you, you’ll be just fine. But you have to keep in touch.”

“I will. I’ll leave tomorrow… I’m sorry Harry but being around Ron will kill me.” Hermione pulled back the covers and crawled beneath them.

“I understand. Goodnight Hermione.”

“Goodnight Harry.”

Hermione watched him leave and sighed. He’d been rather straight forward. There was no convincing her stay, no second guessing. Just the facts. She frowned as she realized something was causing tension between Harry and her. She turned off the light and sighed unsure of everything now.

Ron walked through the door and sighed. He sat at the kitchen table and slumped in his chair.

“Any luck?” Harry moved from the shadow of the door way. The clock struck midnight.

“Goodness Harry, you’ll give me a heart attack.” Ron complained sighing.

“Well any luck?” Harry strolled over and sat down on one of the chairs. He looked out the window at the full moon.

“No… my mom won’t even open the door to me. Did you get some way to get rid of Hermione before she notice they’re not here?” Ron sounded so sad as he said the words. He didn’t want Hermione to leave but he knew she had too.

“Yeah, she’s leaving tomorrow. I’ll bring her breakfast… that way she doesn’t suspect much. I’ll sneak her out the back… Tell her something about not wanting to upset everyone else.” Harry sighed himself. “I hate lying to her.”

“It won’t be pretty to tell the truth. She’s got too much on her plate. I mean Malfoy, mate. Who would have ever guessed?” Ron got up and closed the kitchen window.

“She saw him today…spent a good hour with him.” Harry said trying to sound off-hand.

“Yeah… I’m afraid to ask.” Ron pulled a bottle from one of the top cabinets while Harry conjured two goblets.

“It didn’t go well it seems. She was really angry when she got back but…”

“Harry, you have to tell me…I know she won’t. She’s too nice.” Ron poured pitch black liquid into the two goblets.

“She thinks its still worth a try…She wants to make it work.” Harry picked up the goblet. “I hope this stuff grows on you. I hate it. Well, Cheers!” He raised the glass and downed it.

“To good health!” Ron joked and downed his own. “But mate, she’s gotta be crazy. Malfoy over me?” Ron shook his eyes and poured more of the liquid.

“It’s not like you gave her much choice Ron. You never made you feeling clear. She’s giving up hope on you. God, do I have to drink it.”

“Cheers to screwing up, mate.” Ron drank the liquid as if it was alcohol. Then he rinsed his goblet out in the sink. Harry, however, could only stare at the glass. “Come on mate, bottoms up.”

“I swear if I you hadn’t save my backside Ron.” Harry made a face and downed the glass.

“Hey, what choice do we have?”

“Funny, Hermione used the same argument earlier. Wish there was a counter still.” Harry rinsed out his own glass and put away the bottle. He pushed in his chair and itched the back of his head. Ron headed for the stairs.

“She’s sleeping right?”

“She’s pretty much out. I feel sorry for her. It has to be hard.” Ron shook his head.

“Ignorance is bliss. It’s almost better that she leaves. I don’t want to see her face if she ever finds out. I feel like she knows already.” He started climbing the stars as Harry followed.

“Yeah, she noticed, said she could stand you not looking at her.”

“Crap! Well doesn’t matter much now. She’s got her pureblood prince now.” Ron opened the door to the room he and Harry shared.

“Don’t use that as an excuse to be a bad friend Ron!” Harry seemed a little angry.

“Let’s get some sleep.”

Hmmm? I know you all hate me right now. But unfourtantly you don't get to find out what excatly Ron and Harry are talking about for a long time. I'm so very happy. This story now has as many chapters as Her World and about twice as many words (is guessing). That really makes me proud of myself to have stuck with the story so long.

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Lies Told To Me: Awkward


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