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Our Famous Father's by musicgirlhp14
Chapter 1 : King's Cross Station
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Our Famous Fathers Chapter

King's Cross Station

Damien looked around the busy train station, and turned back to look at his parents with a confused look. “What platform did the wizard say?” he asked again.

“I told you,” his mother said catching up to him, and shooing him along. “Platform 9 ¾, he told us there is a barrier. Come on, we’ve only got fifteen minutes until the train leaves.” She pushed him forward.

Damien’s father came up behind them, pushing Damien’s trolley in front of him. “He’s nervous, leave him be Georgia.” His father said, and stopped. “Here you go, you can push your own trolley.”

Damien only nodded, and began to push his trolley closer to Platform nine. He quickly remembered the instructions given to them from the wizard, Neville Longbottom, who had come to visit them. He had told them that the brick pillar between Platforms nine and ten was the gate to the Platform for Hogwarts.

Quickly enough he spotted the barrier, and looking to his parents for more confidence, he saw them nod, and he quickly walked towards the barrier. He breathed in and out slowly as his trolley neared the wall, and closed his eyes quickly waiting for impact. But, instead he felt himself continue to go forward, and he fluttered his eyes open to let them fall on an amazing sight.

Students, adults, stood every where. Some wearing wizarding robes, and some wearing ordinary clothes; “Muggle clothes,” Professor Longbottom had called them.

Standing still, Damien heard the amazed ‘awes’ behind him, and he looked to his parents quickly. “This is so cool!” he exclaimed with a grin.

His father chuckled, while his mother continued to look around amazed. They had never seen anything like it. Regaining his composer, Damien stepped further on to the platform, and with his parents following close behind he made his way towards the bright steam engine.

“Damien, wait.” Both his parents said distantly behind him. He turned around quickly and saw that they were no longer following him, but standing further away. Quickly, not wanting to be separated from his parents, he made his way towards them. As he drew closer he saw why his parents had stopped.

There stood a familiar man, who Damien recognized to be Harry Potter, their old friend. He found it odd that he would be here, in a wizarding place, when it dawned on him; he was a wizard too!

“Ah,” said Harry smiling, “this must be Damien. You’ve grown a lot since I last saw you.”

Damien gave a small smile, feeling very shy suddenly. “Are you a wizard?” he asked without being able to contain himself.

Harry looked a little surprised by the question, but nodded. “I suppose this means your parents never told you that I was, huh?”

Damien nodded, and looked to his parents. “How come you didn’t tell me?”

Georgia shrugged. “I never really thought about it. Though I did wonder if we would be seeing him here when we came. Is your son returning to Hogwarts this year?” Georgia asked looking back at Harry.

Harry smiled brightly. “Both of my sons; James is returning for his third year, and my second son, Albus, is coming for his first.” Harry replied. “Hold on, I will go get them.”

Damien watched as Harry left them and walked over to a group of redheads. There were two children though, who had the same head of black hair, but the other children and adults had red hair. Harry talked quickly to a pretty woman with red hair, and he watched as she looked over at them. She had a large smile on her face, and waved to them.

He saw from the corner of his eye his parent’s wave back, and he continued to watch as the group of redheads and raven haired people move over to them. A small girl and boy, the girl with black hair and the boy with red, looked to be too young to be going to Hogwarts, but and older girl with brown hair, and a boy with black hair seemed to be about his age. A few paces behind them was an older boy with flaming hair as well, with glasses framing his brown eyes. Behind him stood thing adults, all smiling.

“Hello again,” the woman who Damien guessed to be Mrs. Potter.

“Georgia, Adam, and Damien, I would like you to meet my sons James and Albus,” he said pointing to the older boy and then the one to look about Damien’s age. “My daughter, Lily,” he said pointing to the younger girl. “My niece and nephew, Rose, and Hugo. I have an older one, Harry, but he’s graduated from Hogwarts already.” He finished pointing to the young boy and girl who looked his age. “Rose is entering her first year as well.”

