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25 Things James Thinks Lily Should Know About Guys by loversmuch
Chapter 11 : If we look unusally calm, we're probably faking it and spazzing inside.
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Disclaimer: I own nothing
A/N: this takes place at James' and Lily's wedding.


"Wow," Remus said. "Lily's freaking out and you're standing here calmer than ever mate,"

I grinned. "Well, you know me. Always the calm one. Heh heh," He didn't know that my palms were all sweaty, I felt lightheaded and was basically a basket case on the inside. "So you saw Lily? She's not you know...having second thoughts?" I asked nervously.

Remus grinned. "Nope." I visibly relaxed and let out a long breath in relief. At that second, Sirius burst in, took one look at me, and then ran out of the room without saying a word. Remus looked at the door questioningly. "Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I'd say that's really wierd, but it's Sirius. What do you expect?"

I started laughing and Sirius ran back inside breathlessly. "What the bloody hell happened to you?" Remus asked him.

"Lily was asking how James was acting, so I went back and told her that he was acting like normal. Why do you ask?" He replied cluelessly. Remus shook his head and laughed. Sirius mock-pouted, muttered "I hate you guys. You always leave me out of the jokes," and left. Whatever. I stopped laughing and in a few seconds, I felt nervous again.

"I want to talk to Lily," I said suddenly.

"It's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, mate," Remus said.

"So I won't look at her," I retorted. I pulled open the door and ran to the room where she was. I knocked on the door and heard her say, "Come in," I closed my eyes, opened the door, and then put my hands over my eyes just in case. I heard her start laughing. "You look hilarious," she laughed.

"Well Sirius thought the tux looked good," I said. I heard her laugh again.

"You look great James. You just look funny covering your eyes like that," she said.

"Well, I would say you look great, but I can't see you, but you probably look great anyway," I said.

I heard her laugh again. "Oh my gosh. I can't believe we're getting married," she said.

"It just hit you?" I asked.

"No, but...I don't can you be so calm?" she asked.

I grinned. I am such a skilled actor. "Because I'm naturally a calm person, love," I said in a deeper voice.

She laughed. "I bet. You should go James,"

"Alright, alright. See you soon!" I quipped. I blew a kiss (because I can't see her, how the hell am I supposed to kiss her) and then I ran out of the room, running into the door on my out. "Whoopsie," I said. And then I fumbled for the door knob, pulled the door open and ran, hearing her laughing the entire time.

A/N: Okay, I'm not a huge fan of this chapter but whatever. exams finish at the end of the month, so as soon as I'm done, i'll update more often. Read and review pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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