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The True Son by Potter n Mione
Chapter 27 : The Hall of Mandos
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Hermione sat back with a startled look upon her face, and turned to her professor, ready to fire out questions. At this Minerva sighed, for the girl reminded her so much of Lily.


        “Yes, and his true name is Naracion, given to him by Radagast before he was born. Unfortunately, as his mother was not an elf, he does not have an amilessë. However, he does have an epessë: Antien.”
“Who would consider Naracion to be a “gift”?

“My daughter, Nara’s sister, and her husband.” Minerva replied.

“What?”  Hermione queried, confused.
            “After my daughter married… James reconciled with Nara, and they became close confidantes. Indeed, their relationship was stronger than even that of Sirius and James.”


            “Of course, Nara could not visit the Potters during the daytime because of the Marauders. Therefore, he often stopped by in the evenings for supper.”

            “Wow… but… wait. Didn’t Snape betray them?” At this, Minerva smirked and laughed:

            “No! Nara did hear the entire prophecy… alongside Nimor and Duin.”

            “Duin? River?” Hermione was puzzled.

            “Yes, Harry’s great-uncle, Aberforth. Now after hearing the prophecy, Albus immediately told Nara to inform Lily and James of the issue, while he went to fetch me. Soon, we all gathered at the Hog’s Head and began discussing what we could do. Unfortunately, Pettigrew happened to in the pub, as a spy in his rat form, and he heard everything.”

            “If Naracion is Caundaugion’s true eru-atar, why has he been so cruel to Harry? And why did he murder Headmaster Dumbledore?”

            “Nara was acting on Nimor’s instructions in both circumstances. After the passing of Lily and James, we could not let Voldemort get wind of Harry’s true heritage. In addition, soon after he destroyed the Gaunt ring, Albus had a premonition of his impending passing and he commissioned Nara to the task.

            “How is Nara your son, Daernana?” Hermione asked, even more curious than before now that she knew Snape was good.

            “Well, it all started about a month after Severus was sorted into Slytherin House. Albus came to me, saying he was concerned about the boy’s welfare. We feared Naracion would be enticed into the Dark trap spun by the children of the Death Eaters. After all, Eileen Prince was once a member of one of the most elite pure blood families in England. With this in mind Albus and I called upon Snape, and performed a blood ritual with him. As our son, we could ensure he would never fully fall into the clutches of darkness. ”

            “A blood ritual?” Hermione asked, aghast.

            “Yes and because of this, your former teacher is part human, part elven, and one-half Maian.”




            Meanwhile, Harry found himself in a brightly lit room, lounging on a vast bed, amidst a sea of fluffy pillows. A tall, lean figure was sitting at the edge of the bed and he smiled when he noticed Harry was awake.

            “Hir Caundaugion Neurion, I am glad to see you are finally awake.”

            “Where am I, Lord?” Harry asked gazing, with wondering awe, into the angelic face of the stranger.

            “First of all, I am Námo Mandos and you are in my Hall.”

            “The Námo Mandos???  You are the judge of those who are slain?”

            “Indeed. Though, you Harry, are not dead.”

            “Not dead? Not dead? Then what am I doing here?!” Harry was beginning to panic and was clearly agitated. Mandos laughed and his eyes sparkled at the naivety of the young elf.

            “The Maia, Aiwendil Radagast wishes to speak with you.” He pressed gently.

            “Why would Radagast the Brown desire to speak with me, a mere elf?”

            “ That is not for Mandos to tell you, Caundaugion.” A voice said from the doorway. Startled, both Harry and Námo immediately sat up and turned to face the door.

            “Ah, Aiwendil, you are here. Come and join us.” Mandos greeted his friend with wide smile, before continuing the introductions. “Caundaugion, this is my friend, Aiwendil Radagast. Radagast, this is Caundaugion Neurion, son of Neurion Dorsidhion.

            “Well met, Harry Potter.” Radagast intoned, solemnly.

            “Elen síla lumenn' omentielvo, Hir nin.” Harry replied, respectfully. At this, Radagast smirked, humorlessly.

            “ You have an excellent command of the ancient tongue, son of Neurion. Just like my own son. Though unlike my son, thee are pure and untainted by darkness. Do you know your grandfather, Nimor Glandur, betrayed me? Do you know I instructed Glandur to keep my son safe, and yet my son still fell into darkness? DO YOU KNOW GLANDUR TOLD ME NO HARM WOULD EVER COME TO MY SON!?”

            “I’m sorry, Lord, but I have no idea what you are talking about.” Harry said, puzzled.

            “My son, Naracion Antien, Severus Snape. I was furious when I learned he was a Slytherin, for I knew what would happen. I knew the boy would be easily lured into the embrace of Melkor’s servant!”

            “Snape is your son?!” Harry shouted.

            “Indeed, I fathered the boy, but I could do nothing else to shield him from the reality of the human world. For this reason, Albus adopted Severus when he entered Hogwarts, promising to keep him safe.”

            “Is Snape good?”

            “I do not know. Nimor and Validhreniel raised him well and tried their very best to kill the seedlings of evil implanted by his mother, but I know not if he was able to comprehend what they did for him. Minerva loves him as much she did Lily, but… I don’t know if he returns her love.”

            “What is my task, nin hir?”

            “Find your uncle, and bring him home.

               “Must I, Lord?” Harry insisted, his voice growing forceful. “Whether your son is Naracion Antien or Severus Snape, he is still a traitor! He slaughtered his own father, for Eru’s sake! There is no way to save him, now! He is trapped in a complete web of malevolence!”

            “Do you dare defy me, elf?! Your grandmother is heartbroken! She needs you and your uncle! Besides, if Nara is returned to the light… he may prove to be helpful when it comes toward your doings.”

            “What do you mean? The Horcruxes…?”

Hir- Lord
Elen síla lumenn' omentielvo, Hir nin.- A star shines on the hour of our meeting, my lord.
Neurion Dorsidhion- James Geoffrey (pronouced: Nur-ee-on Door- sid- hee- on)
Caundaugion Neurion- Harry James (pronounced: Cane-dawg-ee-on Nur-ee-on)
Validhreniel- Minerva
Nimor Glandur- Albus
Nara- Sev (a nickname)
Naracion Antien- Severus Tobias

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