“Hello,” she kindly, smiling at Damien.

“Hi,” was all Damien forced himself to say. She seemed nice, and Albus looked just as shy as he was. But when Damien turned to look at him, Albus gave him a small smile, “I’m Damien.”

Albus nodded. “Hi,” he said quietly.

“Well, I guess you should all get on to the train.” Harry said. Everyone began hugging their parent’s goodbye, and Damien turned to his mother and father. He hugged his mother first, and just as he turned to his father, somebody screeched just behind him.

“Oscar, he’s over there! I found him!”

Damien watched as a tall girl with long black hair run over to where James Potter stood. She crashed into him, throwing her arms around him, and quickly backing away grinning. “You told me you would be over there,” she said, almost scolding him.

“Yeah, well, my parents dragged me over here.” James explained, but he was smiling.

The girl looked to James’ parents, still smiling. “Hello everyone,” she said cheerfully.

“Hello Angela, excited for the new term?” Hermione asked.

“Oh yeah, James and I have been talking all summer about some great idea’s to pra –er, I mean idea’s to keep up with our studies.” Angela smiled brightly, than grabbed James by the arm. “Hope you don’t mind me stealing James away, Oscar is having a fit.”

Ginny was smiling widely, as if she found something highly amusing. She merely nodded, “Yes, you can steal James.”

“Great,” Angela said shortly, “Cheers!” she said loudly as she and James walked away.

Damien shook himself out of his surprise, and turned to his father. With a quick hug, his father muttered in his ear, “You’ll be fine.”

Giving his father his half smile he had inherited, he picked up his trunk like the others were now doing.

“Come on, you can sit with us.” Rose said smiling.

Looking back at his parents one last night, he followed Rose and Albus on to the train, and together the three of them dragged their trunks to an empty compartment and got settled. Rose and Albus quickly stuck there heads out the window, waving to their parents. Damien followed their actions, and waved to his parents. His father was smiling brightly, and his mother had tears in her eyes. The platform was empty of Hogwarts students, and the train gave a loud whistle and started moving.

Damien continued to wave until the train finally pulled out of the station, and was on its way to Hogwarts. Taking his seat near the compartment door, he watched as Rose and Albus took their seats across from him.

“So, Damien, what house do you think you will be in?” Rose asked, trying to shake the awkwardness from the situation.

“I’m not sure,” Damien told her. Professor Longbottom, the man who had come to his home to teach him all about the wizarding world, had told him about the houses. He said Gryffindor was for the brave, Hufflepuff for the loyal, Ravenclaw for the intelligent, and Slytherin for the cunning. Really, he fit in with Hufflepuff best, he had thought. He could be brave when he wanted to be, but who wasn’t like that? He wasn’t all that smart, in Muggle school he had only been good at one subject, music, thanks to his parents talents. He had also done well in History, but that was it. He was sure that they would have no subjects like that in Hogwarts.

“Well, I hope I’m in Gryffindor.” Rose said, realizing he wasn’t going to build on his statement.

“Me too,” Albus added. “My whole family was in Gryffindor.”

“Same here,” Rose said. “Well, I could get into Ravenclaw. Dad always said I was far too smart for my age.”

“Yeah, but he said that after you managed to break into his broom shed and steal one of his brooms. That changed his mind real quick to Gryffindor.” Albus smirked.

Rose rolled his eyes. “Well it did work didn’t it? Ever since than he’s been taking me on the broom when I ask him too. Mum got so mad that I had tried flying it on my own without any lessons. But I didn’t crash into anything-”

“Yeah, but you only went like five feet in the air before your Dad grabbed you and pulled you down.” Albus cut her off.

Rose huffed. “You are so annoying sometimes.”

Damien sat rather still while he watched the two cousins argue, before the compartment door slid open haphazardly. Nearly falling off his seat from the surprise, he looked to the door frame.

“Hello,” said the girl in the door frame. She was a pretty girl with short dark brown hair. Her skin was an olive colour, giving her an exotic look, though she spoke with a thick Irish accent.

“Olivia!” Rose exclaimed, and stood up to hug the girl named Olivia.

“Hey Olivia, how was your summer?” Albus asked once Rose let go of her. Olivia took a seat next to Damien while Rose took her old seat.

“It was fine. Da kept dragging us ‘round on vacation to all these Quidditch places; nothing too exciting.” Olivia explained, than looked at Damien. “And who are you?”

“Damien Collins,” he said, surprised he was able to speak.

She smiled a dazzling smile, and stuck out her hand for him to take. “Olivia Wood, nice to meet you.”

He shook her hand, and gave a small smile before she turned back to Rose and Albus. “Have you seen Oscar? He shaved off all his hair!”

“No, we haven’t. We haven’t left our compartment yet.” Albus informed her.

Olivia shrugged. “Well I think he looks quite daft, but Mum thinks he’s handsome. Never laughed so hard in my life.” She giggled. “If he comes ‘round you’ll see what I mean.”

“So, is James trying our for the Quidditch team this year?” Olivia went on, turning to Albus.

“He says he is.” Albus replied. “I hope he doesn’t get on, it will just be another thing he rubs in my face.”

“Why would he do that?” Damien blurted out.

Everyone stared at him as if they just remembered he was in the compartment. But Albus answered anyhow. “He’s real annoying, and because he’s older he-”

“-takes the micky out of us a real lot. Well, not when Teddy is ‘round. He idolizes him.” Rose finished, with a grin.

“Who’s Teddy?” Damien asked despite himself, and hoped they wouldn't get too annoyed by his questions and kick him out of the compartment. But Rose smiled again, making him feel as if it was okay. As shy as he was, he liked being part of conversations. Besides, these people all seemed rather friendly.

“My God brother,” Albus explained. “But he’s like a cousin to everyone in our family.”

“Cool,” Damien said. He wondered what it would be like to have a large family like Rose and Albus. It was really just his parents and he. A few of his parents’ friends had kids, but no one his age or close to it, and no one he really saw on a daily basis. He had a few cousins who lived in Canada, but he wasn’t really close to them.

The rest of the train ride passed slowly with easy conversation. Damien quickly learned that Rose was quick-tempered, very out-going, and also very smart – perhaps too smart for her own good. While Albus was shy, it wasn’t enough to keep him from babbling on to Olivia about all the things he had done during the summer. Olivia was witty, and pretty, and loved Quidditch more then Rose seemed to.

“What is Quidditch?” Damien asked the three when they started talking in-depth about the game.

Albus and Olivia gaped at him, but Rose answered again. “It’s a game witches and wizards play on brooms. There are seven players on each team. There are three Chasers, who have to play with a ball called the Quaffle and try and get it through one of the hoops on the opponent’s side. Than there is the Keeper, one on each side. They stop the Quaffle from getting into one of the hoops. But they don’t just play with Quaffle’s. There are two other balls called Bludgers. They rocket off around the Quidditch pitch trying to knock players off their brooms. That’s why they have two players called Beaters who hold bats and try and hit them away from their team members.” She paused to see if Damien was following.

He nodded, “Three Chasers, one Keeper, and two Beaters.” Damien reeled off.

Rose smiled, and continued. “Lastly there is the Seeker who has to catch another ball called the Golden Snitch. It moves real quick, and can be hard to see. But if the Seeker catches it he or she gives their team one hundred and fifty points, so they nearly always win. Once the Snitch is caught the game finishes. It’s a hard position but-”

“My dad was Seeker.” Albus interrupted. “So was our Uncle Charlie.”

“Cool,” Damien said. “Which House did they play for?”

“Both played for Gryffindor.” Albus told him. “They were the best they ever saw. My father was the youngest player in a century.”

“Wow,” Damien said.

Albus smiled brightly, but Rose quickly pushed him off of his high. “Stop bragging about your father.”

“I’m not bragging.” Albus said hotly, his smile gone.

“Well that’s what it sounds like.” Rose told him a matter-of-factly.

“I was just telling him about my parents, that’s all.” Albus said, than looked back to Damien. “What about your parents? What do they do? Aren’t they musicians?”

“Yeah,” Damien said a bit shyly. He hadn’t intended on bring up the fact, but he guessed he had to talk about it now. “They are in a band together called Taxi. But my Dad is in another band called ‘How We Survive’ that’s pretty big in Canada – well, was, until they all went on hiatus. That happened when my parents moved to London.” Damien explained.

“That’s cool,” Olivia said. “So you’re from Canada? They have some okay Quidditch teams there; I really like the Moose Jaw Meteorites, and the Stonewall Stormers. They haven’t got a lot of teams, but the ones they do have are great.”

“If you didn’t notice, Olivia, but he doesn’t exactly have an American accent now does he?” Rose asked slyly.

“Yeah,” Damien agreed. “Just my parents are from Canada. Well, actually, you could say I'm part Canadian, sort of. My mum is of the First Nations, so I guess you could say I’m part Canadian since they were there long before the Europeans.”

Everyone gaped at him, and he quickly turned pink. Finally, Rose said something. “That is cool. My mum has a book all about Native Americans, and their different tribes. What tribe is your mother from?”

Damien was thankful for her interest whether is was genuine or not. “She’s Métis, and a few of her cousins speak Cree. I’ve never met them before though. So that’s all I really know about it.”

“That’s cool, the Métis are a mix of Native and French blood, right?” she went on, and Damien wondered what her motives were; she seemed too interested.

Damien ignored his thoughts and answered. “Yeah, my mum can speak okay French, but not very much. She doesn’t really need to on a regular basis.”

“Interesting,” Rose said, and smiled at him. Damien smiled back, and fell silent again as Albus and Olivia started talking about Quidditch again. By then lanterns had flickered on in their room, and Damien could hear Prefects telling younger students to change into their robes as they would be arriving at the school.

“Come on Rose, let’s leave the boys so they can change into their robes.” Olivia said standing up.

“All right,” Rose said following her actions. “We’ll be waiting outside.” She told them, and led the way out of the compartment.

With the curtains drawn, Damien and Albus quickly changed into their robes. They didn’t say a word until the train slowed. Damien the laces on his trainers were tired and stood up looking at Albus who was smoothing down his robes.

“I hope we get into the same house.” Albus said looking at him. “I don’t want to be stuck with Rose as my only friend all year.”

Damien let a smile fall on his face, and he laughed. Turning to the compartment door, he slid it open and found Olivia and Rose talking quickly to each other.

“Oh good, your finally done changing. Let’s go, I can already hear Hagrid calling for first years.” Rose said excitedly.

“Who’s Hagrid?” Damien asked. It seemed he had a lot to learn, and that frightened him a little.

“You’ll see,” Albus said walking past him and out into the train hallway. “Come on,” he said.

Damien took a deep breath and quickly hurried to catch up with his new ‘friends’ he assumed he could call them. Thinking back to the beginning, he now hoped that he would get into Gryffindor and not Hufflepuff. He had already some kind of relations with these people, and they seemed nice enough to let him sit with them. If it was the last thing he ever did, he was going to get into Gryffindor.

Author's Note: So here it is, the Sequel to Life Collides. As you have read, I have changed some things around (like names and ages) to fit with Deathly Hallows. If you go back and read the Epilogue to Life Collides you will see that I have changed it as well. The only thing that doesn’t really fit into Deathly Hallows is that Hermione and Ron have an older son, Harry, and some other things that obviously didn’t happen (or would ever happen) in the books, like Harry becoming a musician and going to Canada. But, I hope you liked this first chapter. I will tell you that this story is going to be a long one, and that Damien isn’t going to be the main POV through out. All right, so that is all. I hope you enjoyed this, and please review letting me know what you think!

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